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    The Colonel's Got Nothing To Hide

    When it comes to nutrition, The Colonel's got nothing to hide. One of the things he's not hiding? He learned the super secret recipe to his wildly popular fried chicken during his training with the League of Shadows. Click here to build and customize your meal and check the nutrition facts with KFC's easy-to-use nutrition calculator.

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    Chicken, Sandwiches & Meals For Less

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    "One More Herb Or Spice!" Says Colonel

    The colonel tells it like it is. One time he saw a piece of chicken with only 10 herbs and spices, and you think he just kept his mouth shut? Not this guy. No way. He said, "Hey, could we get one more herb or spice on that thing. I'm trying to run a business here."Follow The Colonel and KFC on Facebook for the latest word on new promo codes and some delightfully quirky chicken-based humor.

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    Let KFC Cater Your Next Wedding

    Check out the KFC catering selection for your next graduation party, summer get-together, or White House state dinner. KFC. Groupon. KFCrewGroupon!

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Top May KFC Promo Codes 2023

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Popular KFC Coupons for June 2023

Coupon DescriptionDiscount TypeExpiry Date
Let KFC Cater Your Next WeddingOnline DealJan 2, 2100
"One More Herb Or Spice!" Says ColonelOnline DealJan 2, 2100
Chicken, Sandwiches & Meals For LessOnline DealJan 2, 2100
The Colonel's Got Nothing To HideOnline DealJan 2, 2100
Get KFC CouponsOnline DealJan 2, 2100
Top June KFC Promo Codes 2023Online DealJul 2, 2023

Q&A with KFC

KFC Chicken

Do KFC deliver?

KFC have partnered up with GrubHub, meaning you can enjoy straight-to-your-door delivery, using your phone, computer or app. It’ll save you having to drive all the way to the restaurant and save on gas as well.

What nutritional qualities does KFC food have?

KFC have developed a highly-sophisticated nutrition calculator that will give you the lowdown on their ingredients detailing calories, saturated and trans fat levels, dietary fiber, sugar, protein content and much more.

There doesn’t seem to be a KFC delivery service in my area. What can I do?

Join the Colonel’s Club and you’ll informed when a delivery service launches near you.

What does the KFC Foundation do?

KFC founder Colonel Sanders was passionate about improving people’s lives. The KFC Foundation is an independent non-profit organization providing charitable support to KFC U.S. restaurant employees through education, hardship assistance and personal finance programs.

The Reach education grant program helps KFC U.S. restaurant employees pursue their dreams of going to college; the Rise program is run in partnership with Gedworks and assists KFC restaurant employees who don’t have a high school diploma earn their GED. The KFC Family Fun helps KFC restaurant employees through a severe hardship or crisis,whilst MYChange is run in conjunction with SUM180 providing employees with essential financial planning assistance.

How is KFC’s main chicken product actually prepared?

Each fresh batch of KFC chicken starts with their cooks inspecting each individual piece. Then, it’s carefully rolled seven times in the secret blend of eleven herbs and spices before being rocked seven times and then pressure cooked at a low temperature to preserve all the great taste it’s known for around the world.

Connecting with KFC

Call KFC on 1-800-CALL-KFC

Alternatively use their feedback form.

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Discover an amazing brand: KFC

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love KFC? If so, we’ve yet to meet them. Their delicious, world-famous fried chicken recipe is one of the most closely-guarded secrets in the world,and they’re constantly coming up with new ideas for mains, desserts and side orders that make your KFC coupons as useful as hard cash. You can always find a nearby KFC no matter where you are - and every time you visit you’ll immediately wonder why you don’t go more often.

Snap up the best savings with KFC

KFC’s famous $5 Fill-Ups never go out of style. Choose from five mouth-watering options with classic chicken breasts, sandwiches, drumsticks, mashed potato, wedges and biscuits on offer - served, needless to say, with that all-important soft drink to wash it all down with. The great-value fun doesn’t stop with the main course either, with KFC throwing in one of their delicious, famously-crumbly all-butter cookies in to make double sure you keep going until dinnertime.

The best of KFC

KFC’s classic chicken bucket is a well-established essential when it comes to enjoying a nutritious, satisfying treat - but what if they made it even better? That may seem impossible, but millions of American fried chicken fanatics are now enjoying KFC deals on double-breaded, extra crispy meals that add extra texture to the best-tasting breast, thigh and leg cuts in the business. Now you can indulge in food that sounds and feels just as good to eat as it tastes.

Updated June 8, 2023

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