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What to Expect From a Cooking Class: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering the Kitchen


At what point during the day do you start to think about your next meal, and why is it before you’ve finished the one you’re currently eating? Food is one of the best pleasures in life. But — confession time — how many of your favorite dishes can you actually cook from scratch? 

If you’ve made it past making spaghetti or cooking scrambled eggs, congratulations! If you didn’t and want to learn, perhaps it’s time to sharpen your knives and culinary skills with cooking classes.  

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What to Expect From a Cooking Class?

Aerial view of people in a cooking class.

Bamboozled by your blender? Confused by the colander? Fear not, because cooking classes are ideal for anyone, from complete beginners to culinary connoisseurs ready to kick it up a notch in the kitchen.

Cooking classes can teach you how to prepare nutritious and healthy meals and add new and delicious dishes to your roster. They can show you how to use kitchen gadgets and appliances, let you experiment with spices to create tongue-tingling new flavors, and even make a fun date night out.

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What Types of Cooking Classes Are There?

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From one-off classes on world cuisines to full-on culinary adventures, there are more types of cooking classes than you can shake a bread stick at!

French cuisine

If you like the finer things in life, French cuisine is the cooking class for you. France is famed for its high-end gastronomy — home of the Michelin star. From rich, flavorful dishes prepared with precision and served with flair to delicate pastries and desserts that look too good to eat, you’ll learn it all at a French cooking class.

Asian cuisine

From dim sum to dahl and everything in between, Asian cooking classes can help you get creative in the kitchen. Choose a course that focuses on a specific Asian cuisine or opt for one that gives a whistle-stop tour of the flavors of the continent. 


If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than a baking class. You’ll learn the science behind a light, airy sponge cake, the art of decorating with fondant, and the secret to perfectly gooey-centered cookies. 

Cooking class at home

Like the idea of private cooking lessons at home? Gain culinary confidence in the comfort of your own kitchen with an instructor who comes to you. An in-home cooking class means you won’t be spinning plates trying to find kitchen utensils or the right seasonings and can focus on creating delicious dishes instead. 


Take cooking from scratch to the next level by foraging for your own ingredients. Foraging classes incorporate herbs, plants, fruit, seeds, nuts and fungi from nature to rustle up a meal. It doesn’t get much more fresh, local and seasonal than this! 

Children’s lessons

Looking for a fun and educational activity to enjoy with your little ones? Children love to get creative in the kitchen, and children’s cooking lessons will teach them skills that can last a lifetime. With simple steps that even the tiniest of hands can grasp and tasty treats to enjoy at the end, it’s guaranteed fun for the family. 

What Skills Can Cooking Classes Teach Me?

People concentrating on mixing ingredients in a cooking class.

Ever wanted to brush up on your skillset in the kitchen? Before you know it, you could be bringing more flair to your cooking with:

  • Knife skills From understanding the different types of kitchen knives and their purposes to expertly fileting a fish, learn how to chop, dice and slice like a pro.  
  • Flavor combinations – Understand how to balance sweet and sour, bitter, salty and umami to create rich, complex dishes that dance on the tongue. 
  • Baking – Learn the science behind making bread rise, the art of a perfect soufflé and how to know when a cake is ready to take out of the oven without it sinking in the middle!
  • Food hygiene – A very important yet often overlooked aspect of cooking, this is an essential skill for any professional. Learn how to store, prepare and cook foods safely, how to clean as you go, and much more.

Experiment with ingredients – Expand your repertoire and get creative in the kitchen. With a little encouragement from your instructor you might learn about new vegetables, spices or unusual and wonderful ingredients to take your typical dishes to delightful new levels.

What Cooking Class Is Right for Me?

Looking to learn the basics before starting college? A beginner’s class sounds perfect for you. If you’ve mastered some basic meals and feel ready to experiment with new flavors and different types of dishes, then an Asian, Mexican or Thai class could be something to savor.

If you’re a professional cook wanting to learn a specialty, you’ll find advanced classes too. Or maybe you want to learn how to cook for someone with specific dietary requirements. Try vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or raw cooking classes. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a cooking class as a gift to a loved one, or for an unusual date activity. Cooking classes at popular local restaurants are well suited for these occasions. There are even classes for team building activities — perfect for your next company outing.

How Much Do Cooking Classes Cost? Plus, How Long Are They?

A group of people taking a cooking class.

The length and cost of cooking classes varies depending on the type of course you choose. 

  • Online cooking courses for individuals can last for around an hour to an hour and 30 minutes, with prices starting from as little as $19 on Groupon
  • Online cooking classes for larger groups can last around 90 minutes, in which time you’ll prepare a dish from scratch. Check out local deals near you.
  • In-person cooking classes with experienced chefs – in which the ingredients and equipment are all provided – can be much more expensive. These classes will likely last for several hours, during which time you’ll learn to prepare some exquisite meals. Why not slice a few dollars off your cooking class with Groupon?

Cooking Class Top Tips

  • Come with an open mind – Think you hate spicy food, or couldn’t stomach shrimp paste? Leave your preconceptions at the door and be prepared to try something new. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – No matter how silly you think they might sound, asking questions helps you learn. Chances are, everyone else might be wondering the same thing!
  • Dress appropriately – Even if you’re on a romantic date, opt for closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothes you’re not afraid to get dirty. Or saucy. Or covered in flour.


A woman taking a selfie with the people in her cooking as they proudly hold up the dishes they prepared.

Do I need any cooking class equipment?

If you’re heading to a cooking class at a restaurant or specific center, there’s no need to worry about equipment. But if you’re doing an online or at-home cooking class, you’ll need the equipment. Classes will provide you with a list of necessary kitchen accouterments so you can get everything ready beforehand. 

How do I prepare for an in-home cooking class?

Since you’ll be using your own kitchen, we recommend clearing space for chopping, prepping and cooking, and ensuring all the equipment you need is clean and ready to use. For online cooking courses you’ll also have to find somewhere to prop your laptop or tablet so you can follow the instructor. 

How do I prepare for a cooking class?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to prepare much. If you’re feeling a little rusty, you might want to try cooking a few dishes yourself leading up to the class, but your instructor will be able to guide you every step of the way. 

What are the 12 cooking skills?

Master these 12 cooking skills and you’ll be able to try your hand at most dishes in the kitchen:

  1. Cooking pasta
  2. Making basic sauces
  3. Roasting a chicken
  4. Chopping onions
  5. Boiling, frying and scrambling eggs
  6. Baking potatoes
  7. Making gravy
  8. Cooking rice
  9. Kneading dough
  10. Seasoning to taste
  11. Baking cookies
  12. Making a stir fry

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