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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Groupon

BY: Editors | Jul 24, 2020

If it's your first time using Groupon, you might be wondering how to save beyond the obvious process: buying a Groupon voucher, taking it to the business, and redeeming it.

But there’s more to it than that. To help you get most out of Groupon, here are seven tips:


What it is: Our most loyal customers love the Groupon app, which not only helps redeem a Groupon without the hassle of  printing a voucher, but also makes it easy to scroll through our massive inventory of deals and find discounts at businesses near you. And if you sign up to receive alerts, you'll receive notifications when we have special sales, promo codes, or when there's a price drop on an item you previously viewed.

Where to find the Groupon App: Download the App using this link.


What it is: Many of our Local spa and fitness deals enable you to book your appointment directly on the Groupon website—no need to contact the merchant or present a voucher when you go in. Before you buy, you can select a date and time from the options above the “Buy Now” button on the deal page. If you’d rather purchase the deal and schedule an appointment later, you can do so from your My Groupons page at any time.

Where to find bookable Local deals: Browse our Beauty & Spa deals here, or browse Health and Fitness deals here.


What it is: Updated daily, the “Deals of the Day” section rounds up the most-popular Goods deals that have been marked down with an extra discount for 24 hours only. You can score deep discounts on things like electronics, home goods, jewelry, beauty products, and more. Each deal shows how long the special price will stay valid—time is fleeting, so check it daily to get an amazing deal.

This is also a great place to look when you need a gift before Mother's Day, Father's Day, the holidays, or just want to reward yourself.

Where to find Deals of the Day: Browse the Deals of the Day here.


4. Use Groupon to save on travel

What it is: If you're planning a vacation, plan it with Groupon. Begin with Groupon Getaways, our travel-focused offerings, which has deals on vacation packages and hotel stays in North America. Once you've booked a trip, use Groupon Goods to buy vacation essentials, like new luggage, new swimwearwomen's clothes, or men's accessories. Finally, look for deals on great things to do while on vacation,  places to eat, or tickets to a show. You could even grab a deal for airport parking or a photobook to capture post-vacation memories—the savings can really add up.

Where to find Getaways deals: See air-inclusive deals here, or browse tours in Europe, Asia, and Africa here.


What it is: So, you've learned how to use Groupon to save on things you've been planning to buy and do. Here's a bonus: you can even grab some free deals. Sometimes, we feature deals which you can get for absolutely free—like this 2-month subscription to ABCMouse. Another free route is to snag one of our Coupons, which can get you discounts at retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Macy's, and many more.

Where to find free deals: See a list of free deals here; visit our Coupons site here.


What it is: Want a little extra credit in your Groupon account? You can earn $10 in Groupon Bucks each time you refer a friend to Groupon. Grab a sign-up link from here, have your friend click that link to sign up, and if they purchase a Groupon for $10 or more within 72 hours, then you’ll earn $10 in Groupon Bucks. Voila! For the terms and conditions of the program, check out this page.

Where to get your referral link: Use this page, which explains the Refer-a-Friend program in detail.

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7. Get Great Tips from Our Experts

What it is: The Groupon Guide, where you'll find articles from editors who scour Groupon for the most-interesting deals and the coolest experiences. You can use our gift guides to find the perfect present, from great Goods products like jewelery to unique things to do, like a Swedish massage. You can learn about featured services that you might be unfamiliar with, from reflexology to couples massages to spinning classes. Or, you can read about our adventures, like what it was like to travel alone with Groupon Getaways.

Where to find the Groupon Guide: See the Guide here.