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The Best Funny Coffee Mugs and Novelty Glassware on Our Site

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love funny coffee mugs? If you’re raising your hand right now, you should probably be warned: this article features nothing but our absolute favorite novelty mugs and glassware items that are currently available on our site. But don’t worry—if novelty coffee mugs aren’t your thing, we’ve got plenty of other great content that might be more your speed. Might we suggest this more serious-minded list of gifts for coffee lovers?

Everybody else: go put a fresh pot on, and contemplate how many of these funny coffee mugs and glasses you can fit in your cabinets.


Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Things can look a little out of focus (sorry, we had to) before your first morning cup of coffee, but  you’ll be back up and running at burst speed by the time you get to the last drop. Which, thanks to this cup’s insulated stainless steel interior, should still be good and warm.


Magic Photo Latte Mug

Speaking of photos, nothing puts a smile on your face quite like coming face-to-face with your loved ones first thing in the morning. Nothing except donuts, that is. Lucky for you, this magic photo mug is 100% customizable, so you can use a photo of your significant other or an apple fritter you once loved. Your call.


Sailing Ship Decanter

Ships in wine bottles? Psssh, kid’s stuff. At least compared to this nautical-themed whiskey decanter, which would look right at home in the cabin of a real life ship, which itself may or may not be contained in a giant whiskey decanter. Something to think about.


Prescription Coffee Mug

This is the only prescription bottle you’re likely to see that allows for unlimited refills. Take one (or two or three) and call me in the morning, since you’re sure to be wide awake.


“I Might Be High” Mug

We often can’t communicate first thing in the morning either, even on those days when we weren’t out partying the night before. Luckily, this mug says it all.


Whole Bottle Wine Glass

It’s rare that a novelty gift is as heartfelt as it is humorous, but this one delivers both with an added touch of class. Not only does it hold an entire bottle of wine, but it comes customized with a name and a sassy quote of your choosing. Just don’t forget to also buy them some wine.


Donut Warming Mug

When was the last time you were lucky enough to enjoy a donut while it was still warm from the oven? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Lucky for you, this coffee mug comes with a built-in donut warmer that allows the heat from your java to gently warm your favorite morning pastry. You’re welcome.


Self-Stirring Mug

No coffee stirrer? No problem! This battery operated mug will stir-up your drink at the touch of a button, no spoon, spork, or stirrer required.


Building block mug

Whether you're looking to occupy your actual child or delight your inner child, these building block mugs do the trick. Plus, they even come with their own bricks, so your star destroyer can remain in tact... at least through breakfast.


Upgraded Party Cup

There’s a certain stage in life when you’re ready to graduate from the classic SOLO cup, but aren’t quite ready to bust out the fine crystal glassware, and these upgraded party cups are perfect for that stage. We’re partial to the rainbow version, but it also comes in classy rose gold if you want something a bit more sophisticated.

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