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  • Chiropractic Plus O'Fallon
    Doctors of Chiropractic Joshua Ferrell and James Perulfi join forces at Chiropractic Plus to help assuage their patients? pains. They aim to erase the discomfort associated with migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and out-of-whack backs with services that include chiropractic adjustments. Certified massage therapists Megan Fleming and Jennifer King provide therapeutic massages to help release stress.
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    310 E. Highway 50, Suite 2
    O'Fallon, IL US
  • Becks Farm
    Plump peaches hang heavy from the trees surrounding Becks Farm, set in a serene and fertile location decorated with organic gardens, a farmers’ market, and amenable members of the Beck family. After a long season of growth, preparation, and paying protection money to the local hornet mafia, the trees and grounds make themselves presentable to visitors from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Tours for all ages introduce guests to the acres of berries, fruit trees, and gardens as guides spout educational tidbits about the grounds. The onsite farmers’ market operates daily and showcases only the ripest seasonal treats. Throughout the summer, fresh produce may include peaches, cherries, and apricots, supplemented by a stock of prepared items such as jams, salsas, and tangy pickles.
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    7620 South Anderson Road
    Newton, KS US
  • Supplement U
    Owners Dwane Clifford and Nathan Hunt want to help everyone reach their fitness or nutritional goals, no matter how simple or advanced they might be. By carrying all major brands of supplements and weight lifting equipment, as well as EYEWIN fighting gear, they help meet a wide range of training needs. They also offer an in-store discount to military personnel, police, and firefighters.
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    1801 South 9th Street
    Salina, KS US
  • Cero's Candies
    Nestled amid a row of orange-bricked storefronts in the Old Town district, Cero's Candies peeks its glistening chocolate eyes out from beneath a green- and white-striped awning. Cooking up decadent, gourmet chocolates since 1885, the charming confectionery weds rich, buttery caramel centers to delicate draperies of milk or dark chocolate. This deal's exclusive assortment box also includes delectable milk-chocolate-coated turtles, containing a pecan core, and coconut haystacks. Indulge Dad's sweet tooth this Father's Day with the 21-piece box, or add a touch of opulence to an afternoon spent soaking in a kiddie pool with a mouthwatering caramel display. Schedule a tour for your clan of six to 20 budding candymakers to watch candies being made when you stop in to pick up your assorted box.
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    1108 East Douglas Avenue
    Wichita, KS US
  • Two Brothers BBQ and Burger Grill
    Family owned and operated, Two Brothers BBQ serves up a bounty of barbecue favorites on its menu, with high-quality ingredients and careful cooking uniting to wield savory and saucy sustenance. Relish the wrangling of rebellious wisps of hickory smoke with sliced meats such as beef brisket, turkey, or pulled pork ($6.29 for a half pound, $11.49 for a pound), or slam into a full slab of ribs ($18.99), cooked to perfection over the still-warm coals of found meteorites. For boosters of the bun, Two Brothers' West Wichita and El Dorado locations now offer The Burger Grill, with premium grilled burgers and decalescent dogs filling feast-holds and arriving via optional carhop service. Send your taste buds on a delicious trip back in time to the 1984 of the future with a Big Brother cheeseburger ($5.69), or go for the tubular tastes of the chili dog ($4.99), a quarter-pound kosher dog topped with smoked-brisket chili, onions, mustard, and cheddar. Side dishes (from $1.39 to $1.49/individual, up to $7.49–$7.99/quart) include french fries, corn cobettes, green beans, and scalloped potatoes.
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    6730 W Central Ave
    Wichita, KS US
  • Cox Farm
    Each autumn, the fun-filled agromusement farm excites and educates area adventurers with a man-made maze of corn. This year's living labyrinth is more than just a shining example of Borgesian agriculture. It’s also a cowboy-themed adventure park that lines its pathways with puzzles, Wild West trivia and symbols, subtle picture rubbings, and a secret word that must be deciphered to achieve total conquest of your corn quest. The maze is long, and typically takes one to four hours to complete if attempted in a single run. Maps and game-sheets are available to help children and childlike explorers navigate the treacherous dirt trails, as is a full brigade of “corn cops” that nobly rescue the hopelessly lost, Chester Copperpot, and group stragglers. Each visitor is given two cell phone numbers to call for immediate rescue or directions, if necessary. Temporary exits are strewn throughout the maze, allowing tired travelers to pause for nourishment or take a break from watching David Bowie juggle orbs.
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    6059 S Seneca St
    Wichita, KS US

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