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Pilates in Mack

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  • Covington Yoga
    As a child, Charlotte Rayne flowed through yoga postures at her mother's side. When she got older, yoga resurfaced in her life periodically, but it wasn't central to her being. But in 2005, she decided to change that. To further her studies, she journeyed to India, where she mastered a Hatha-inspired method, and then to San Francisco, where she added Bhakti flow to her arsenal of techniques. Along with her fellow instructors at Covington Yoga, she channels her far-flung experiences into yoga and Pilates classes designed for patrons of all skill levels. The classes are built upon three yoga styles: Hatha, which is based on postures and breaths that focus attention inward; restorative, which promotes healing; and power, a fast-paced series of poses designed to build muscles and endurance. The benefits of her structured bending span spiritual, mental, and physical realms, from honing focus to enhancing strength and balance without transplanting your brain into Mary Lou Retton's body.
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    440 Scott Boulevard
    Covington, KY US
  • Step-N-Out Dance Studio
    Step-N-Out Dance Studio brings together a talented and diverse group of independent instructors—each expert in their own mix of dance styles. The team of enthusiastic dance professionals, lead private lessons, group classes, and workshops on three separate, mirror-lined dance floors. Together, they can teach everything from the classic ballroom and Latin dances to the fitness-focused belly dancing, Zumba, and trophy-lifting classes. Classes are foundational with a focus on movement, direction, and basic concepts of partner dancing. From getting one's start in Latin dance with salsa and bachata to basic ballroom, classes have a specific focus on teaching novice dancers steps, timing, and connection to build confidence on the dance floor and, in some cases, prepare students for more advanced training.
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    721 Madison Ave.
    Covington, KY US
  • CoreFit Pilates & Yoga
    Co-owners Mattie Rigdon and Judy Toebben have created an eclectic fitness studio where a company of certified Pilates instructors and yogis blend their body-toning expertise. Each low-impact session hones long, lean muscles, and instructors shoot for a balance between keeping exercises comfortable yet challenging to help each guest, no matter their health background, achieve their fitness goals. On the studio's collection of Reformer machines, students perform resistance moves that build lean physiques, swapping out heavy weights for a smooth system of ropes and springs to avoid weighing down delicate skeletons with bulky muscle suits. Alternatively, Pilates mat classes and yoga limber up taut tendons and tighten up cores with floor-based exercises, while personal training, fitness assessments, and boot camps provide further options for shaping up.
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    1960 North Bend Road
    Hebron, KY US
  • BetterBodies Fitness Center
    The gym can be an intimidating place for unexperienced exercisers, which is why Better Bodies introduced its Healthy Start training program. During the initial session, the staff uses a computer program called the Virtual Fitness Planner to reveal basic biometrics and calculate the likelihood of health risks such as type-2 diabetes. Once you're informed, you can take action by signing up for a personal-training session, attending a group-fitness class, or lifting on the fitness floor's Hammer Strength machines. For busy parents or particularly ripped nannies, Better Bodies also provides complimentary childcare services for members.
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    2230 Grandview Drive
    Fort Mitchell, KY US
  • The Yoga Bar
    In the heart of Cincinnati’s business district, work ends and play begins. Here, at The Yoga Bar, bodies and minds bask in a vibe that’s both festive and calming, like a piñata brimming with ocean waves. Helmed by Rachel Roberts—an instructor who has trained in India, Bali, and Europe—this studio explores international yoga traditions such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin. Teeming with bends, balances, and other physical challenges, classes fill students with energy rather than draining it away. Healthful beverages such as kombucha and coconut water flow from a mahogany bar, hydrating drinkers as they take on ancient yoga poses and modern, Pilates-inspired movements. On Friday nights, classes blossom into yoga socials where live music, tarot-card readings, and fashion trunk shows punctuate deep-breathing exercises. In addition to shepherding students toward metaphysical wellness during group and private sessions, Rachel leads yoga retreats in exotic settings such as Bali’s beaches and the moon’s bowling alleys. Between classes and retreats, Rachel makes mantra-inspired jewelry and serves as a community ambassador for Lululemon Athletica.
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    825 Main St, 2nd Fl
    Cincinnati, OH US
  • Cincinnati Yoga School
    To program director William Brashear and his team of teachers, yoga is a spiritual journey that begins within while a person is creating a bond with humanity. They inspire students of all ability levels to seek this inner peace in their classes, which cover a variety of styles. Options range from Mysore—a meditation-focused discipline—to power yoga—a vigorous Vinyasa-based course—to gentle yoga—a slower-paced rehabilitative class. To zero in on students' specific areas of concern, they lead one-on-one sessions, helping them master their techniques and learn Sanskrit words such as, "asana" which means "pose," or more commonly, "Can you please help me? My leg is stuck behind my head." In addition to yoga, the school provides healing services, including Ayurvedic Thai yoga massage, in which a trained practitioner gently pulls arms and legs and twists torsos and shoulders in an effort to loosen the muscles and release stress. It also hosts yoga- and meditation-centric events and organizes calming retreats to locales such as Leeland Valley.
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    6125 Ridge Ave
    Cincinnati, OH US

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