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Best Places to Stay in New Orleans


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When it comes to planning a vacation, choosing where you want to go is the easy part. Once you know your destination, you’ve got to decide where to stay. And in major tourist destinations like Los Angeles and New Orleans, there are a lot of options. The Groupon Coupons travel team partnered with Priceline to scout out the major metro areas to find the best neighborhood to stay in each one. Here's the Groupon Coupons guide to the best places to stay in New Orleans.

The Crescent City is more than just Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, and bachelorette parties, and where you choose to stay, downtown or in the Garden District, will definitely have an impact on the vibe of your vacation.

First timers: The French Quarter

This neighborhood is the heart of the party in New Orleans, but quiets down once you get just a few blocks away from Bourbon Street. When you’re within sight of the Mississippi River, the atmosphere tends more toward fun and lively than debauchery. Posting up in the Quarter also puts you close to the many of the city’s most renowned activities and eateries. Meet up in Jackson Square for a free walking tour or do your own tour to find off-beat boutiques and antique shops.

For a Local Feel: The Marigny

Just east of the French Quarter, The Marigny is like the Quarter’s slightly cheaper younger sibling. Home to the famous Frenchmen Street, The Marigny offers tons of more affordable places to eat and nightlife that’s a bit more live blues music and less “show me your beads”. It’s a great location because it’s still close enough to walk to most of the French Quarter.