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The Official Guide To Using Groupon Coupons

BY: Lauren Leffel | Aug 26, 2020

Disclaimer: If you buy things and enjoy saving money, this post is for you.

Our world is becoming a complex place, filled to the brim with stuff you don't even realize you desperately need. Have you been flossing with regular mint floss, when you could have been using bacon floss this whole time? With all these new necessities, you need a fool-proof, easy way to save every time. HAVE NO FEAR! Here is your comprehensive guide to navigating the world of Groupon’s online coupons.

How To Find Coupons

Having one go-to coupon site is easier than navigating several. And since Groupon Coupons has all your favorite stores, the best deals at all times, and works on all devices, it seems like a great choice.

  • Desktop: Simply go to “” and search for the store or type of deals you want in the search bar, OR search the name of the store you are looking for + Groupon Coupons (example: Amazon Groupon Coupons) in Google and magical discounts will appear before your eyes!

  • Mobile: If you're on the go or already in the store, tap Categories in the bottom nav bar of the Groupon app and scroll down to “Coupons” under the Local header.

Groupon Coupons app

Now that you know WHERE to go, WHAT do you do????

Specific Stores vs. General Savings Shopping

Looking for a specific brand or store? Just type the name into the search bar on the Groupon Coupons homepage. Browse by Store or Category, or check out our page of 100% Groupon Exclusive promo codes for brands like Target, Amazon, and Modcloth.

In the Occasions section, you can search the site for anything from the best Valentine’s Day deals to a curated list of Black Friday deals you won't find anywhere else. Yeah, it's wild.

Best Price Guides & Sales Calendars

We know how stingy some brands can be with their promo codes. That's why we hire brand experts to track down all the other ways you can save money. Whether you're looking for the best prices on diapers every week or information on when the next Sephora sale will be, you can find it all here.



Just want to catch the best deals of the day? Updated every morning, the Groupon Coupons homepage will always provide you with over 20 of the day’s top deals from your favorite retailers.

Email Sign-Up

Want the deals delivered right to you? A Groupon Coupons email subscription will send you the best daily deals five times a week! Sign up on the left hand side of any of the merchant pages. Shop and save away, friends! And be sure to check our blog often for deal alerts and saving tips.