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Father's Day Gifts That Aren't Ties

Father and son playing video games

It's Father's Day! Again. And while we're sure dad loves the funny ties you've bought him every year since (well, how old are you now?), we think it's time we all started brainstorming some more... unique Father's Day gifts that feel as though they took a little thought. After all, Dad's done a lot for you. Doesn't he deserve something extra special on his day? To help, we curated this list of fun and outside-the-box Father's Day gift ideas that we think any dad would love to get (and if you really want to go for the tie, we've got those too).


Golf Outing

Sure, a golfing gift for Father's Day might seem a little cliche (or even a little old fashioned), but even if your father is one of those so-called "cool dads" who rarely hit the links, a golf-outing encourages him to spend time with his golf-loving friends or to join his own dad on the fairways for some good father-son bonding. If that still sounds too stodgy for Dad, might we suggest a few rounds of mini golf?


Samsung VR Headset

Consider this the anti-golf gift. If Dad's got a Samsung phone, this VR headset will be sure to blow his mind. No need to buy a bulky gaming system or even pricier equipment you're not sure you'll use when he can just snap his phone into this set and explore a virtual wonderland in seconds.

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Meat Delivery

Fresh steaks and chops delivered straight to Dad's door or packed and ready for easy pick-up? You won't have to say, "I love you, Dad". He'll know.


Racing Experience

Let Dad fulfill his need for speed by taking a few laps around the track in the passenger seat of a real racecar. Some packages even offer an option to operate the car yoursel, but either way, Dad's sure to get the thrill of a lifetime.


Back-Hair Shaver

Now that we think about it, this is really more of a gift for Mom. But we're sure Dad will appreciate the subtlety.


Brewery Tour

A whole afternoon learning about beer, tasting beer, and watching beer get made? Sign us up! No, really—this would be a great activity for you and Dad to do together. And did we mention there will be beer?


Darth Vader and Son Book

A perfect gift for a new dad, a cool dad, or a nerdy dad (or a Dad who's all three!), this kid-friendly comic imagines what a galaxy far, far, away might have been like if Darth had been a hands-on Dad who used the force to teach his son how to raid a cookie jar instead of to... you know, choke guys at work.


Hot Stone Massage

Carrying kids on your shoulders takes its toll after awhile, and nothing melts tension better than a nice massage with heated bassalt stones. A hot stone massage is very similar to a Swedish massage, which makes it a good option if Dad's never booked a massage before.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses have been consistently cool ever since they first hit the market in 1937, making them the perfect accessory for the Dad that tows the line between cool and classy.


Brazilian Steakhouse Dinner

If Dad always looks forward to your family's annual excursion to the steakhouse, he'll be even more ecstatic to find out he's going to one where servers deliver limitless servings of grilled meats straight to his table. Known as churrascarias, these steakhouses also include a buffet-style spread of Brazilian sides and salads, so Dad can discover a new favorite dish (if he has any room).


Flight Lesson

Did Dad always dream of piloting a plane? Turns out it's pretty easy for him to earn his beginner's wings. Flight schools lead introductory lessons that will allow Dad to get in the cockpit alongside an FAA-certified instructor to learn about the controls and (possibly) even take the wheel for a short duration.


Media Digitizing Services

If Dad still has boxes and boxes of home movies cluttering the garage, help him clean up by having those old VHS tapes and film reels digitized. The process is pretty easy: just ship up everything you want archived, and a team of professions with scan and transer everything onto the medium of your choice, then ship it back with the originals. And just like that, your most embarassing moments are preserved forever. You're welcome.

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