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16 Things to Do on a Sunday Now That Football Is Over

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Once football season is over, you no longer have to dedicate an entire day to cheering on your fantasy team. Having trouble deciding what to do with all of your newfound free time? We came up with a list of fun things to do on a Sunday that will make you forget you ever even liked football.


Go to Brunch (Obviously)

Nothing screams Sunday more than getting brunch (except maybe going to church). But enough about that. Round up the troops, and head to your favorite local spot. Put in about three hours of food and drinks, and you just had yourself a Sunday.


Take a Cooking Class

Sharpen your kitchen skills but get fed in the process with a cooking class. Learn a new recipe and then congratulate yourself by promptly eating that meal.


De-Stress with a Massage

Everyone gets tense. Take your Sunday to unwind, de-stress, and hopefully get some of that tension out with a relaxing massage.


Make Your Own At-Home Spa

You don't have to the drop big bucks on a luxurious day spa to reap the benefits. Throw yourself a spa day with a face mask, aromatherapy, mood music, and maybe even a massager. Maybe when your alarm rings come Monday morning you won't feel as tired. We said maybe.


Take Yourself on a Movie Date

Catch the flick that everyone in the office won't stop talking about before you hear any more spoilers. Opt for one of those updated theaters that have the seats that recline for optimum leisure to your heart's desire.


Learn About (and Drink) Beer

Most people drink their favorite alcoholic beverages regularly without even thinking twice about where they came from. Spend the day touring and tasting, where you can learn and drink—simultaneously.


Paint and Sip, Sip and Paint

Ernest Hemingway said "Write drunk, edit sober," and we're guessing the same applies to painting. Grab a friend (or a couple), a bottle of wine (or a couple), and get to painting. Hint: The more you drink, the better your art will look. Trust us.


Check Out a New Bar

We all have the local bars that we fall back on. Take the time to scope out a new joint you heard about from your friends at work to see what all the buzz is about. Perhaps the new spot will be playing some old football games to relive the past season.


Host Your Own Wine Tasting with Friends

Spending the day at a winery makes you feel fancy and, typically, drunk. But hosting a wine tasting can be just as fun, and not only because you can control the amount poured. Stock up on several bottles of white, red, and sparkling wine and serve some appetizers like cheese and fruit to complement the flavors.


Find a Concert

Check out the artists that are in town, and snag some tickets to a live show. Sometimes you can get tickets for a less than face value on the day of the concert. Look at you being spontaneous!


Save Yourself at an Escape Room

Gather your most crime-obsessed friends to see if together you can beat the clock and escape. Disclaimer: Choose your team wisely, as high-stress environments can bring out the worst in some people.


Bowl Your Heart Out

Remind yourself (and your friends) how good or bad you are at bowling. Most lanes have beer and food to indulge in and arcade games for some old-fashioned, elementary fun. This is one of the best things to do on a Sunday night if you get annoyed by waiting for lanes on Friday and Saturday.


Explore a Museum

It's highly possible you've already hit your city's big museums, but the exhibits are always changing. Find one you haven't been to in awhile, and spend a few hours browsing. When in doubt, head to the aquarium. No one ever gets sick of seeing a penguin. This is just a fact.


Stretch Out at Yoga

Fitness classes are a great activity choice, but in our opinion, the less exercise done on a Sunday, the better. Instead, opt for a yoga class, which is challenging yet relaxing since nearly every practice ends in a pose called Savasana, or what we like to call "a short nap."


Take a Pottery Class

Nurture your crafty side with a pottery class. It will keep you busy, improve your coordination, and make last-minute gifting easy with the surplus of unique mugs and pots you'll make.


Get Organized

Sound boring? Most likely. But does your home need it? Also most likely. Get some efficient storage tools and racks, make a playlist of your favorite tunes, and start organizing. Try not to tear up when hanging your favorite NFL jersey. This may take awhile.

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