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In their spacious, bare-bones gym known as “The Box,” Crossfit Battle Ready’s trainers prep students for all of life’s physical activities—work, play, and sport, as well as ordinary daily activities. They do that through a combination of functional movement exercises and cross-training techniques that borrows from Olympic lifting, track and field, and cardio conditioning. While it’s a fast-paced, intense system, its structure allows them to scale it to all fitness levels, opening CrossFit to all ages and experience.

3257 35th Avenue

It can be difficult for some people to pinpoint where their passion for their work began. Those people aren't Angela Englehardt, a registered massage therapist and the founder of Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts. As a teen, Angela was diagnosed with several disorders, for which she researched holistic-care options. She saw how these therapies could not only treat her current conditions, but also help her develop a more fulfilling life. Thus, she spent years training in hypnosis, energy work, and Splankna therapy, among others, before opening her business with the goal of sharing this knowledge with her clients.

Today, Angela has rounded up a staff that includes a certified master herbalist, homeopathic expert, hypnotherapist, and even an animal therapist. All of these practitioners share the core mission of helping clients conduct self-exploration and development from the inside, which can help treat physical ailments on the outside. They do so with an extensive service menu comprising acupuncture, meditation, yoga, facials, and doula services.

815 9th Street

Equipment: Dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, TRX bands, and Bosu

Students should bring: A water bottle, workout clothing, and a positive attitude.

Average class length: 60 minutes

Number of Staff: 1?5 people

Class location: Indoors only

Established: 2013

Good for beginners: Yes

Guests allowed: No

Parking: Parking lot

Pro Tip: Your goals and fitness level guide our fitness sessions. Please be open and honest about your goals.

3750 West 24th Street