No New Notifications Savings Hack | Bundle to Save on Flights & Hotels

By: Abby Ruffier

Want to save time and money when you plan your next trip? Don’t overlook a simple saving hack that can save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip. On average, customers who bundled their flight and hotel reservations together save a few hundred dollars per trip. That means more money for shopping or trying new restaurants on vacation.

To see this savings strategy—and a few other helpful tips that help you save more on flights and hotels—in action, Groupon Coupons has broken it down so you can see the savings for yourself.

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Do You Really Save When You Bundle Flights and Hotels?

How much can you save, for example, on a week-long trip for two from Chicago to Montego Bay, Jamaica, during the week of December 20–27, 2021? To figure it out, we looked at bookings for the exact same hotel and flights as a bundle and separately. We choose the Moon Palace Jamaica, an all-inclusive resort with top ratings and non-stop flights on American Airlines. Here’s what we found:

Booking Separately:

Flight Cost

Hotel Cost

Total Cost

$633.54 per person $3,497.54 total  $4,764.62 with all taxes and fees included

Booking as a Bundle:

Total cost: $4,576.51 with all taxes and fees included. That’s a difference of $188.11. Since mostly focuses on traditional hotels and doesn’t offer rental cars or airport taxis, your savings from bundling might not be as impressive as other travel sites, but a lower cost for the same trip is always good news to us.

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Booking a Bundle on the App

Once you set up a account, booking flights and hotels is more streamlined with the app. In addition to rewards and secret prices, you can also find last-minute deals such as the Deals for Tonight feature. Securely store your payment details for faster, easier, and safer bookings.

Click here to download the app. This can be done through SMS, a QR code, or the apple app store and google play store. 


Secret Deals on

In exchange for opening an account on, you can get access to Secret Prices. You can save an additional 10% on already-low hotel prices. Typically, secret prices are still lower than special rate promotions.

These discounts can also be applied on top of the current hotel or vacation rental deals. The discount varies depending on the dates of travel, the destination, and the selected hotel or vacation rental. You can also gain access to secret deals when you book through the app.

Saving On Vs. Other Popular Travel Sites

If price is your main concern, you can find some of the best deals on hotels at That being said, focuses on hotel stays (seems obvious, right?), so if you’re looking for a more unique place to stay, there are likely more options on other travel sites. 

A noteworthy mention, it can be worth checking whether there are any extra amenities included in the higher-priced rate on another site. This might include better wi-fi, breakfast, or other perks worth paying a little extra for. 

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