Electronics Repair in North Little Rock

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  • Green Dragon PC
    Green Dragon PC founder Troy Pousardien got his start in computer programming at the age of 13, cleaning up files on the family's hulking 286. After years of dabbling in HTML during his service in the Air Force, building his own home PCs, and teaching himself web design since the early days of the Internet, Troy opened his own business, helping clients keep their computer systems running smoothly and efficiently with expert repairs. Green Dragon PC outfits users with top-of-the-line hardware, software, and antivirus shields for blocking harmful malware and worms. Technicians maintain the integrity of home and work computers with virus removal, remote clean-up services, and regular tech support.
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    304 N Main St, Ste 200
    North Little Rock, AR US
  • uBreakiFix - Little Rock
    uBreakiFix CEO Justin Wetherill spoke with Groupon about the importance of protecting your smartphone and the challenges of fixing a phone that has been dropped into a deep fryer. On the worst thing you can do after cracking your smartphone’s glass screen “Don’t just put it into your pocket and continue to use it,” Wetherill says. The broken glass can actually cause serious damage to the phone’s inner components and turn a relatively simple fix into a costly repair job. On the repair process "Look, this is something we do every day," Wetherill says. "You are not the first person to break a phone.” Collectively, uBreakiFix's highly trained technicians repair more than 20,000 devices a month, drawing from a library of high-quality parts that are tested twice before they ever get used in a repair service. Free diagnostics are a staple at all uBreakiFix locations, so customers understand the problem before any work is done. On growing his business uBreakiFix began as a business based out of Wetherill’s living room, and it now boasts more than 60 locations nationwide. “We are proof that the American dream is alive,” he says. On unusual repair jobs Wetherill remembers one fast-food employee who dropped her phone into a restaurant’s deep fryer. “It smelled pretty bad,” he said; however, the repairs were successful. Another customer lost his phone in a cement mixer. After some serious effort, the technicians were able to safely recover all of the important data, but the phone died a few hours later. As Wetherill pointed out, “it did go through a cement mixer.” Some miracles just aren’t meant to be. On the importance of a one-day turnaround time Repairs at uBreakiFix’s store locations can often take as little as an hour, according to Wetherill. This is a critical part of the shops' focus—something Wetherill personally understands. If forced to choose between spending the weekend without his smartphone or his left arm, he jokes that he would pick the arm. “Of course, this is assuming that there wouldn’t be any pain,” he laughs.
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    11525 Cantrell Road
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Burnham & Laing Computer Services
    Like doctors of old, technicians from Burnham & Laing Computer Services make house calls to tend to ailing computers. Once onsite, they troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible and get straight to work on the solution. That can include a speedy cleanup of the hard drive or the removal of viruses and spyware. Replacing and upgrading parts are among their many skills, too, as are software installation and computer consultations.
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    51 Kingspark Road
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Business World
    Get affordable and reliable office supplies for your home and your business at Business World in Little Rock. Here you can find a large number of computer options for both work and personal use, including printer_copier_scanner_string. Drivers will find quick and easy parking just around the corner from Business World. If your workspace needs some love, remember to shop Business World for all your office knickknacks.
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    920 S Spring St
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Farley's Fast-Rite Appliance Service
    Upgrade your appliances with something smaller and more compact from Farley's Fast-Rite Appliance Service. Shop a range of large appliances and replace your out-of-date home appliances. When laundry piles up, it can be a drag. Easily clean every load with a great washer and dryer. Here you can find nearby and easy in-and-out parking for your vehicle in a jiffy.
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    6 Willow Lake Rdg
    Cabot, AR US
  • Freemyer's Best Brands Plus
    When it's finally time to part ways with your TV, you can find an even better replacement at Freemyer's Best Brands Plus in Stuttgart. If your bedroom is looking a little scarce, pick up some new furniture pieces such as bedroom furniture and make your bedroom feel even more comfortable. Find the perfect bedding for your personal needs, such as mattresses and mattress pads and covers, and sleep through the whole night. A great washer and dryer can make your life SO much easier. Get a set for a more efficient household. Is that old vacuum cleaner giving you trouble again? Buy a nice shiny new one. It will make your life much easier. Do you need an upgrade to your suite of small appliances? Step your game up at Freemyer's Best Brands Plus. Shop a range of large appliances and replace your out-of-date home appliances. Here you can find the most up-to-date and technology-advanced computers, such as laptops, printer_copier_scanner_string, and smartphones. At Freemyer's Best Brands Plus, you can safely park just around the corner. Engineer solutions for your home and life with the great electronics offered by Freemyer's Best Brands Plus.
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    201 S Main St
    Stuttgart, AR US