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      Up to 84% Off Teeth Whitening or Botox

      Madison Avenue Dental Arts

      Paramus(8.3 miles)

      As patients watch TV, dentists brighten smiles using Zoom! light-activated gel and prevent future cavities with a thorough exam and x-rays

      $950 $149

      Up to 90% Off Dental Care and $2,000 Invisalign Discount at Smile...

      Smile Cafe

      Murray Hill(19.3 miles)

      Renowned dentist keeps smiles radiant with careful cleaning and digital x-rays and consults with patients about clear-braces technology

      $395 $39

      85% Off Sleep-Apnea Oral Exam

      Brian Ketover, DDS

      Brooklyn(23.7 miles)

      Dental team screens patients for sleep apnea and devises a treatment plan

      $100 $15

      Up to 86% Off Dental Exam and Teeth Whitening

      The Miller Center for Esthetic Excellence

      Livingston(13.9 miles)

      After an exam and cleaning, the optional Zoom! treatment uses whitening solution activated by an LED light to brighten teeth in one hour

      $372 $69

      Up to 87% Off at Atlantic Family Dentistry

      Atlantic Family Dentistry

      Belleville(12.5 miles)

      Bilingual dental team hunts down cavities and rids teeth and gums of plaque and tartar

      $297 $39

      86% Off at Affiliated Family Dental Care

      Affiliated Family Dental Care

      Teaneck(11.9 miles)

      Dental exam searches for disease and decay

      $275 $39

      Up to 88% Off Dental Exam with Optional Whitening

      Smile More Dentistry

      Tappan(15.2 miles)

      Dental team administers exams, cleanings, and whitening services with paraffin hand dips

      $475 $59

      Up to 85% Off a Dental Exam with Whitening Kit

      A Perfect Smile Dental Arts

      Waldwick(6.5 miles)

      Dentist with 25 years of experience examines patients for cavities and gum disease before sending them home with a whitening kit

      $391 $59

      85% Off Dental Checkup at DK Dental Group

      DK Dental Group

      Livingston(13.7 miles)

      Dentist cleans teeth and completes a thorough exam to check on patients' oral health

      $255 $39

      57% Off Dental Implant at ICGD of Rockland

      ICGD of Rockland

      Suffern (12.4 miles)

      Dentist replaces a missing tooth with an implant and crown that look and function like a real tooth

      $4,676 $1,999

      Up to 86% Off Dental Services at Dr. Warren Richman

      Dr. Warren Richman

      Clifton(6.6 miles)

      Dentist takes a gentle approach to exams and teeth cleanings, with an option for a take-home whitening kit

      $300 $45

      Up to 78% Off at A to Z Family Dentistry

      A to Z Family Dentistry

      Little Falls(5.7 miles)

      Specialists peek inside teeth with low-radiation x-rays and meticulously clean away plaque; teeth-whitening treatment lifts stains

      $357 $79

      56% Off Dental Exam and Teeth Whitening

      Martina M. Reynolds, DDS

      New York(18.6 miles)

      Dental specialists use a Sapphire plasma arch light to whiten teeth up to 10 shades

      $750 $329 Sale Ends 12/25

      Up to 90% Off Dental Exams

      Clifton Dental Group

      Dutch Hill(7.1 miles)

      Technicians make teeth sparkle with a cleaning and dental exam

      $455 $49

      Up to 75% Off Teeth Whitening

      Michael J. Armento, D.M.D.

      Randolph(18.8 miles)

      Custom-fitted whitening trays remove stains and yellowing at home, or blue LED light brightens smiles in about an hour

      $400 $99

      87% Off at Steinway Family Dental Center

      Steinway Family Dental Center

      Astoria(21.1 miles)

      Dental team searches for decay and gum disease and clears away tartar and plaque; customized take-home trays and gel brighten smiles

      $290 $39

      Up to 78% Off Dental Services at DJM Dental

      Dr. Correa at Sunrise Dental Group

      Paramus(9.1 miles)

      Dentists and hygienists check for oral ailments and tooth decay before removing plaque & tartar from teeth and brightening smiles

      $220 $49

      Up to 82% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening Packages

      Montgomery Greene Dental

      The Waterfront(19.4 miles)

      Zoom! whitening brightens teeth up to eight shades with a light-activated gel; the light is set to a custom intensity for each patient

      $650 $149

      Up to 90% Off at Yes Dental

      Yes Dental

      Washington Heights(16.9 miles)

      Clients receive dental exam, cleaning & x-ray package, Zoom! teeth-whitening, or both; Invisalign consultation included in each package.

      $395 $39

      Up to 80% Off Dental Exam or Teeth Whitening

      Mint Dental

      Family Dentistry of Emerson(10.2 miles)

      Exam and x-rays check for cavities and tumors while a cleaning removes tartar and plaque; specialty formula whitens teeth up to eight shades

      $295 $59

      88% Off at Washington Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

      Washington Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

      Bergenfield(12.1 miles)

      Pediatric dentists give young teeth a thorough examination and cleaning before protecting them with fluoride

      $330 $39

      72% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening

      Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

      Concord(10.9 miles)

      Zoom! treatment brightens teeth up to 10 shades

      $599 $167

      Up to 84% Off Dental Implant or Exam Package

      Elmhurst Dental Group

      Elmhurst Dental Group(23.0 miles)

      Collaboration of dentists with years of experience and numerous degrees; implant packages include abutments and crowns

      $3,300 $1,449

      87% Off Pola Advanced In-Office Teeth Whitening

      New York Dental Office

      Upper East Side(19.2 miles)

      Dentist or dental assistant administers Pola Advanced or Opalescence Boost in-office teeth whitening to brighten teeth in less than an hour

