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Less than half a mile from the hotel, Telluride Ski Resort features 1,700 skiable acres of light powder snow blanketed across the San Juan Mountains. The Village Express escorts patrons to beginner and intermediate terrain, Village Bypass is a smooth, easier ride, and Humboldt Draw trail has a bumpy, sinuous track. Plunge lift presents sprawling views of the area and ascends the mountain's westernmost peak, which is angled with steep drops. The moderate-terrain Ute Park Express is a good place to start for aspiring freestyle skiers, who can test out its basic jumps and ride-on boxes. Telluride is known to enjoy a texturally consistent snow base, and its remote location renders lines and vagrant snowmen nearly nonexistent.The town's roots as a revolutionary mining village and a Wild West saloon market are put on display at Telluride Historical Museum, which resides fewer than 10 miles from The Peaks Resort. Built in 1896 as a community hospital, the landmark houses artifacts including mining equipment, Victorian architecture models, and remnants of the Ute Indian culture.

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