Hypnosis in Forest Hills

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  • Hypnotherapy Associates of Grand Rapids
    Certified hypnotherapist Linda Knight believes that all people have the capacity to change themselves. But it takes more than a simple retinal scan to access that power⎯in order for her patients to achieve their personal goals, Linda has to bypass the conscious mind. It is in the subconscious, burdened with the weight of past feelings and events, where she finds the root of many common problems her clients face, including anxiety, smoking addiction, and weight gain. Linda reveals these causes while keeping hypnotized participants open and aware, transforming formerly daunting hurdles into challenges that can be more easily overcome.
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    1345 Monroe Ave. NW
    Grand Rapids, MI US
  • Empower Your Mind
    Empower Your Mind helps people take the first step toward changing the rest of their lives. During hypnotherapy session—in which clients remain awake and aware of everything around them, but in a deeply relaxed state—professionals help guide the subconscious into making better life decisions. These hypnotherapy sessions can help clients stop smoking, lose weight, and manage pain and stress.
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    2401 Camelot Court Southeast
    Grand Rapids, MI US
  • Jamieson Thomas K DO
    If you decide to opt for alternative medicine, Jamieson Thomas K DO in Lansing has you covered. Curious about acupuncture? Try a professional service at Jamieson Thomas K DO and reap the benefits. At Jamieson Thomas K DO, you won't need to wait long for the medical care that you deserve, such as physicals and medical checkups. Lansing's Jamieson Thomas K DO will be happy to assist you with any ailments through their alternative methods.
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    2720 Pleasant Grove Road
    Lansing, MI US
  • The Healing Center Lakeview
    Barb and Bob Huttinga took different paths to get to The Healing Center. Barb found holistic healing after 35 years of working with chemicals that affected her health. Bob, on the other hand, gravitated toward alternative medicine after suffering from the stress of working as a certified physician assistant. Both Barb and Bob found that homeopathic and alternative medicines helped them regain their strength in ways that traditional medicine did not. Together, they created The Healing Center as a place to share the knowledge and treatments that they have accumulated on their own quests for health. They sell a variety of products such as healthy foods and homeopathic remedies, and offer services such as nutritional counseling, hypnosis for weight control, reflexology, and massages.
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    332 S Lincoln St
    Lakeview, MI US
  • Inner Dimensions Hypnotherapy
    Inner Dimensions Hypnotherapy in East Lansing offers beneficial alternative medical treatments for a wide range of needs. Book your next professional alternative service at this clinic, such as homeopathy. When traditional medical means have failed solving your ailments, please check out the acupuncture at Inner Dimensions Hypnotherapy. Come see why patients keep coming back to Inner Dimensions Hypnotherapy when they are in need of medical assistance.
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    780 W Lk
    East Lansing, MI US
  • Center-Integrative Medicine
    Center-Integrative Medicine in Okemos provides individualized care for a wide variety of medical treatments. Go beyond mainstream medical care and try an alternative service from this clinic. Acupuncture can be more beneficial than you believe, so check it out at Center-Integrative Medicine. Whether you need a routine checkup or something more serious, Center-Integrative Medicine is happy to help.
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    4655 Dobie Rd
    Okemos, MI US