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Our Top Gifts for Men, From Racecar Experiences to Ray-Bans

Let's face it: guys can be kind of tricky to shop for. After all, a fellow can only use so many new neckties in his lifetime. Lucky for you, we're here to help. Below, we compiled some of our very favorite gifts for men, from one-in-a-lifetime experience gifts for him to the top tech gifts he's been eyeing, so you can easily find the right present for the number one guy in your life.

man getting a razor shave


Straight-Razor Shave

A grooming session might not be high on your list of gift ideas for men, but it should be. Because there’s nothing like relaxing under a hot towel before a hot-lather shave. In fact, after a massage (which also makes a great gift, btw), we'd rank this as one of the best relaxing gifts for him.


Men’s Hoodie and JOGGER SET

Even before the days grew colder, it seemed joggers had alread been named the trendy clothing item of the year. And now that cooler temps have officially arrived, we predict he'll be living in this comfy fleece-lined set, which is cool enough to wear from the gym to... well, wherever!

friends drinking ale at a beer tasting


Beer Tasting

As experience gifts for men go, few are better than a beer tasting. If your guy loves learning about beer, your work is pretty much done here (If he prefers whiskey, book a distillery tour instead).


avengers socks

Help your guy show his love for his favorite heroes—even if half of them are dust. (Yep, we went there).

Man enjoying racecar experience


Racecar Experience

If you're shopping for an adrenaline junkie, consider buying him a racing experience that lets him speed around a track in an actual racecar. This gift is so unique and different, it's consistently earned a spot as one of our top experience gifts for men for the past few years.

DC and Marvel Comic book bundle



Is he less into sports heroes and more into superheroes? Try this 25- or 50-count comic-book set, and if you don't know whether he's Marvel or DC guy (and that can get contentious), you can get him both.




If you’ve ever flown a drone before, you’ll understand why this is on the list. If you haven’t, just trust us when we say it’s really fun.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Bans are a classic for a reason: they look great on basically everyone. Plus, they’ll help your guy look a little more pulled-together, no matter what he’s wearing.

Steak dinner


Steak Dinner

Coming up with sentimental gifts for men can be tough, so take your mom's advice and get to his heart through his stomach. You might consider treating him to martinis and a porterhouse or indulge him with a trip to a Brazilian steakhouse, where you eat until you want to die (but in a good way). Either way, it's a thoughtul experience he's sure to appreciate.

View from stage at outdoor concert


Concert Tickets

Whether he's into the opera or Neil Diamond tribute bands (or both), he'll appreciate that you understand his musical tastes.


Fitness tracker

These days, it seems just about everyone is tracking their steps, but this sleek fitness tracker will also monitor heart rate and find your phone if you lose it, meaning it will still be useful long after those New Year's resolutions have been forgotten.

cast iron skillet


Cast Iron Skillets

These are perfect for any home chef who knows the difference between a mirepoix and roux. Cast iron is especially good for searing meat.

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