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Pampering Gifts for Every Person on Your List

BY: Favin the Maven | Nov 4, 2014
Pampering Gifts for Every Person on Your ListThis list was the inspiration for my Merry Makeover Contest! Now through December 12, you can nominate any deserving person you know to win a custom spa package designed by yours truly! Click here to nominate someone, and read on for more pampering gift ideas. Obviously, I’m a firm believer in the importance of pampering yourself. But as the holidays approach, I’m trying to get into a more giving state of mind. And because relaxation is something that everyone enjoys, I’ve been brainstorming a lot of spa-related gift ideas for people—even the ones that don’t get massages regularly. If you want to pamper your friends and family this year, find the perfect treat for their personality type below! THE BOOKWORM | They’ve always got their nose buried in a book … or pressed against the screen of a Kindle. The perfect pampering gift: A literary-themed mani-pedi. They’ll see their lovely nails every time they turn the page! There are even nail colors named after books, including all of the polishes at the Literary Lacquers Etsy shop. Or you could always get story-inspired nail art. holiday-banner_nails_600c66 THE TECHIE | They got their hands on the latest phone—and knew all its keyboard shortcuts—before it was even released. The perfect pampering gift: A microcurrent facial. It uses small, carefully controlled amounts of electricity to increase circulation and tighten the skin for a youthful glow. It’s a whole new high-tech trend for your friend to obsess over. holiday-banner_facials_600c66 THE ECO-WARRIOR | They don’t like to buy anything with ingredients they can’t pronounce. The perfect pampering gift: An organic spa treatment. Many spas are embracing all-natural skincare treatments these days. Read up on a few in your area, and see where you can find a pumpkin facial, sugar scrub, or mud bath that fits the bill. holiday-banner_spa_600c66 THE FITNESS FAN | If they’re not at home or work, they’re at the gym. They definitely know what a deadlift is. The perfect pampering gift: A sports massage. These massages focus on overworked or injured areas and are great for anyone who pushes their workouts to the limit. They may even help sore muscles heal faster! holiday-banner_massage_600c66 THE BEAUTY GURU | They’ve memorized their local Sephora’s layout and have more eye-shadow colors than you can count. The perfect pampering gift: Real-hair makeup brushes. They last longer and apply makeup more evenly than synthetic ones. Even if your friend already has the nine essential brushes, there are so many specialized ones out there you can surprise them with! (And don’t forget to pick up some brush cleaner, too.) holiday-banner_cosmetics_600c66 THE BUSY BEE | Their calendar is insanely cluttered. You’ve never seen them sit still for more than 10 minutes. The perfect pampering gift: A spray tan. Even if they refuse to take time for a vacation, people will think they did. Some automated tanning booths can even spray you down in fewer than five minutes, so your friend won’t lose precious time on their way to looking good. holiday-banner_tanning_600c66 THE OUTDOOR EXPLORER | They go on camping trips in any weather. They know the right way to run from a bear. The perfect pampering gift: A foot massage or reflexology treatment. All that hiking is bound to wear on their soles, and reflexologists know the best spots to hit for full-body relaxation. holiday-banner_reflexology_600c66 THE ARTIST | They draw, write, act, or create in some other way—all the time. The perfect pampering gift: A meditative yoga class. Self-reflection is one of the best ways to overcome creative blocks. If your friend is really starved for ideas, consider a gift certificate for a session in a flotation tank, which is also supposed to spark the imagination. holiday-banner_yoga_600c66 THE DAREDEVIL | To them, skydiving is as easy as reading the paper. They could probably do both at the same time. The perfect pampering gift: Acupuncture or cupping. Both treatments might seem a little scary at first, but they aren’t actually painful—or at least, they weren’t when I tried them. But if your friend really wants a challenge, maybe schedule a massage with live snakes? holiday-banner_acupuncture_600c66 THE KID | They might be 8 going on 38, but they’re still too young for an adult spa treatment. The perfect pampering gift: A children’s spa party. Kids’ spas are becoming more and more popular, with their age-appropriate versions of mani-pedis, makeup applications, and updos. It’s a great way to practice pampering yourself from a young age! holiday-banner_kids_600c66
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven