A Dessert with Eight Beautiful Parts

BY: Aimee Algas Alker |Jul 25, 2016

A Dessert with Eight Beautiful Parts

At the end of a good Filipino meal, expect to hear a lot of ice crunching. It’s from dessert, which requires studious spoon-work in and out of a tall dessert glass.

Halo-halo literally translates to mix-mix, and the ingredients that go into this Filipino dessert do seem like a hodgepodge. They’re laid out in parfait-like strata, each layer a distinct part of the delicious dessert. A generous serving of halo-halo will definitely help you forget, for a few minutes, that it’s below zero outside.

We made the trek to Chicago's Isla Pilipina for a frosty glass of halo-halo, breaking down each layer before mixing them up, so we could share with you exactly what goes into each one.

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Layer One: The Fruity

1. Munggo (mung beans)

2. Langka (jackfruit)

3. Nata de coco (coconut gel)

Other options for the fruit base: macapuno (preserved shredded young coconut), sweet corn, kaong (sweet palm fruit)

Layer Two: The Frosty

4. Evaporated milk and sugar

5. Shaved ice

Layer Three: The Toppings

6. Maraschino cherries

7. Leche flan

8. Ice cream (in this case, ube, or purple yam)

Photos by Andrew Nawrocki, Groupon

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