Kohl’s Christmas Gifts

Mar 1, 2023

Kohl's Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Even for those with the lengthiest lists, Kohl’s offers great Christmas gift ideas (and coupons!) for everyone. No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, you’re sure to find plenty of fun and affordable options at Kohl’s.

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Kohl's Gifts For Him

Whether it’s your dad, hubby, boyfriend, son, uncle or nephew, chances are you know a man or two who deserves something nice this holiday season. Luckily, Kohl’s has some great options. Here are some of our best Kohl’s gift ideas for him.

Pajama Pants

Kohl's Gifts For Him - Flannel Pajama Pants

Show us a dude who doesn’t like to get comfy as soon as he gets home from work, and we’ll show you… well, a pair of flannel pajama pants so cozy, he’ll change his mind. These are a great pick for just about anyone on your list, and even include pockets! Plus, you’ll get an extra 15% off when you sign up for Kohl’s mobile sales alerts.

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Pizza Stone

If your guy is the type who adores pizza night — and watches enough cooking shows to want to tackle the project on his own — a pizza stone could be the perfect Christmas gift. Not only will he turn out picture-perfect pizzas every time, but he can also use it for making bread, toast, pastries, cookies and more.

Travel Grooming Kit

Maybe dad’s off on another business trip or your brother’s always been the jet-set type. Either way, this all-inclusive, leatherbound grooming kit will keep him well taken care of wherever he roams. (It even comes with a corkscrew, because we all know popping bottles is an important part of self care!)

Kohl's Gifts For Her

Think of all the nice things mom has done for you over the years, or how often you’ve called your sister to vent. One thing’s for certain: the women in your life have definitely earned a treat or two, and the holidays are the perfect time to deliver. Here are our favorite Kohl’s gifts for her.

Holiday-Scented Candles

Kohl's Gifts For Her - Holiday Scented Candle

Christmas comes but once a year, and those delicious holiday cookies are all too quickly gone. But with an affordable and scrumptious-smelling holiday candle, your lucky giftee can savor the flavor of the season for hours and hours — up to 50 hours of burn time on this particular candle, to be exact.

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Pom Pom-Top Beanie

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret, here. Not only are those cute beanies warm and cozy during the winter season, but they’re also your girlfriend’s go-to when she doesn’t have time to wash her hair. Trust us, she’ll love it. Plus, save up to 20% off gifts for her in-store and online.

Instant Pot

If there’s a woman in charge of cooking at your house and she doesn’t have her oven mitts on an Instant Pot yet, she definitely needs one. In fact, you’ll likely win major brownie points for being the Santa who brings pressure cooking into her life. Turning delicious and complex meals into a quick and simple prospect, this small kitchen appliance is a major game-changer.

Gifts For Kids

Who loves the holidays more than kids? Putting smiles on their little faces is what this season is all about. And we’ve included ideas for friends’ kids as well as family members to make sure all your bases are covered.

Christmas Books

Kohl's Gifts For Kids - Christmas Books

If your friends have just welcomed a new child to the world, you have the opportunity to buy them their first Christmas pop-up book, or a more advanced book suited for an older child if this isn’t their first trip around the sun. Kids’ books can teach valuable lessons while getting kids excited about reading, which is a total win-win.

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Holiday PJs

What family portrait is complete without matching holiday pajamas for adults and kids alike? Luckily, Kohl’s offers cute gift sets of PJs themed after Mickey and Minnie, Frosty the Snowman, or good ol’ classic plaid. This is a great gift for an immediate family member, like a son, daughter, or grandchild.

Play-Doh Play Sets

When purchasing a present for your niece, nephew, or another young member of your extended family, you can never go wrong with Play-Doh. A classic toy that helps kids engage their creativity and imagination, Play-Doh is appropriate for children ages three and up.

Gifts For Teens

It happens to the best of them: kids eventually morph into teenagers, and gift-giving gets a little more complicated. Fortunately, we’ve got the 13-19 year-old set pegged with these Kohl’s holiday gift ideas.


Kohl's Gifts for Teens - Athleisure Tops

Chances are your teenage daughter already spends her life in leggings. Getting her some trendy new loungewear bottoms and tops will help make sure she’s covered, whether she’s hanging around the house or heading out on a hike. Plus, get free shipping when you spend $75 or more.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

Get your favorite teen in the game with their very own copy of the uber-popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, specifically formulated for everyone’s favorite contemporary console, the Nintendo Switch. Teens of all genders can enjoy playing this game solo or with up to seven other players.

Instant Camera Printer

You know how it goes: everything that was once old is eventually new again, and although we all carry souped-up digital cameras in our pockets at all times, instantly-printed photos are all the rage with teens these days. Canon’s IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer comes with its own carrying case and in several fun colors, and it’s available for under $100.

Gifts For The Home

Kohl's Gifts for the Home - Blackout Curtains

A gift for the home is a gift for the whole family! When the house looks nice, everyone feels more comfortable. Consider some elegant blackout curtains to help the whole family sleep better, or dress up family dinners with some new and improved dishes. We particularly like these floral plates by Corelle!

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Party Gifts at Kohl's

Kohl's Party Gifts - Fun Holiday Mug

If you’re hosting a holiday party, you’ve gotta do it right, and offering some small gifts for guests to take home is a great start. For example, serving up the evening toddies in a fun holiday mug is an affordable way to give your invitees something sweet to take home and remember the night by for many years to come.

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Does Kohl's Sell Gift Cards

Yes! Kohl’s gift cards are a great way to give your recipient the freedom to shop for what they want. Plus, you can save some cash by getting a Kohl’s e-gift card instead of a physical one.

Does Kohl’s Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Kohl’s does sell Amazon gift cards, as well as gift cards to a variety of other vendors. However, these gift cards can only be purchased in-store, and not online.

Shopping for holiday gifts at Kohl’s gives you a great chance to find gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for everybody on your list! Plus, there are plenty of ways to save even more at Kohl’s every time you shop. Check out our guides to learn more about the following ways to score deals at Kohl’s when you’re shopping for holiday gifts or anything else on your list: