Gyms in Glendale, CA

$75 for $300 Worth of Gym membership at Hybrid Wellness

Hybrid Wellness

City Center

From the merchant: Experienced trainers and nutrition consultants help you achieve your weight loss goals.

$300 $75

$75 for One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Crown City ($200 Value)

CrossFit Crown City


Level 1–certified instructors emphasize variety and intensity with fun, vigorous workouts that can include push-ups and squats

$200 $75

One or Three Months of Unlimited Classes at Parkside Crossfit (74% Off)

Parkside Crossfit

North Hollywood West

CrossFit instructors lead functional-fitness workouts that utilize kettlebells, barbells, and the surrounding streets and park

$149 $39

Month of Unlimited Classes for One or Two at CrossFit Burbank (Up to 79% Off)

CrossFit Burbank


Certified CrossFit coaches help dedicated athletes and fitness neophytes alike with an ever-changing workout regimen

$165 $49

$29 for Two Weeks of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at Modern Viking Athletics ($93 Value)

Modern Viking Athletics


CrossFit instructors lead clients of all fitness and experience levels through scaleable workouts that focus on functional exercises

$93 $29

5 or 10 CrossFit Classes at StrengthRx CrossFit (Up to 66% Off)

StrengthRx CrossFit

Hollywood Studio District

Coaches teach a system of functional exercises designed for all skill levels; programs burn calories and sculpt muscles

$110 $39

5 or 10 Classes or One Month of Unlimited Classes at CrossFit Phenom (Up to 72% Off)

CrossFit Phenom


Functional workouts involving such varied exercises as box jumps, pull-ups, running, weight lifting, and gymnastics

$100 $39

One- or Two-Month Gym Membership with One or Two Personal Training Sessions at Bolder Fitness (Up to 73% Off)

Bolder Fitness


Members get access to the gym 24 hours a day and trainers with deep backgrounds in fitness are always around to assist

$130 $39

One or Two Months of Unlimited CrossFit at CrossFit Aviator (Up to 63% Off)

CrossFit Aviator

CrossFit Aviator

Tone and tighten your physique with scalable, constantly changing routines focused on functional movements

$150 $59

5, 10, or 15 CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Studio City (Up to 72% Off)

CrossFit Studio City

Studio City

Motivating instructors push you to your limits with CrossFit's system of high-intensity, functional workouts that change every day

$85 $35

One Month of Unlimited CrossFit or 10 CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Radius (Up to 80% Off)

CrossFit Radius

Downtown Long Beach

Always-changing high-intensity workouts use functional exercises designed to help exercisers of all fitness levels maximize their results

$175 $59

One-Month or Three-Month Gym Membership with One Personal Training Session at Gym Life Express (Up to 82% Off)

Gym Life Express

Granada Hills North

Membership and personal training at a well-equipped, modern gym

$160 $29

10 Fit-X Classes or One Month of Unlimited Fit-X Classes at Chalkline CrossFit (Up to 78%  Off)

Chalkline CrossFit

East Agoura

Group classes and a welcoming gym staff help students develop their own individual skills and reach new levels in fitness

$180 $39

$49 for One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Horsepower: Hermosa Beach ($225 Value)

CrossFit Horsepower

CrossFit Horsepower

Instructors teach newcomers the functional movements that are the basis of CrossFit classes as they tone bodies and achieve fitness goals

$225 $49

One or Two Months of High-Intensity Functional Workouts at Crossfit South Bay-Hermosa Beach (84% Off)

Crossfit South Bay-Hermosa Beach

Crossfit South Bay-Hermosa Beach

Get lean and mean in a fast paced, fun environment with CrossFit inspired workouts.

$239 $39

$39 for One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at CrossFit West Whittier ($150 Value)

CrossFit West Whittier


Coaches lead groups through dead lifts, squats, burpees, and other CrossFit drills during ever-varied one-hour classes

$150 $39

One-, Two-, or Three-Month Unlimited Peak Membership to Crunch Fitness (Up to 66% Off)

Crunch Fitness

San Dimas

Membership grants clients full access to the gym and all its classes as well as perks like free tanning and HydroMassage

$29 $10

One-Month Membership with a Personal-Training Session at IRON ADDICTS GYM (70% Off)

Iron Addicts Gym

Signal Hill

From the merchant: IRON ADDICTS GYM , the HARDEST CORE gym on the Planet and home to 6X World Champ, C.T FLETCHER.

$120 $36

1 or 2 Months of Unlimited Classes at CrossFit BAM (Up to 62% Off). Four Options Available.

CrossFit BAM

CrossFit BAM

CrossFit is an effective fitness program that helps people build strength and endurance

$110 $45

Up to 70% Off 1 Month Unlimited CrossFit at Will Rise Crossfit

Will Rise Crossfit


From the merchant: Functional movements performed at a high intensity provide full-body workout for students of all fitness levels.