      $750 $99

      Up to 86% Off Dental Checkups at Bergen Dental Professionals

      Bergen Dental Professionals

      Hackensack(10.5 miles)

      Exams clear away buildup and, along with digital x-rays that take a look at what the eye can't see, may prevent future tooth and gum issues

      $233 $39

      71% Off a Dental Exam, X-rays, and Cleaning

      M&N Dental

      Fort Lee(15.1 miles)

      Dentist or dental hygenist uses an exam and x-rays to check for decay; a cleaning ensures teeth are free of plaque

      $301 $88

      Up to 88% Off Dental Exam or Whitening

      Dental Unlimited

      Clifton(7.3 miles)

      Dentist performs an exam, x-rays, cleaning; or performs an in-office teeth-whitening using the Ultradent system

      $300 $35

      85% Off Dental Exam and Cleaning

      Strong Roots Dental

      Jersey City(19.0 miles)

      Comprehensive exam, full-mouth x-rays, and cleaning at a dental office situated just steps from the Grove St. PATH Station

      $265 $39

      89% Off a Dental Exam and Cleaning

      John A. Bobinski D.D.S.

      Bronxville(19.8 miles)

      Dentist taps into 30+ years of experience while examining teeth for cavities and polishing away excess plaque and tartar

      $325 $35

      Up to 72% Off Teeth Whitening

      HBW New York

      Midtown Center(19.1 miles)

      During the one-hour in-office whitening procedure, dentists apply a peroxide-based gel to teeth

      $399 $129

      78% Off at Art of Dentistry

      Art of Dentistry

      Midtown South Central(19.1 miles)

      Dental experts assiduously tend to teeth with a basic dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays

      $175 $39

      38% Off at Exam and Cleaning at Astoria Dental Town

      Astoria Dental Town

      Astoria(21.0 miles)

      Dental team staves off cavities and clears away plaque at office open seven days a week

      $65 $39.99

      Up to 89% Off Dentist visit

      Smile For Life Family & Cosmetic Dental

      Pearl River(13.6 miles)

      Dental technicians take digital x-rays before carrying out routine cleaning and an optional painless whitening procedure

      $363 $39

      86% Off Dental Services

      West End Dental Associates

      Upper West Side(17.6 miles)

      Dentists use x-rays to spot decay & gum disease before hygienist cleans plaque & debris from enamel & gum lines

      $270 $39

      61% Off a Dental Package

      Queens Dental Office

      Flushing(22.6 miles)

      Dr. Sandhu taps into her extensive education & training to examine mouths for cavities & disease before cleaning away excess plaque

      $100 $39

      91% Off Dental Services at AVM Dental Center

      AVM Dental Center

      Historic Downtown(19.2 miles)

      To keep smiles healthy and looking good, Dr. Milman inspects dental health with the help of digital X-rays and cameras

      $330 $29

      80% Off Dental Exam and Optional Zoom! Whitening

      Access Dental

      Clifton(6.9 miles)

      Checkup makes sure teeth are healthy; optional whitening kit can remove stains and make them brighter

      $295 $59

      Up to 85% Off at Manhattan Family Dental Care

      Manhattan Family Dental Care

      Midtown East(19.4 miles)

      Dental exam cleans teeth and identifies any dental problems; Zoom! session brightens teeth; laser treatment helps eliminate gum disease

      $275 $49

      Up to 92% Off Dental-Exam Package

      Dr. Landau & Associates

      Cliffside Park(15.4 miles)

      Exam and digital x-rays assess health and look for potential issues, and cleaning polishes teeth for individuals, friends, or family members

      $500 $45

      80% Off Dental Exam or Whitening

      Metropolitan Dental Associates

      Fort Lee(15.3 miles)

      Dentist with more than 20 years of experience checks for dental issues or lifts stains with safe, effective hydrogen peroxide gel

      $240 $49

      62% Off Complete Invisalign Treatment

      Denta Dental

      Kensington & Parkville(25.8 miles)

      Invisible braces straighten teeth in 6–18 months

      $7,900 $2,999

      Up to 63% Off Dental Exam or Teeth Whitening

      Dr. David Maloff at Union Family Dental Care

      Union(18.4 miles)

      Teeth whitening includes 15% off additional services; preventative-care checkup examines teeth for problems before cleaning them

      $335 $149

      Up to 50% Off Dental Exam and Whitening


      Multiple Locations

      Keep teeth healthy with a thorough exam, x-rays, and cleaning, and add a whitening treatment to leave them gleaming

      $176 $89

      82% Off Dental Exam and Teeth-Whitening

      Dental Design of Rockland

      Spring Valley(13.5 miles)

      Dental professionals clean and examine teeth, taking x-rays and brighten smiles with in-office teeth-whitening

      $460 $84 Sale Ends 12/25

      Up to 85% Off at Affiliated Family Dental Care

      Affiliated Family Dental Care

      Teaneck(12.0 miles)

      Dental exam searches for disease or decay; teeth whitening brightens smiles

      $275 $59

      Up to 83% Off Dental Checkup or Zoom! Whitening

      AP Dental Care

      Forest Hills(24.9 miles)

      Dentist renders teeth 6 to 10 shades whiter with Zoom! gel and UV light or performs a standard checkup and cleaning

      $300 $49.99

      Up to 91% Off at New York Cosmetic Dental

      New York Cosmetic Dental

      Greenwich Village(19.8 miles)

      Dentist with 25 years of experience examines and x-rays teeth, looking for dental issues; take-home whitening kit includes custom tray

      $458 $49

      Up to 91% Off Dental Checkup or Whitening

      Wendy Mayer DDS

      New York(18.3 miles)

      The dentist examines teeth for plaque and decay before a cleaning or brightens teeth up to eight shades with in-office whitening treatments

      $535 $49