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The NuWave Oven makes cooking faster, safer, and more eco-friendly. It doesn't get much better than that! Simply place fresh or frozen foods into the oven, set the time, and press start. Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal in minutes. Leary of a dried out steak? Don't be! NuWave uses conduction, convection and infrared to cook food evenly for delicious texture and flavor. Cook the way you want by broiling, roasting, grilling, baking, and more with your NuWave Oven. No matter what way you choose to cook your favorite foods, feel assured that you'll be eating a meal that can be prepared quickly but is still good for you. Grab this innovative piece of technology at a great savings with a NuWave discount code.

Jay S. Moon made the long journey from Korea to the United States in 1987 to work as the production manager for LG Electronics. He had always had a passion for healthy living, and wanted to combine his passion with his expertise in product technology. Moon's vision came to life in 1997 when he founded Hearthware Home Products, now known as NuWave. Today, NuWave has sold over 3 million units, and has boasting rights as the world's number one countertop oven.

NuWave is a company that you'll be happy to support. They are committed to green technology, and work hard to produce environmentally conscious products that are chemical free, yet convenient and affordable. Every time you pop a chicken breast into your NuWave oven, you'll know that you're doing your part in utilizing energy efficient products. Along with being committed to the planet, NuWave prides itself on having top customer service, with 99.5 % of orders being shipped the same day. NuWave offers telephone and email support plus live web chat and social media engagement. It doesn't end there-NuWave strives to give you the best experience with your oven through cooking club videos, instructional demonstrations, and recipes. You'll surely want to grab a NuWave discount code so you can jump on board with this responsible and customer-oriented company.

Think fast food restaurants are your only option on those crazy busy nights? With a NuWave oven, you can skip that greasy burger, and make a gourmet meal in minutes Grab a NuWave discount code from Groupon Freebies, and you'll have that perfectly cooked meal at a price that'll make you smile.

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