Dental Implants in Gahanna

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  • Advance Dental Care Center
    The Advanced Power Plus treatment is the latest whitening technology from Zoom!, the premier purveyors of luminous chompers. Most Zoom-treated teeth will brighten by an average of eight shades after one safe, low-sensitivity, 45-minute procedure. A member of the friendly Advanced Dental Care staff leads each prospective smiler to a massage chair and a personal television, conducive to both muscular relaxation and tragic telenovela speedboat crashes. There, seasoned dental pro Dr. Sam Kahwach will gently and carefully apply Zoom!'s proprietary light and whitening gel in three 15-minute sessions, which work together to gently penetrate teeth and break up stains caused by coffee, soda, smoke, and Smokie-Cola. After all, maintaining a magnificent grin is important for mouths from every lip of life; a gleaming smile can come in handy during job interviews, first dates, and when you're lost in a midnight forest sans flashlight.
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    5175 Morse Road
    Columbus, OH US
  • Morrison Family Dental
    Once clients are comfortably ensconced in the dentist's chair, the oral exam begins. At Gahanna Dental or Affordable Dentistry, the resident toothsperts will check each individual incisor, cuspid, bicuspid, and molar for chips, cracks, and stains, ensuring that enamel bones are sound for biting. The x-ray battery exposes the roots and inner sanctums of oral stalagmites to reveal any soft spots, problem areas, or cavities. When your mouth checks out as mammalian and your teeth are cleared for take-off, the professional teeth cleaning begins. An expert cleaning removes all the buildup and surface staining that regular brushing and flossing can't?hardened tartar, hard-to-reach plaque, and bacterial graffiti along the gum line. After a professional oral exam and cleaning, guests are then free to leave with newfound confidence, enabling themselves to step up to the plate and bite whatever life throws at them.
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    690 Morrison Rd
    Gahanna, OH US
  • Kover Dental
    When it comes to teeth, Dr. Jeff Kover’s training in classical sculpture and architecture has taught him to consider aesthetic matters, such as symmetry, proximity, and color. He puts these skills to use when crafting custom implants, bridges, and veneers for each of his patient’s unique teeth shapes and shades. An artist is only as good as his equipment, so Dr. Kover outfits his office with up-to-date technology. Electric hand pieces whir to life and quickly disband plaque, ultraviolet light reveals cancerous tissue during oral-cancer screenings, and digital x-rays eschew higher levels of radiation than those emitted by traditional x-rays or sticking one’s head in the microwave. To keep patients safe from cross contamination, Dr. Kover keeps the office at a level of cleanliness that exceeds the requirements set by OSHA and the Center for Disease Control.
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    1375 Cherry Way Dr.
    Gahanna, OH US
  • Garrison Dental Care
    We are a group of professionals dedicated to providing high quality dentistry in a family-friendly, caring environment.
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    5055 S Hamilton Rd
    Groveport, OH US
  • American Dental Centers
    For more than 35 years, dentists at American Dental Centers have polished pearly whites and prevented dental disease with thorough exams. At each of the 14 locations that dot Northern and Central Ohio, patients walk in or schedule appointments so they don’t have to scrape off plaque using chew toys. The center maintains a 24-hour phone line so that patients can arrange to have emergencies treated as soon as possible, and it also offers a Forever White program, in which patients pay a one-time fee and then receive take-home bleaching treatments for as long as they attend their regular three- or six-month check-ups.
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    2058 State Route 256
    Reynoldsburg, OH US
  • Westerville Dental Associates
    Westerville Dental Associates' team of professional plaque attackers uses state-of-the-art technology and 37 years of combined experience to ensure each trip to the recumbent chair is relaxed and pleasant. Registered tooth technicians wield digital radiography technology?a form of x-ray that significantly reduces radiation exposure?to spot early signs of disease, infection, and the burrows of molar gophers before performing a full cleaning, buffing, and polishing. Brighten befouled biters with a custom whitening kit that includes two tubes of whitening gel and two molds, shaped for your periodontal particulars and precision-cut to avoid gum irritation.
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    627 Office Pkwy
    Westerville, OH US