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Doctor of Oriental Medicine Yon Sik Choe has been practicing acupuncture for so long?more than 40 years?he likely knows a few of his patients' great-grandchildren. The board-certified acupuncturist continues to extend his impressive career at New Life Acupuncture. There, his expertise on where to place the fine acupuncture needles on the body helps treat everything from back pain to headaches, which are when you pull your brain muscle.

1400 Battleground Ave. Suite 150-B

Christina Barrett can do a lot of things, but there's one thing you'll never catch her doing: sitting still. Since her childhood days on the island of Nantucket, she has spent the vast majority of her time running, jumping, swimming, stretching, and training to keep her body in peak form. When she's not qualifying for the Boston Marathon or setting records in endurance races along the coastline of Nantucket, Christina draws on her vast knowledge to help other athletes—and nonathletes—stay in shape. Her signature training program is CoreAlign, which blends a variety of exercises to teach the body how to move correctly. With this in mind, it's fortuitous that Christina found Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates. The health-and-chiropractic center provides her with all the resources she needs to heal muscles strained while jumping over hurdles or running into a wall painted to resemble a finish line.

223 Harper St
Winston Salem,

Chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr. Susan Sykes works alongside her staff to resolve patients' medical conditions using a wide range of techniques, including traditional adjustments, sacro-occipital technique, and BrainCore neurofeedback. In addition to her experience with homeopathy and nutritional counseling, Dr. Sykes is also certified to practice chiropractic acupuncture.

2505 Neudorf Rd

Twin brothers Doctors of Chiropractic Kevin and Brian McLaughlin share more than identical DNA—they also share a passion for healing patients with noninvasive chiropractic techniques. With histories in academic sports and physical rehabilitation, they're each acquainted with muscular and skeletal injuries and the efficacy of physical rehabilitation as opposed to harsh chemical medicines and surgery. In addition to performing traditional spinal adjustments, the doctors and the staff also administer massages, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling.

Renaissance Center III, 7011 Fayetteville Rd, Ste 250

Established: 2012
Reservations/Appointments: Required
Staff Size: 1 person
Parking: Parking lot
Most popular service: Facelift Massage
Brands Used: Mei Zen, Passport to Organics, Bindi
Pro Tip: Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out new client form.

Q&A with Janet Lee, Owner, Esthetician, Acupuncturist

What is one of your signature services? How is it performed?
The signature facelift massage is a combination of acupressure, lymphatic drainage and Chinese medical massage. Performed with aromatic oils and hot towels, it's a supremely relaxing and effective treatment.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
Helping people look and feel their best.

What is one fun, unusual fact about your business?
The owner received special training in India and China.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?
Facelift massage is a gentle, nonsurgical way to boost collagen, improve skin tone and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

3319 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.

Once an international gymnastics competitor, Ken Haas had to turn away from the tumbling lifestyle after his body began to ache. Sports orthopedists couldn't determine what was wrong, he told Charlotte Today, but a kinesiologist finally helped him through alternative methods—methods that Ken, now Dr. Haas, employs at Haas Wellness Center. Understandably, applied kinesiology remains one of the center's major focuses. This system tests for muscle responses throughout the body, scouting for weaknesses that could indicate treatable conditions. Its techniques can even incorporate teachings from acupuncture and nutrition for a truly holistic approach.

Dr. Haas's other services run the gamut from screenings for environmental toxins to natural weight-loss programs and low-level-laser therapy, a purported pain deterrent. Trigger-point therapy, myofascial-release work, and essential oils all contribute to the center's signature massage, and craniosacral therapy employs extremely gentle touch—no more than the weight of a nickel—to try and relieve imbalanced nervous systems, a more relaxing method than shouting into your ear for your brain to "stay calm!"

3315 Springbank Ln