$100 $49

One Month or 12 Drop-In CrossFit Classes for One or Two at CrossFit TSAC (Up to 78% Off)

CrossFit TSAC

Park Plaza

Get in shape by challenging your body with workouts that are focused on both strength and endurance

$175 $45

One or Two Months of CrossFit Classes at Iron Battalion CrossFit (Up to 68% Off)

Iron Battalion CrossFit

Canoga Park & Woodland Hills

CrossFitters lift, pull, and jump their way to better bodies with the system’s ever-changing workouts of functional fitness exercises

$180 $59

One- or Three-Month VIP Membership at Retro Fitness Pomona (Half Off)

Retro Fitness Pomona


One- and three-month gym memberships give exercisers the opportunity to work toward their fitness goals

$50 $25

BaseFit Fitness Classes at Arrow CrossFit (Up to 63% Off). Three Options Available.

Arrow CrossFit

South La Verne

Experienced instructors take students through their BaseFit program, which provides a high-intensity, full-body workout

$99 $49

One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes from CrossFit San Gabriel Valley (65% Off)

CrossFit San Gabriel Valley


From the merchant: Work with our awesome coaches as they ensure you’re performing movements correctly as you improve your fitness.

$185 $65

Four Weeks of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at Ultimate Training Center (70% Off)

Ultimate Training Center

Signal Hill

Our experienced coaches will guide you through the basic fundamentals of CrossFit and guide you every step of the way

$165 $50

$45 for Four-Week Introductory CrossFit Course at CrossFit Evolution ($99 Value)

CrossFit Evolution


Instructors lead introductory CrossFit classes to get clients up to speed with the workout program’s dynamic functional-training exercises

$99 $45

Two 60-Minute Aquatic Fitness Classes from Aqua Cycling Corp (44% Off)

Aqua Cycling Corp

Aqua Cycling Corp

Intro aqua cycling class. Experience underwater cycling and enjoy the benefits of water and fun of cycling

$70 $39

Six Weeks of Unlimited CrossFit Classes at Twins Chiropractic (77% Off)

Crossfit Twins


Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$270 $62

5, 10, or 15 Crossfit Classes at CrossFit West Hills (Up to 72% Off)

CrossFit West Hills

CrossFit West Hills

Instructors guide students through a rigorous training program that builds strength and endurance through varied and challenging workouts

