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Our Staff Picks Their Favorite Things to Do, Eat, and See in Five US Cities

BY: Kate Raftery | Oct 5, 2015

Working in Groupon’s sales department, you get to know a lot about the city you’re closing deals for. What’s the hottest restaurant in town? Where are the strip malls with the secret gems? Which photographer is an ace at capturing weddings? What’s the best outdoor activity on a beautiful Saturday? 

That’s why our staff picks are the best in the business. Below, we had sales professionals talk about their favorite features of five big cities across the country and why you should check Groupon before heading out the door.

Staff Picks  Boston  Bo

Boston | Bo Hurd

Bo was born and raised in Milton, MA, and lived in Cambridge during Harvard undergrad. He’s worked at Groupon for six years. 

What kind of Groupons do you buy yourself? Definitely restaurants—preferably vegetarian or seafood—and usually newer restaurants in neighborhoods I don't know that well so that my wifey and I can go on a little date-night adventure. 

What’s your favorite restaurant? In terms of a good date spot, I'd have to go with Diva Indian Bistro. I love tasty Indian food, especially when you can get it smack dab in the heart of charming and convenient Davis Square. 

What’s your favorite spa or salon? Boston Massage & Bodywork. I have a bad lower back, and they're great at working out the kinks. 

What’s your favorite thing to do? There's nothing better than a nice float down the Charles River, watching the rowers and joggers flash past. Best view in town. Check out Charles River Canoe & Kayak

What about Boston is seriously underrated? Its small size and walkability. Even though the streets might twist and turn in places, you can wander across almost the entire town on a nice sunny day without ever feeling lost. 

What’s your favorite movie set in Boston? The Departed—although Jack Nicholson's accent and performance is borderline embarrassing.

Staff Picks  LA  Kristina

Los Angeles | Kristina Mostarac

Kristina has worked at Groupon for nearly five years, and is a recent LA transplant. 

What kind of Groupons do you buy yourself? Health and beauty Groupons. Treat yourself! 

What’s your favorite restaurant? I love Blue Daisy in Santa Monica. The interior is modern, and the outdoor seating is super charming! All of their dishes are unique, flavorful, and always fresh. On top of it all the owners and staff are all super sweet. 

What’s your favorite spa or salon? Wat Po Thai Spa. It's such an unassuming little massage studio, but they always offer the best service and go above and beyond with their customer service. I've had a lot of massages, and this is hands down my favorite! 

What’s your favorite thing to do? Diving Catalina off Catalina Island is such a cool experience. The fish and marine life are so beautiful to observe in their natural habitat, and the owner, Diver Dave, is the best. He's super-knowledgable and safety-oriented, which makes for an awesome adventure! 

What’s your favorite quirky thing about LA? How unphased locals are when they see a celebrity. 

What landmark should people visit, even if they already live there? The Hollywood Farmers’ Market. It's the largest farmers’ market in LA with over 160 vendors. Every Sunday people come from all over the Los Angeles area to fill their pantries with fresh organic produce, grassfed meats ... Did I mention live music, free samples, and baby goats?

Staff Picks  Dallas  Christina

Dallas | Christina Brady

Christina has been Groupon’s division sales manager for Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio for the past 1.5 years. She's been with Groupon for 4.5 years total.

What kind of Groupons do you buy yourself? I'm plant based, so I love any deal that has options for me, especially food and drink. My guilty pleasure are spa deals, I love them! I'm also always a sucker for buying add-ons while I'm there. Why not? 

What’s your favorite restaurant? My favorite is Garden Cafe. They have a fantastic menu, fresh food, and great reviews! I love anything that is veggie-friendly. 

What’s your favorite spa or salon? I love King Spa. You can have a full day of relaxation just for the price of admission, or you can opt for additional spa services. They also have a water-park extension, so the versatility is great! 

What’s your favorite thing to do? Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch. It's a cool place to visit because they specialize in rare, unique, and endangered exotic wildlife. It's a one-of-a-kind experience and fun for all ages. 

What about Dallas is seriously underrated? Dallas is a huge foodie market. So many amazing places to eat with creative and revolutionary menus! 

What’s the most ridiculous street name you’ve come across? I have heard that there is a street called Bossy Boots Drive in Allen, TX. We all need to live there.

Staff Picks  NYC  Mahreen

New York City | Mahreen Younus Saiyed

Mahreen has worked at Groupon for the past 3.5 years as the national merchandising and strategy analyst. 

What kind of Groupons do you buy yourself? Sushi! Can never have enough sushi. And any other kind of food, really. 

What’s your favorite restaurant? You know those days where you just want a good, hearty steak dinner? Here's your place: Delmonico’s Kitchen

What’s your favorite spa or salonAsanda Aveda Spa Lounge—love this spot. It’s a beautiful place and a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs. 

What’s your favorite thing to doWalking tours! There is so much to see in the city of New York—there is no way to catch it all. I have done a couple of photography tours, some art ones, and food ones! Try Great New York Tours and Great Food Tours

What’s the best season to visit? Summer. Best time to take advantage of the Central Park concert series

What’s your favorite strange fact about New York? Albert Einstein's eyeballs are stored in a safe-deposit box in the city.

STaff Picks  Chicago  Stephanie

Chicago | Stephanie Chambers

Stephanie has lived in Chicago for more than four years, and has spent the past seven months co-managing the Groupon Chicago market. 

What kind of Groupons do you buy yourself? One of the first places I go when I want to try something new is Groupon. I have done so many fun activities I wouldn’t have normally tried, including glass blowing, trapeze classes, zorbing, wine tours, and movie tours. 

What’s your favorite restaurant? The Bedford is one of my favorite restaurants. The food, drinks, and service are fantastic. I really like their oysters, beef short ribs, and cocktails. The ambiance is one of a kind—it's in an old bank vault! Really fun date night! 

What’s your favorite spa or salon? Me Spa in Naperville. Talk about VIP pampering … The treatments are incredible, especially the pedicures! During the pedicure, you sit in a recliner chair with an eye pillow and get a foot scrub and massage. It's magical! 

What’s your favorite thing to do? As we're approaching summer, any type of water activity. I really enjoy being out on the water and admiring the city ... I bought a deal from SeaDog Cruises for the River & Lake Architecture Tour. Loved learning about new buildings and the history and seeing the city from a new perspective. 

What’s your favorite quirky thing about Chicago? The Bean. Think about how many people around the world have a picture of themselves in front of a big shiny object. 

What’s the most ridiculous street name you’ve come across? Goethe Street. How do you say it? [Editor’s note: German speakers might know this one! It’s pronounced “gur-tuh,” but lots of Chicagoans say “go-thee.”]

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Photos: Bo Hurd, Christina Brady, Mahreen Younus Saiyed, and Stephanie Chambers by Andrew Nawrocki, Groupon. Illustration: Jessica Snively, Groupon.