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  • Backyard Produce
    Backyard Produce has a simple business model: they choose the best, sustainably and locally grown, organic produce and plant products from farmers and then deliver them to their clients in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Offering popular produce boxes in many different sizes, Backyard Produce also takes the hassle out of bringing home a Christmas tree?they'll deliver real frasier fir trees grown in North Carolina to clients' houses. Backyard Produce works with companies, as well, offering wellness programs for employees to help them lead a healthier lifestyle with ease.
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    Greensboro, NC,Greensboro,Greensboro
    Greensboro, NC US
  • Sterling Bedding
    Sterling Bedding hand selects a diverse collection of mattresses and other bedtime essentials to fill its network of North American show rooms. Through appointment-only shopping, patrons can get a one-on-one tour of traditional, pillow-top, and memory-foam mattresses organized conveniently by price point, as well as a selection of fashionable bed frames and bedroom furniture. By setting up shop in warehouses and forgoing the high rents associated with flashy retail spaces or shops set inside limousines, Sterling is able to keep operating costs low and set competitive prices that allow the savings to trickle down to the customer.
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    2231-A West Lee Street
    Stokesdale, NC US
  • Builders Lighting Company
    Rowena Brown wakes with a start, bracing herself for the wave of pain created by severe carpal tunnel and debilitating fibromyalgia that had stolen her sleep for years. But the pain doesn’t come. She shakes her head, amazed, again, at the pain's absence. After years of ineffective treatments, it took only six months of Bikram yoga to free her body from the shackles of her disabling ailments. Once she realized the power of the practice, she determined to create her own studio to help others to heal themselves in the way she did. After an intense nine-week training at Bikram’s Yoga College of India, Rowena graduated a certified Bikram teacher, stronger and healthier than ever before. Now Hot Yoga Therapy LLC helps students of all fitness levels to develop the same heartiness with classes led by knowledgeable instructors in a spacious studio. A giant, 10-foot ceiling fan—which can speak and often tells celebrities "I'm a huge fan"—sends hot air cascading to the odorless, textured-rubber floor as the students flow through a series of 24 poses and two breathing exercises in 90 minutes. The fresh air recirculates every three minutes, allowing beginners and experts to stretch and sweat side by side while breathing well.
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    1031 E Mountain St
    Kernersville, NC US
  • Oak Ridge Shrubbery and Landscape
    Oak Ridge ornaments needy lawnscapes with a bevy of dirt-dwelling trees, shrubs, flowers, nourishing soils, and garden accessories. Practiced tree huggers and lifelong brown thumbs alike will benefit from the staff?s 30 collective years of industry experience. Visitors can discuss fertilization techniques for new perennials, swap strategies for handling pesky infestations, or exchange favorite bedtime stories to read to hydrangeas. Nourish land with Daddy Pete's bagged organic products, such as mushroom soil, planting mix, and soil conditioner ($5.99?$6.99). Repeat blooms from Grandma?s yellow roses can make new spaces feel more like home ($29.99 for three gallons), while the Mardi Gras abelia inspires masked revelry with every sprouting ($27.99 for three gallons). The shop also helps reign in garden jungles with supplies and a range of path-paving gravel and stonework.
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    1016 Nc Highway 68 N
    Oak Ridge, NC US
  • Johnettes Baskets & More
    The staff of Johnette's Baskets and More piles gourmet fare, coffees, and local brand-name gift items into artful baskets. The shop's shelves showcase eclectic treats such as Miss Jenny's Pickles ($7), WoodWick candles ($17.99), and handmade, heart-shaped fudge ($3). Baskets are available in a variety of shapes and styles from basic wicker baskets to red colanders, sparing shoppers from having to steal their basket from the handlebars of the Queen?s bicycle. Alternatively, customers can choose from a wide range of premade baskets, such as a cheery Deluxe Happy Birthday care package with sweets and silly string ($39.99) or a She's So Lovely spa gift set with sumptuous spa products ($39.99). The Campbell's chicken-noodle soup, Cutter crackers, and Luden's cherry sours in a Get Well Sooner! care package make an ideal gift to give to friends who are overcoming a cold or to toss at soccer players who are faking an injury.
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    1030 South Main Street
    Kernersville, NC US
  • America's Mattress of Charlotte
    America’s Mattress of the Carolinas' show rooms brim with plush, pillow-top, and memory-foam mattresses that vary in firmness and coil structure to help any sleeper find a match. The staff invites clients to try out a nap or enchanted slumber upon one of the store's own brand of budget-friendly mattresses. The selection also includes Tempur-Pedic models and Serta models, such as the iComfort with gel-infused memory foam. To accessorize their purchases, clients can peruse a selection of bedroom furnishings, memory-foam pillows, and mattress protectors that seal in a mattress's naturally smoky flavor. Clients can enlist the store's staff to help haul away old bedding and set up new purchases.
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    2310 Battleground Ave
    Greensboro, NC US

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