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Coffee Shops in Richfield

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  • Jamba Juice Chicago
    Every day at more than 770 locations, Jamba Juice proves that good nutrition can be both convenient and delicious. Since the beginning, the company has based its philosophy on choosing whole fruits and all-natural ingredients over artificial flavorings and preservatives. The menu is completely free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial trans fats, and it makes additional accommodations for vegan and gluten-free diets. Although Jamba Juice is serious about using wholesome ingredients, the company is a little more playful when it comes to the palate. Whole fruits and veggies can be blended into an extensive menu of great-tasting smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. But Jamba Juice’s commitment to keeping healthy eating simple informs its solid-food options, too. Customers can kick-start their morning with a steaming bowl of slow-cooked, steel-cut oatmeal, or stay energized throughout the day with six varieties of Energy Bowls: nutrient-rich blends of whole fruit, Greek yogurt or soy milk, and an assortment of dry toppings and fresh fruits. In addition to nourishing and energizing the human body, Jamba Juice fights childhood obesity by sponsoring Team Up for a Healthy America. The initiative encourages fans to join the Team Up community of celebrities, athletes and other leaders committed to getting kids active—which they can do by visiting the main Jamba Juice website.
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    317 East Broadway
    Bloomington, MN US
  • Cafe Inc.
    Cafe Inc is a private workspace created with productivity in mind for modern workers who only require a laptop and Wi-Fi to do their jobs. Beyond its members-only area, Cafe Inc shares its space with Makers Cafe, which offers food and beverages to the public. Workspaces Include... Meeting rooms: With seats for 4-8 people, these spaces feature amenities like projection screens and whiteboards, and defy the stereotype of dull, gray conference rooms with their bright turquoise walls. A treadmill desk: Fans like The New Yorker's Susan Orlean view this one-person setup as a healthier, less sedentary alternative to the desk chair. (Many people also feel more clear-headed when they're moving.) Huddle rooms: Home to high-backed, neon yellow booths and crisp white tables, these sunny nooks are perfect for 2-4 people, or one giant's typing hand. Individual pods: These pint-sized private rooms were designed for conference calls or solo work time, with seated desks guests can easily adjust into standing ones.
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    4940 W 77th St.
    Edina, MN US
  • Starbucks Coffee
    Find something on the menu for everyone at Starbucks Coffee in Minneapolis. Wifi here is on the house. Enjoy the beautiful weather while you chow down — with outdoor seating, Starbucks Coffee is a great summer destination. We'll let you park onsite to help get you closer to our scrumptious menu. Bike parking is quick and easy at Starbucks Coffee.
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    3510 Galleria
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • The Tea Garden - The Steepery
    Generally speaking, there's not a bubble to be found in bubble tea. Instead, the "bubbles" that the cold Taiwanese drink takes its name from are chewy tapioca pearls or jellies resting at the bottom of the glass, waiting for a straw to suck them up. The tea is there, however—but it's not alone. Mixed with it is the flavor of mango, matcha, or peppermint. In fact, at Steepery Tea Bar—owned by the same aficionados as the Tea Garden—more than 30 flavors combine with 10 bubble varieties to exercise creative muscles and comfort anyone who's afraid of repeating themselves. Bubble tea is just one of the drinks at Steepery Tea Bar. And it's not even the only drink that can contain bubbles. Shakes and coolers can also hold the chewy treasures in their depths, as well as the cafe's signature drinks such as the royal tea latte. Of course, being a tea bar, Steepery brews up hot drinks too. More than 50 kinds of green, black, white, and herbal loose-leaf tea—most of which are fair-trade, organic, and inclined to give only positive fortunes to tellers—fill cups and pots.
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    1692 Grand Street Northeast
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Tiny Footprint Coffee / Roastery 7
    Every time Tiny Footprint Coffee uses a little bit of earth's resources, it also puts a little bit back. Since roasting coffee produces CO2, the staff have taken it upon themselves to donate a portion of the proceeds from every pound of coffee they sell to reforestation efforts in Ecuador. In this sense, they've established their business as a "carbon negative" one—the carbon they produce is eliminated by the trees that are eventually planted. And that's not even getting to the coffee itself. Workers dote on the artisanal beans every step of the way, from the family-owned farms where the coffee cherries are picked to the carefully trained baristas who eventually transform the roasted beans into the perfect cup.
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    510 1st Ave North, suite 210,Minneapolis,Minneapolis,Minneapolis
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • Muffin Top Cafe
    Neighborhood cafes should be warm, welcoming, and filled with good coffee. Muffin Top Cafe raises that bar and does one better, throwing baked goods made from scratch into the equation. The cafe, founded by the former manager of Minneapolis hotspots Annie's Parlour and Bobino Cafe, boasts a large interior primed for leisurely afternoons of coffee sipping, writing, and contemplating writing about coffee sipping. The menu offers up namesake muffin tops baked in house along with croissants, cookies, and brownies, which all pair deliciously with the cafe's Milan-style espresso and dark French roast.
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    1424 Nicollet Ave.
    Minneapolis, MN US

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