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Running in Orange City

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  • Blue Sky Events
    Nudity is optional at The Nude Run 5K, but most people go for it. For one thing, it's a good way to cross streaking off the bucket list, along with the goal of running without a fanny pack. Anyone on the fence should keep in mind that the shows of skin at this event are totally legal (all events are held at nudist resorts) and that as the swarms jog au naturel, they're also jogging toward the promise of new clothing. As a part of registration, each participant earns a commemorative T-shirt —though wearing it is also optional—and the fastest runners win medals. The organizers also dole out door prizes, such as a bar tab and free entry to a future race.
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    502 Central Blvd, Pierson, FL 32180
    Pierson, FL US
  • Abba Services
    Omega Ranch sits on more than 1,200 multipurpose acres. The land is studded by fishing ponds, Hollywood sets, obstacles courses and cabins, cut through by trails, and home to more than 100 monthly wild-hog hunts. It's also conveniently close to many of Florida's most iconic attractions, including Daytona Beach, Sea World, and Disney World?but there's just as much fun to be had on the premises. Host to myriad summer camps, birthday parties, and retreats, the ranch is always abuzz with scenario games, field laser tag, zombie runs, archery classes, survival classes, and gun classes. Many of these events, in a nod to the center's Christian philosophy, are geared towards missionaries. The ranch makes good on its name, as well: it's home to more than 100 heads of grass-fed cattle. And for those who want to commune with wildlife or truly upgrade their hide-and-seek standards, there's more than 30,000 acres of conserved land to explore nearby.
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    PO Box 543
    Sanford, FL US
  • UV Splash
    UV Splash may unfold at night, but runners don't run in the dark. Instead, they light their own ways, thanks to the blacklights that line the course and the UV powder and UV water splashed on them every mile. As they bound through the untimed, all-ages race, they don't just enjoy the coolness of glow-in-the-dark technology, either. They're also raising money for local charities, which receive a portion of the event's proceeds.
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    100 Weldon Boulevard
    Sanford, FL US
  • The Challenge Mud Run
    The mad scientists behind The Challenge Mud Run spend their days playing with mud and surfing the Web for the ideal throwing axe. All that hard work will pay off when they host an intense 5-mile race that challenges the mind and body. During the race, entrants crawl through a dark, semisubmerged and smoke-filled tunnel, swing on monkey bars over a quicksand pit, answer a series of brain teasers, and of course crawl through mud while pretending to be the primordial life form that preceded the crocodile.
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    30601 Country Rd. 433
    Sorrento, FL US
  • Kids 4 the Lord
    Omega Ranch, a 450-acre wonderland of wilderness for open-air adventures of all types, is nestled between Orlando and Daytona Beach. On April 15?17, the ranch will host two separate family-friendly events inviting modern-day gladiators to dive into a full weekend of al fresco action. The AirSoft War Games weekend is a three-day skirmish using AirSoft guns, or air-powered projectors that propel small biodegradable plastic pellets. After a check-in on Friday night, the games begin on Saturday morning, with three melees taking place throughout the day. After a final showdown on Sunday, an awards ceremony honors those who?ve fought and fallen in the name of oxygen-based battle with medallions and cash prizes.
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    4845 SR 44
    New Smyrna Beach, FL US
  • MudSlayers
    A runner goes down, splashing in the wet mud. Bodies race by as he pushes himself off the ground and sprints to keep up. There are only a few more obstacles to go. He dashes through a series of tires. One two, one two. There is the finish line. He puts every last ounce of strength into his sprint and he crosses, a chip recording his time and friends ready to clap him on the back. MudSlayers challenges runners to complete this feat on a regular basis. It organizes 5K races with more than 30 obstacles including sliding, climbing, and mud. The course is designed to test participants' strength, agility, and balance, but it should also be fun. Participants can go at their own pace, running to get the fastest time or walking up to each new obstacle with nothing driving them but their own endurance. After the race, participants can rinse off sweat and mud splatters in a shower and pose for photos at the finish line. A portion of the proceeds from the event goes to The Youth Alliance.
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    4845 SR 44
    New Smyrna, FL US

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