The Instagram Awards

BY: Favin the Maven |Jun 9, 2014
The Instagram AwardsI love Instagram. It’s one of the top apps on my phone—it’s before my CNN app!—and I’m on it constantly. While I’m waiting for the train? Instagram time. Commercial break during New Girl? Also Instagram time. It’s how I found out about taking cod liver oil for smoother skin, and it’s one of the main ways I stay up-to-date on style trends and general adorableness thanks to fellow Instagrammers like the lovely Eva Chen above. I wanted to share the fun with my readers, so below I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites and given them awards for what they do best. PS: If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can do that too! I’m @favinthemaven. the-instagram-awards_thisthat_600c600 The Instagrammer: Felicia Walker Benson, the blogger behind ThisThatBeauty Her handle: @thisthatbeauty Her award: The Tastemaker. Felicia runs beauty social media for Bergdorf Goodman, so she knows about everything before everyone else. Best secret I’ve learned from her feed: As far as mascara slogans go, “a wig for lashes” sounds kind of extreme. But it looks like this mascara actually works! And let’s be honest: I would totally wear a lash wig. the-instagram-awards_marianna_600c450 The Instagrammer: Marianna Hewitt, the blogger behind La La Mer Her handle: @marianna_hewitt Her award: Best Head-to-Toe Looks. Her feed covers makeup, hair, and outfits—the works! A secret I’ve learned from her feed: How great a boxy, cropped sweater can look with high-waisted jeans. Look! (Another secret: She really looks like Kim Kardashian sometimes, and I’m jealous.) the-instagram-awards_moda_600c600 The Instagrammers: Stephanie Shim and Jascmeen Bush, two of the bloggers behind ModaMob Their handle: @modamob Their award: Best at Keeping Up with the Kardashians! They post red-carpet pictures of reality TV’s first family, along with their own style and beauty how-tos and inspiration shots. A secret I’ve learned from their feed: The Kardashian clan is trying to bring fanny packs back. I might sit this one out, Kylie, but keep doing you! the-instagram-awards_yoga_600c390 The Instagrammers: Honza and Claudine Lafond, an adorable married couple and founders of yoga school YogaBeyond Their handle: @yogabeyond Their award: Best Posers. How do they even do that? Why doesn’t she fall off? A secret I’ve learned from their feed: They are basically wizards. the-instagram-awards_astro_600c600 The Instagrammer: Ashley Crowe, designer manicurist, nail-art blogger, and the person who gave my coworker Kelly a manicure inspired by The Birds. Her handle: @astrowifey Her award: Best Nail Art. Duh. A secret I’ve learned from her feed: Her manicures last forever. This Tupac one is six weeks old! the-instagram-awards_eva_600c600 The Instagrammer: Eva Chen, the editor in chief of Lucky magazine, and the person in the top photo of this post! Her handle: @evachen212 Her award: Best Instagram to Live Vicariously Through. When cyber-walking in the designer shoes of a Very Important Fashion Person, you could meet anyone from Diane von Furstenberg to the cutest puppy ever. A secret I’ve learned from her feed: Her signature shot is of her shoes, bag, and snack for the day—like the one above or this one, with the coolest fashion Tevas ever. the-instagram-awards_petric_600c600 The Instagrammer: Christine Petric, the blogger behind The View from 5 ft. 2, who also works at Groupon! If you want to know more, she recently talked to my coworker Mae about her style. Her Instagram handle: @viewfrom5ft2 Her award: Most Stylish Urbanite. Especially during the summer—she knows how to beat city heat without revealing a ton of skin. (You can see it in the picture above; also, check out these glam shorts she found!) A secret I’ve learned from her feed: How to pair leather and lace in an elegant way. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset The Instagrammer: Tamira Laboy, the Allure Award–winning blogger behind Lipstick with Some Sunshine Her handle: @lipstickwithsomesunshine Her award: Biggest Product Junkie. Well-informed reviews, helpful tutorials, lovely product-cluster photos—she does it all. Just look at this beautiful spread of her favorite travel makeup! A secret I’ve learned from her feed: That cupcake ATMs don’t just exist in my dreams—they’re real, everybody. They’re. Real. (In fact, Eva went there, too!) Instagrams published with permission from photographers.