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The Range
  • Pistol range with 20 covered positions
  • Two multipurpose ranges for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
  • High-powered rifle range with 20 covered positions and prone positions
  • Tactical range with moving targets and dropping plates
  • All ranges are outdoors

    The Rentals
    • Patriot Outdoors rents firearms for all ranges, from pistols to Class 3 rifles
    • Customers may purchase targets or bring their own

      At a Glance

      Multiple outdoor ranges accommodate Patriot Outdoors' firearms classes, which are designed for all skill levels. They also sell bows, firearms, and gear and accessories. The facility's open skies and desert landscapes also serve as the backdrop for paintball fields, including two speedball fields and one 4-acre field with various obstacles. For something different, an indoor rock-climbing gym presents members with areas designated for top-rope climbing and bouldering. Different routes challenge beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers.

1250 CR 16

Specializing in casual clothing from designers such as True Religion and Seven for All Mankind, this sartorial house of human coverings also stocks jewelry, candles, purses, briefcases, and accessories for the abode. Pull on a pair of Iron Horse jeans ($78) or nab a new frock ($35+) to shelter skin from the sun, wind, and ravenous sandweasels.

1005 Vega Boulevard

Tobacco Express stocks a variety of e-cigarettes that provide flavorful puffs of nicotine without the smoke or ash of traditional cigarettes. Buyers can choose traditional vapor flavors such as Menthol Ice or opt for creative ones such as Dr. Pepper.

1002 Avenue H