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Weed Man Lawn Care Raleigh, NC turns ordinary lawns into lush outdoor paradises. For the past 40 years, the team's weeded unwanted plants, nourished plants and grass with fertilizers, and aerated lawns to inject a burst of oxygen, a more effective method than lying on the lawn and puffing on each individual grass blade. The technicians keep an eye on the health of yards, recommending treatments such as crabgrass and grub control. And before beginning a new service, the soil's pH is tested, so that the most effective blend of nutrients can be applied.

3119 Kitty Hawk Rd

The wanton demolition of the world’s rainforests painfully demonstrates that it doesn’t take much for someone to remove a tree, which is why Palmetto Tree Service’s founder, ISA-certified arborist Robert Thompson, seeks to bring environmental responsibility to his services. Though he and his team do everything they can to preserve our bark-covered friends—including pruning for health and fertilization—sometimes removal is unavoidable because of irreparable damage or disease. In those cases, Palmetto donates $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for each tree it removes while providing staffers to extend their arms as a place for weary birds to rest. Palmetto Tree Service also lends its services to clearing the damage caused by hurricanes, the most recent of which have been Charlie, Ivan, Wilma, Katrina, Ike, and Irene. Its respect for all things green is also the driving force behind its use of AlturnaMats, which protect lawns when heavy equipment is needed to complete a job.

1167 Farm Quarter Rd
Mount Pleasant,

Love Christmas Lights was created to connect homeowners with professionals skilled at installing seasonal outdoor décor. The Charleston branch provides a warranty on installation, climate-controlled storage for supplies, and designs custom installations tailored to each patrons' wishes and budget.

1000 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite 103-125
Mt. Pleasant,