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With the goal of finding a vocal complement to the beauty of Lake Coeur d'Alene, a group of classical music lovers created a company they called Opera Plus in 2000. While the organization is now known as Opera Coeur d'Alene, it still treats eyes and ears to waterside Opera on the Lake performances. Those annual serenades to resident plesiosaurs are supplemented with classic operas by the likes of Verdi and Bizet, and youth-aimed works such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Toy Shop. Whether attendees are young or young-at-heart, Opera Coeur d'Alene believes that opera is an art for everyone, and their varied seasons ensure the inland Northwest doesn't miss out.

880 West Garden Avenue
Coeur D'Alene,

Now in its 64th year, the 70-piece Spokane Symphony performs for 150,000 sonata supporters in the Pacific Northwest each season, powerfully reciting the works of several treble-clef-crazed composers. Its Casual Classic series takes an informal and inventive look at some of the standards of the classical music canon, with the following three performances this season:

1001 W Sprague Ave