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A Great Staycation: Ideas to Have an Exciting Time at Home

We often think that to truly enjoy vacation, we have to get out of town, literally. But the word "staycation" isn't just a silly portmanteau. It is possible to have a refreshing, relaxing, and exciting time without hopping on a flight or taking a road trip. Try these staycation ideas to make the most of your time off.


Stay in a hotel room

If you want to make a staycation feel like a vacation, a hotel room is a must. How often do you get to stay in the touristy part of town, or even in a different neighborhood? More importantly, when was the last time you let someone else make the bed for you?


Have your house cleaned while you’re gone

Even if you’re not staying in a hotel, not worrying about straightening up can make it feel like a getaway. There’s just something so relaxing about coming home to a clean house—especially when you haven’t had to lift a finger to get it done.


Get out of your neighborhood

Is there a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, but have never found the time to trek across town? Choose an activity that takes you to a far-flung neighborhood, then explore the surrounding area for a surprise adventure.


Hit all the tourist spots you’ve never been to.

At the Willis Tower in Chicago, they’ve installed glass-framed observation boxes that enable you to peer straight down to the ground—and many a Chicagoan has never set foot on one. A staycation is your time to check out popular tourist attractions just like this one.


Change up your mode of transportation

If you usually drive around the city, take a walk. If you typically walk, hop on a Segway tour (like our editor Andy did) or rent a bike. Trying a new method of transportation can slow you down and give you a new vantage point on the city you call home.


Take a culinary adventure

Staycations are great for trying new things, especially when it comes to food, so use this time to go on a culinary adventure, sampling the best dishes your city has to offer. This is your chance to finally try out that Korean BBQ spot or hit up that Cajun place to make you feel like you’ve actually gone out of town.


Buy tickets for everything ahead of time

Whether you’re hitting a boat tour or a live show (comedy, music, theater), getting advanced tickets will ensure you have a spot in case it sells out, or at least ensure you don’t change your mind at the last minute and decide to stay home.


Don’t do it alone

Friends visiting from out of town is a perfect excuse to take your own staycation and play tour guide. But if that’s not happening any time soon, recruit a friend or your family to join you.

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