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From Sheet Masks to Snacks: Our Best Subscription Boxes

The love of a surprise is not just limited to kids and their blind bags. Grown-ups love surprises too, and yet, we typically only get the satisfaction of wondering what’s in the box on two occasions: our birthday and Christmas. But there is a way to give yourself (or someone you love) a surprise every single month: subscription boxes. We’ve got such a variety that you’re sure to find something perfect. Here are some of our favorites.


Golf Goodies from Birdie Bundle

This golf lovers’ dream box gifts subscribers each month with apparel, accessories, and a sleeve of balls, to keep players’ gear on point year-round.


Gourmet Delights from Farm to People

Especially designed for foodies who crave trying new things, each tasting box is packed with full-sized samples of small-batch specialty food. Inside each box could be handmade chocolates, seasoned sea salts, and other treats, such as jams and pickles.


Dapper Gear from The Gentleman’s Box

Stylish guys will love this curated collection of products that include grooming tools and products, as well as fashionable accessories—up to six items a month, paired with the current issue of top style resource GQ magazine.


Sweet Sheet Masks from FaceTory

Every month, they’ll receive a box of seven sheet masks from Korea. These luxe masks are infused with ingredients such as green tea or rice extract—and some can be used multiple times per week.


Savvy Snacks from Bokksu

The smartest snackers know that Japan has the snack game down. Once a month they’ll get a bright red box packed with sweet and savory snacks paired with a selection of teas, all curated around a theme.


Treats for the Four-Legs from Doggy Bag

In the monthly box, subscribers get two full-size treats, a toy, a health item, and one more surprise gift, all geared to your dog’s size, allergies, and favorite pizza topping.


Slimy Stuff from Slime Box Club

Have you ever played with scented slime? How about glitter slime or confetti slime? Each month the Slime Box arrives loaded with three cans of slime, plus add-ins like beads and glitter—along with a selection of candy and other surprises.


Monthly Mystery from DISPATCH - An Interactive Escape Room Mystery

You’ll be able to plan a monthly get-together with friends and family around this game that takes up to seven months to unfold. You’ll team up to search for clues on the internet and the real world, instead of scanning Mom’s face to determine how she really feels about your new tattoo.


Tea Delivery from Simple Loose Leaf

Those who love to sip a cup, with or without their pinkies up, will adore this monthly of four different types of loose-leaf teas. The teas have been carefully selected by a confessed tea addict, so you’ll be sure to get something tasty in each box.


Club Squishy

We’ve said it before: kids love love love squishy toys. What better way to surprise your little one with a selection of four squishies each month? They come in the most kawaii characters: mermaids, seahorses, and even sandwiches.


Earrings from Ear Fleek

Each pair of stylish earrings is free of nickel and other allergens—and are hand-picked to match your style. And if you’re not crazy about the earring selection one month, you can exchange them for another pair.

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