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  • New You Boot Camp
    Trainer Cherie Haught created the female-friendly New You Boot Camp after quickly getting back into shape following the births of her three children. New You?s calorie-crushing curriculum, designed specifically for women, helps fitness-seekers achieve goals with exciting, varied workouts. Led by experienced, motivated instructors, classes take place outside, combining fresh air with varied exercise methods (light running, weight training, obstacle courses, jump rope, core training, and more) to help shed pounds and impress narcissistic raccoons.
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    7200 Summerfield Road
    Summerfield, NC US
  • Hot Yoga Therapy LLC
    Rowena Brown wakes with a start, bracing herself for the wave of pain created by severe carpal tunnel and debilitating fibromyalgia that had stolen her sleep for years. But the pain doesn’t come. She shakes her head, amazed, again, at the pain's absence. After years of ineffective treatments, it took only six months of Bikram yoga to free her body from the shackles of her disabling ailments. Once she realized the power of the practice, she determined to create her own studio to help others to heal themselves in the way she did. After an intense nine-week training at Bikram’s Yoga College of India, Rowena graduated a certified Bikram teacher, stronger and healthier than ever before. Now Hot Yoga Therapy LLC helps students of all fitness levels to develop the same heartiness with classes led by knowledgeable instructors in a spacious studio. A giant, 10-foot ceiling fan—which can speak and often tells celebrities "I'm a huge fan"—sends hot air cascading to the odorless, textured-rubber floor as the students flow through a series of 24 poses and two breathing exercises in 90 minutes. The fresh air recirculates every three minutes, allowing beginners and experts to stretch and sweat side by side while breathing well.
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    778 D Park Centre Dr
    Kernersville, NC US
  • Triple Tigers Martial Arts
    A fourth-degree black belt in tae kwon do and hapkido, Master Dennis Wood teaches sophisticated combat and self-defense techniques at Triple Tigers Martial Arts. Flattened hands and foil blades slice through the air as Master Wood calls upon his experiences as a pupil in Korea and a dragon rancher in Texas to guide students of all ages and abilities along their chosen paths. The studio’s martial-arts disciplines include tai chi, fencing, and a style of tae kwon do that adheres to the World Taekwondo Federation’s 2,000-year-old methodology of practical self-defense. The weekly class schedule includes up-to-date group class times; students may call ahead to reserve times for private lessons.
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    406 E Bodenhamer St
    Kernersville, NC US
  • Fit Body Boot Camp Greensboro
    Fit Body's boot camps combine a wide variety of exercses, effectively blasting calories, sculpting muscles, and inspiring fitness-seekers to start a healthy lifestyle. Over the course of a 45-minute session, you may run, jump, lift weights, slam out push-ups, chase chickens, punch slabs of beef, and end with a live crocodile-wrestle. In the heat of your workout, you'll sweat out weakness, fear, and monosodium glutamate while beginning to gain the functional, unsurpassed strength of a body in fluid, powerful motion. Drawing from more than 15 years of fitness experience, Dr. Cody Sipe will keep you and your fellow campmates motivated as you run, crawl, and lunge toward health and high-definition muscles. Your Groupon also includes the Fit Body Jump Start nutritional plan, which teaches students dietary guidelines that will complement their vigorous workouts.
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    8029 National Service Road
    Colfax, NC US
  • Piedmont Triad
    Kickboxing classes deliver a knee to the face of fat, burning up to 860 calories an hour with the high-energy striking moves of martial arts and boxing. All four limbs get in on the bag-bludgeoning action at iLoveKickboxing as each class provides a full-body workout that tones arm, leg, and tentacle muscles while tightening the body?s core and improving balance. Hitting the heavy bags won't skin your knuckles once you don the included boxing gloves, which also double as excellent spring-loaded props for re-creating Three Stooges gags. Class times and dates vary based on location.
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    200 Century Boulevard
    Kernersville, NC US
  • Advance World Martial Arts
    If pads and punching bags had legs, they would run far away from Advanced World Martial Art System, an expansive martial-arts facility where they suffer daily beatings in classes that range from tae kwon do to kids’ karate. Though instructors teach a variety of disciplines, nearly all of their classes split their focus between practical self-defense and total-body fitness. Take krav maga, for example. Taught by a certified law-enforcement and military trainer who was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2009, this Israeli martial art emphasizes instinctual movements that simultaneously tone muscles and keep unlawful ruffians at bay. Rather than hope for a fortuitous opening in Batman’s nightly schedule, students of all levels can take matters into their own hands with the footwork and finger locks they learn in kickboxing and jiujitsu grappling classes.
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    428 N Main St
    Kernersville, NC US

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