Customers Tell Us Their Black Friday Horror Stories

BY: Colleen Loggins Loster   |   June 8, 2020


Man shopping on his phone during black friday

Black Friday is almost upon us, and if you value your ponytail (keep reading), you'll be lazily browsing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online from the comfort—and safety—of your couch. In fact, once you read the Black Friday horror storries our customers told us on Facebook, you may stay safely inside your home all weekend.

The following Black Friday stories have been edited for length and clarity.

Women balancing a lot of black friday purchases

Sometimes It's Thunderdome

"I was yanked to the floor by my ponytail at a hardware store when I was helping my husband pick up an electric fireplace. There were like 10 fireplaces and only two people waiting for the merchandise. When we were allowed to get one, this woman lunged at me and yanked my ponytail! I was mortified. There were several other fireplaces lined up! She could've gotten any of the other 10 identical items! Yet, she assaulted me for the one that I randomly grabbed! Geesh!"  – Kerri C.
"Thanksgiving 2015 I fell in a store and broke my shoulder/arm in five places. Yep, instead of shopping we were at the ER and didn't get to see an ortho doc till the following Monday! Worst BF shopping experience ever!"  – Libby K.
"I made a deal with a woman I met in line. She would grab me two hypoallergenic pillows if I grabbed her a queen-size cool mat. After they said go and everyone ripped into the pallets, I got my pillow and the lady’s. We met up and as we were trading off, some woman in a Victoria's Secret fuzzy jumpsuit ripped the pillows out of my hands and ran off. I had the pieces of the plastic sack in my hands. I chased her down, and she swung her oversized bag at me. It wasn’t worth it. I went back and got my cooling mat. The lady that got me [the mat] took me out for a drink." – April W.
"Mid 2000s: out shopping with my sis and her teenage daughter. Niece was a few feet behind us in a department store when my sis and I heard a weird giggle-cough-hiccup-burp thing. Sis and I turn around just in time to witness my niece blowing chunks onto a main walkway and looking completely horrified! Sis and I looked at each other, grabbed her by the arms, and hustled her outside ASAP without a backward glance to the pile of barf on their shiny tile floor. Got her outside before round two came up and out. Poor girl was sick with the stomach flu the entire weekend. We laugh about it now, but it was pretty icky while it was happening. My sincerest apologies to the store staff that had to deal with a 'clean-up in aisle five' at 7 a.m. on Black Friday!" – Nicole B.
"Went to [a big chain store] one year, and all their main registers were down, so they were checking people out in electronics and jewelry. The lines were a mess. I was with friends, not buying anything, so I decided to go out to the car to nap. As I'm slipping between people in lines to get to the exit, some lady body-checked me, stood in my way, and refused to let me through, ranting about how she's been in line for three hours and she's not about to let me cut. I explained that I wasn't buying anything and was just trying to leave. She just continued to scream and cuss me out. I finally slipped past her and told her to have a Merry Christmas, to which she flipped me off and told me exactly where I could go!" – Lindsay T.
"Someone grabbed an item out of my hands. I had a toddler with me and couldn't chase her." – Cyndy R. S.

Retail employee working on black friday

Sometimes It's Just a Pain

"Sat in line for six hours at [a big chain electronics store] one year, it was frigid and sleeting. All I had was a blanket to put over my head. I was soaked and so cold. Got into the store to buy my boyfriend at the time a new PSP. He used the PSP for two months and sold it. I dumped him." – Stephanie W.
"Went to a [big chain store] at 5 a.m. to get two TVs for my kids. I managed to get the TVs, but they would not fit in my car. I took them out of the boxes, and they still didn't fit. So I called my mom and woke her up and pleaded with her to just put a coat over her pajamas and drive her Park Avenue here. She came in her PJs and luckily, the TVs fit. That morning was not her happiest moment with me, but the TVs were for her grandkids, so that helped. I now shop online for Black Friday . – Susan L. S. J.
"Stood in the checkout line at [a big chain department store] for 3–4 hours. Of course, checkout lines at [this store] are almost an everyday occurrence. I was with someone else on that Black Friday, or I would have gotten in my car and left. Not worth it. I shop online or not at all.  – Sandy K.

Black friday customers waiting in line

But It's Always Bad for Employees

"I spent 18 years working for [a big chain store]. I have seen people fighting, walked on, cussed out. This year I am staying at home." – Kathiejean C.
Reply: "Sis, remember back in the day when we actually had to open doors to that stampede? Now that was scary." – Sparky L. 

Man shopping from home online on black friday

Bottom Line: Shopping in Stores on Black Friday Is Not Worth It

"I would rather pay more than deal with the crowds!" – Sharon B.
"Nothing is worth it, will never do it again. Greedy people fighting, ugh." – Suzie L. L.
"Growing up, my Christmas was January 7, so there was no need to shop on Black Friday, and all stores discounted after the holidays anyway. Now we have the Internet, so I just wait for Cyber Monday to find deals." – Natasha R.
"They would have to be giving things away and paying me to go into the stores." – Karen H.

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