$150 $49

Select Local Merchants

  • Mockingbird Yoga
    Good for beginners: Yes What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? We offer a variety of Yoga classes along with immersions/trainings, foundational immersions, community events and nurturing yourself meals. *Exercise is challenging. How do you keep clients motivated and engaged? * Yoga is not an exercise rather a full mind, body and spirit movement. A gift of Yoga is getting to know yourself; that is the greatest gift.Anything in life presents challenges, as long as you welcome them they often are fleeting. Our teachers, who are well studied and committed to their practice on and off their mat, invite humor, alignment and vitality to their classes. What was the inspiration to start or run this business? Our inspiration is to create an inclusive, vibrant yoga community. We have “Nurture Yourself,” where we cook, learn and eat together. We have “life!” where local luminaries come and share their stories. Also the we have the unique and original training “Immerse Yourself!” where we encourage students to find their voice through the study of Yoga. We want to create and share all of our best selves. What do you love most about your job? Inspiration from the students, along with watching them grow in the asana practice and meditation. It is an honor and real privilege to teach what you love. Mockingbird Yoga Mockingbird Yoga is about community, communion, and commitment. We are inspired by the many ways in which we choose to live, laugh, and love. In yoga, we use asana and philosophy to look at daily living. In daily living, who knows what we do. We work, exercise, and eat: these things often happen without thought or meditation. At Mockingbird, we want to connect the dots between these aspects of life and free us up to practice with playfulness as well as with integrity. We offer mindful, alignment-based yoga classes (groovy playlist included), workshops, immersions, and community events. Mockingbird wants to provide a center for centeredness, a place to practice movement and alignment, a place to practice mindful eating, and a place to play. We believe that there’s more to it than “making it,” not that there’s anything wrong with making it, it’s just that if you’ve made it, you might wonder, what’s next?
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    Los Angeles, CA US
  • Kettlebells Eastside
    What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? At Kettlebells Eastside, we believe fitness can be achieved with a simple idea. We provide certified trainers to meet when and where at your convenience, with a personalized assessment and program that is suitable for your specific needs. We strive to build a confident body and mind for our clients. Exercise is challenging. How do you keep clients motivated and engaged? Kettlebells Eastside focuses on the benefits of a personal trainer to hold you accountable and the convenience and comfort for when and where you would like to exercise. We truely believe that when starting out, individuals who aren't fitness minded need a helping hand to get their momentum. What was the inspiration to start or run this business? With all of the false information surrounding the fitness community, we plan to provide the truth. We have the goal to simplify what it takes to actually feel and live a better life. We are believers that it does not take thousand of dollars or a whole lifestyle you have to live by to achieve this. What do you love most about your job? Kettlebells Eastside Trainers are in the business to provide confidence, as simple as that. We think that every person deserves to have a confident body and mind and it shouldn't be such a hassle to have it. It is a guarantee that every trainer is passionate and motivating to help you achieve this.
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    Los Angeles, CA US
  • Prana Nata Yoga
    What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? Our instructors bring an enlightened perspective to the practice from varied experiences and backgrounds. All, embody movement and healing expertise and guide the practitioner with steadiness and ease. Class offerings: Sun Revitalize, Progressive Flow, Therapeutic Flow, and Easy & Community Flow, Exercise is challenging. How do you keep clients motivated and engaged? The balance of mind and body through breath (the means to explore beyond conflict, experiencing our essential nature of peace) and pose (shapes accessible to all levels of experience) leading to a heightened development of our health. Breath, not posture, is the measure of progress in practice. What was the inspiration to start or run this business? As a dance educator over 25 years, Director/Owner, Laura Fremont, needed to bring balance to her life from overwork, physical destabilization, and slack energy. She found yoga a profound and ongoing experience of physical, mental, and philosophical wellness and is gratified to share her knowledge. What do you love most about your job? Working with all levels of practitioners, guiding and instructing both self-care and community-care, brings gratification to the faculty and studio. Each teacher brings a special ability to their instruction, an guides the practitioner with patience.
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    Glendale, CA US
  • Flow Fitness- Glendale, Ca
    What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? Getting our community healthy one person at a time is the goal. We offer group classes as well as Personal Training Sessions catered for a person's individual preferences and goals. We also off a FULL WELLNESS EVALUATION and GOAL SETTING sessions throughout the process. Exercise is challenging. How do you keep clients motivated and engaged? Clients & Coaches set Intentions before each session. Stating their goals and mindset out loud. Throughout the training session the Client's WHY (reason for starting this new journey in the first place.. confidence, wedding, be healthy, kids. etc.) is brought up as well to encourage pushing on. What was the inspiration to start or run this business? I recently lost over 15 lbs and gained lean muscle to go on to now be a decorated fitness competitor and triathlete. My mom has MS and my father Diabetes, as well as most of my family suffers from some sort of Heart ailment. I am blessed to now live a health, active life and want to share that. What do you love most about your job? I am obsessed with watching clients learn, grow, succeed, and TRANSFORM mind, body, and spirit. When I get a hug from a client or a "cry session" thanking me for saving their life.. the feeling is indescribable. I live for the BEFORE & AFTERS and success stories.
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    Glendale, CA US
  • Bella Fitness
    During her time as a fashion model, Donna Michelle D'Aurio knew the importance of staying in shape. But, when she became a trained fitness instructor, she quickly learned the importance of being both fit and healthy. With this philosophy in mind, Donna established Bella Fitness as a mobile fitness company in 2006. Since then, the company has grown into a fitness business where a staff of personal trainers, dance instructors, sport coaches, and nutritionists designs customized fitness plans for everyone from kids to senior citizens. Within the studio, clients can work up a sweat in semi-private Pilates, Barre, Zumba, TRX, and dance cardio classes that reflect Donna’s own group fitness certifications from the Arthritis Foundation, SilverSneakers, PiYo, and YMCA. For younger clients, kids' yoga and Zumba classes are also available. At the other end of the spectrum, personal training sessions provide one-on-one attention as exercisers focus on mastering specific fitness routines or strengthening their levitation abilities. Bella's facility is also equipped with a Korr Reevue breathing test, which determines resting metabolic rates, as well as plenty of space to host training courses on CPR and fitness instruction.
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    Glendale, CA US
  • Total Woman Gym & Spa - Spa Services
    Before Art Stone was head of Total Woman Gym & Spa, he ran a chain of salons. His female clientele loved their custom cuts, but California had no shortage of stylists—what they really struggled to find was day-spa pampering and weight-loss assistance, all in one spot. Stone listened, and in 1965, created precisely the sanctuary they were looking for. The Gym The group fitness classes: Held in sunny studios, classes in disciplines such as power yoga, kickboxing, and Zumba help build muscle and burn calories. The personal training sessions: Trainers jolt clients out of fitness plateaus with customized workouts, or one-on-one Pilates training that tones cores and builds lean muscle. The equipment: Workout gear runs the gamut from circuit-training equipment to treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bikes. The Spa The massages: Massage therapists relax muscles with a variety of modalities, from the gentle strokes of Swedish massage to the spreading warmth of hot stones. The beauty treatments: Aestheticians beautify bodies and faces with an eclectic mix of rejuvenating facials, cellulite-minimizing treatments, and waxing for unwanted stubble.
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    Glendale, CA US