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Energetic Little Ones at Home? Here Are 12 Fun Things to Do With Kids

Bunch of kids having fun while having a milkshake

If you’re looking for things to do with kids that won’t make them say “I’m bored” every five minutes, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you want to introduce your kids to new experiences and broaden their horizons, or maybe you’re just tired of your same old weekend routine. Whatever your reason, our list of fun things to do with kids should help inspire your next family outing and have them saying, “That.Was.Awesome.”

Kid jumping on a trampoline


Bounce Around a Trampoline Park

A sea of connected trampolines, giant foam pits and activities such as dodgeball will knock out any excess energy the kids have. You could even join in the fun and bounce alongside them – the perfect excuse to not be a grown up for the day!

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Mother and young daughter bowling


Go Bowling (Bumpers Optional)

Bowling is high on our list of things to do with kids. Why? Because it caters to all ages and abilities. Bowling-assist ramps are perfect for little ones who need an extra boost, while bumpers offer a helping hand for kids (and adults, too). Plus, there’s usually pizza – what more could you want?

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Joystick and buttons of an arcane machine


Win Prizes at the Arcade

Is it easier (and cheaper) just to buy the knick-knacks? Of course, but that’s way less exciting. Indulge your kids with a day of tokens, games, tickets and prizes at your local arcade. It’s an especially fun outing if they don’t often play video games at home.

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Two giraffes at a zoo


Meet the Zoo Residents

Visiting the zoo is about more than just looking at cute animals and watching a Mold-A-Rama machine fabricate a souvenir out of bright plastic (yes, Mold-A-Ramas still exist). It’s also an opportunity to teach your kids about animal care and conservation, as well as introduce them to different environments from around the world.

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Two kids interacting in a science museum


Visit your Local Children’s Museum

Educational activities disguised as playtime? We’d say that’s a win for both kids and parents. Children’s museums are particularly good at encouraging multi-sensory playtime through such activities as painting, dress-up, block building and more.

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Two kids at a natural history museum


Head to a Regular Museum

Don’t hesitate to take your child to a regular museum either – so many of them offer programs and exhibits designed for younger visitors. For instance, The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has an adorable baby chick hatchery.

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Two female kids training karate


Try a New Sport

We’re not saying to fully sign your kids up for a new organized sport. Instead, you can let them try said sport out to see if they like it. That might be something as simple as taking them to the batting cages or going rock climbing, or as involved as signing them up for a month of martial arts classes.

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Father and son having an ice cream


Treat them to Ice Cream

There’s nothing more fun than ice cream. Enjoying a cold scoop of ice cream (blue moon, perhaps?) outside on a hot day is a simple pleasure for all ages. And even if it’s cold where you live, bundle up and make it an extra festive treat! But if you really want to wow the kids, treat them to a novel frozen dessert, such as colorful Hawaiian shaved ice or fish-shaped Japanese Taiyaki cakes.

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A magician's magic show


See a Live Kids’ Show

Want to command their attention for more than three hours? See which kids’ shows are touring near you, whether it’s a show on ice or the circus. It could even be something as easy as an afternoon of sing-along music at a community center.

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Father and daughter laughing at a show


Catch a Flick

This is definitely one of the easiest things to do with kids today. Just head to your local theater and enjoy two hours of peace, with your kids sitting in their seats, engrossed in the latest animated film. Make it extra special by springing for some popcorn or candy to share.

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Siblings playing mini golf


Play a Round of Mini Golf

With their whimsical obstacles, miniature waterfalls and colorful golf balls, mini-golf courses are magical places for kids. And there’s no better feeling than getting that first hole-in-one or beating your siblings in a competition.

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Daughter and mother smelling flowers


Plan a Nature Retreat

This idea might take a little more persuasion, but it’s one of our favorite things to do with kids. Pack a cooler of sandwiches and spend a few hours wandering the trails of a local nature preserve with your children. Or, if it’s winter, escape to a warm conservatory, where kids can see different species of plants and bask in the humidity.

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