Cheap Eats NYC: The 10 Best Meals Under $15

BY: Sean O'Toole |Oct 30, 2017

Some of the best food in NYC isn't found in fancy steakhouses or upscale sushi bars. Instead it comes from corner delis, mom and pop burger stands, and pizza joints where you order at the counter. With that in mind, we've compiled this list of our favorite cheap restaurants in NYC, all of which offer delicious meals for $15 or less. Here are our "Cheap Eats NYC" champions:

1. Far East Dog at New York Dog House

37-06 30th Ave. | Astoria

Take a grilled Num Pang sausage and top it with pickled daikon, sesame chili paste, diced scallions, and crushed peanuts and you've got this delicious novelty from the sausage-themed spinoff of New York Burger House. Pair it with a side of chili cheese fries and grab a draft beer or a summery cocktail out on the beer garden. ($9)

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2. Quack Sandwich at The Red Hen

237 W. 14th St. | Midtown

Regulars rave about this crispy duck sandwich, which comes dressed with ginger soy sauce and sriracha aioli. Get it on your choice of six breads, including ciabatta, brioche, or a whole wheat wrap, then spoil yourself with an extra order of dipping sauce. ($12)

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3. St. Mark's Burger at Paul's Da Burger Joint

131 2nd Ave. | East Village

It may not be fancy—the only flourishes are mushrooms and fried onions—but few burgers hit the spot like this juicy giant, served on a sesame roll that can barely contain the half-pound patty. Wash it down with a milkshake in a kitschy dining room decorated with checkered tablecloths, neon lights, and retro signs. ($10)

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4. Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Terri

Multiple Locations

If the soy protein "chicken" in this sandwich fooled you into thinking it was the real thing, you wouldn't be the first. The sandwich itself has just the right blend of buffalo sauce, onion, and vegan mayo to impress our customers, who call it "amazeballs" and "messy but so worth it." ($10.95)

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5. Spicy Tonkotsu at Yamato Ramen

542 3rd Ave. | Midtown

Spicy miso sauce lends this pork-broth-based ramen plenty of piquant bite. Bring your appetite: each bowl comes piled with homemade Cha Shu pork, soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, scallions, seaweed, leeks, and mushrooms. ($15)

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6. Adobada Tacos at Los Tacos #1

Multiple Locations

After Los Tacos #1 opened in Chelsea Market in 2013, it didn't take long for it to turn into a legitimate street-food phenomenon. Be ready to wait in line; be ready for it to be worth it. There isn't a consensus favorite taco, but we're going with the adobada, a slightly sweet marinated pork cooked on a spit. ($3.50 per taco)

7. Jumbo Pizza Slice at Big Nick's Pizza Joint

70 W. 71st St. | Upper West Side

The ambiance is "low-key greasy spoon," but that suits Big Nick's customers just fine. They're just there for the slices, which are crispy, chewy, and, indeed, jumbo. Top them with everything from eggplant and ricotta to meatballs and weenies. ($3+)

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8. Deluxe Fried Chicken Sandwich at Wilma Jean

345 Smith St. | Gowanus

Arkansas native Rob Newton serves up the kind of extra-crunchy fried chicken that defines Southern comfort food, so don't come here looking for a light and healthy bite. Instead, enjoy a hearty piece of chicken topped with American cheese and fixings, served on a potato roll with tots or fries. ($11)

9. De Bom Waffle at Wafels & Dinges

15 Ave. B | Alphabet City

Wafels and Dinges started as a beloved food truck in 2007, but now you can always find it at this flagship cafe in the East Village. Lucky you—you no longer have to hunt down this indulgent plate of ice cream and Belgian vanilla chocolate atop either a light and crispy or soft and chewy waffle. ($11)

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10. Lahem Bi Ajine at Manousheh

193 Bleecker St. | Greenwich Village

This Lebanese bakery is named after a round flatbread dish that's a bit like a Lebanese quesadilla. This version, the lahem bi ajine, bakes ground beef, ground tomatoes, and onions directly onto the crispy flatbread in the store's brick oven. Squeeze fresh lemon on it for a tangy finish. ($6)