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You’re Not Alone.","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">If you&rsquo;re anything like a Groupon beauty editor, you&rsquo;ve probably noticed a lot of people getting worked up over </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoos</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">.</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> Some claim that sulfates&mdash;the detergents or cleansing agents that create the lather in shampoo&mdash;are bad for hair. They say that this lather cleans hair a little too well, removing not only </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">styling products</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> and sebum, but also the natural oils that keep strands healthy and hair color from fading.</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">However, I&rsquo;m not convinced that shampoos without sulfates are any better than those with them. I know that dermatologists have questioned whether the cleansers used in these shampoos are any gentler than the sulfates they replace. And when I polled my fellow beauty editors, I learned that despite the fact that all but one buy sulfate-free shampoos, only one is convinced that the lack of sulfates&nbsp;is giving her healthy hair.</span></p>\n<h2>Our current <a href=\"\">shampoos</a></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Four out of the five beauty editors I polled said they either regularly use or dabble in </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoos</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. They prefer shampoos made by </span><strong>OGX</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, especially its Argan Oil of Morocco line, followed by shampoo from </span><strong>Nexxus</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. I personally use </span><strong>Renpure</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> and </span><strong>SheaMoisture</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. </span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">As for shampoos that contain sulfates, our beauty mavens lather up with </span><strong>Pantene Pro V Color Preserve Volume</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, </span><strong>Garnier Fructis Full &amp; Plush</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, and</span><strong> Garnier&rsquo;s Whole Blends.</strong></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">And here&rsquo;s the interesting thing: despite most of us regularly or semi-regularly using </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">shampoos without sulfates</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, we&rsquo;re still not sure it matters because we haven&rsquo;t really noticed a difference with our hair.</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<h2>So why do we keep buying sulfate-free shampoos?</h2>\n<h3>We feel guilty.&nbsp;</h3>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">As beauty editors, we constantly hear that sulfates are terrible for your hair. So every time we work a shampoo full of sulfates into our scalps, we feel the type of shame normally only associated with throwing our delicates directly into the washing machine.</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">According to our editor </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Amelia</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, &ldquo;Basically, if I'm stuck between two products, I'll go for the sulfate-free option just because the fearmonger in my mind wins out.&rdquo; </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Colleen</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> echos that sentiment, saying, &ldquo;I feel guilty when I don't buy </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoo</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> because I know sulfates are not supposed to be great for color-treated hair.&rdquo;</span></p>\n<h3><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>At least one of us has personally seen good results.</strong></span></h3>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Curly-haired beauty editor </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Anam</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> is a firm believer in the power of going sulfate-free. &ldquo;I wasn't really sold on it until I noticed [a] difference with my hair. It seemed to be less frizzy and a lot more manageable every time I'd use a </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoo</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. That's when I had to drill it in my head that bubbles = bad.&rdquo;</span></p>\n<p><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></span></a></p>\n<h3><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>It&rsquo;s not a pricey habit.</strong></span></h3>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Although there&rsquo;s some truth to the perception that </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoos</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> are more expensive than the alternative, their cost isn&rsquo;t prohibitively high. Our beauty editors who buy </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoos</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> cough up a little extra cash on average, paying $0.67 per ounce for their shampoo, versus the $0.38 our other beauty editors pay for theirs. (The most we pay for a </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">sulfate-free shampoo</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> is around $13.99 for a 13.5 fl. oz. bottle.) So switching to a </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">shampoo without sulfates</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> can give you peace of mind (even if it&rsquo;s not deserved) without breaking the bank. </span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">That being said, the cheapest shampoo that any of us editors uses is a sulfate-free option, <strong>Renpure Biotin &amp; Collagen Thickening Shampoo</strong>, proving that you can keep it cheap and go sulfate-free.</span></p>\n<h2><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></h2>\n<h2>What else do we look for in a shampoo?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Most editors said they pick shampoos that address their hair concerns. For instance, Colleen looks for formulas specifically made for fine, color-treated hair, such as Pantene Pro V Color Preserve Volume (which contains sulfates). <a href=\"\">Jolene</a> searches for hydrating shampoos to fight dry, frizzy strands and is currently using OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo (which is sulfate-free, though not why Jolene bought it). Clearly, the intended effects of the formula are just as important, if not more important, than a sulfate-free label.</span></p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">The takeaway</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">You do you, girl. If you feel guilty about using sulfates, try a shampoo without any. It won&rsquo;t cost you much more, and you may notice less frizz if you have curly hair. You also may notice nothing. But no matter what you get, if you want </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">healthy hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, try to at least </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">pick a shampoo based on your hair type</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">.</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><em>Already found the perfect shampoo? <a href=\"\">Make sure you&rsquo;re not washing your hair wrong</a>.<br /></em></span></p>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>","created_on":"2017-02-24T16:12:34.827Z","last_modified_on":"2017-02-27T15:30:05.865Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Amanda Parker","author":"6fa04b9c-f54e-4efe-8fe9-b23cb367587a","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Not Sold on Sulfate-Free Shampoos? You’re Not Alone.","meta_description":"Should you buy sulfate-free shampoo? Our beauty editors discuss their experiences with these trendy hair cleansers and whether or not they’re worth it. ","fb_og_title":"Not Sold on Sulfate-Free Shampoos? You’re Not Alone.","fb_og_description":"How important is it to switch to sulfate-free shampoo? Our beauty editors discuss their own experiences with these shampoos and if they’re even necessary.","vhp_desc":"<p>How important is it to switch to sulfate-free shampoo? Our beauty editors discuss their own experiences with these shampoos and if they&rsquo;re even necessary.</p>","tags":["shampoo","sulfate-free shampoo"],"category":"d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","secondary_categories":[null,null,"1bf3584c-fa4e-466d-8e3e-d9801d1a5136","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","fdbd15d2-2e25-4dc6-9f12-9e4371a2b5f0"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"brunette-woman-getting-salon-haircut-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-getting-salon-haircut-1_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"brunette-woman-shampooing-hair-in-shower-with-minimal-lather-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-shampooing-hair-in-shower-with-minimal-lather-1_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"blonde-woman-doubtfully-styling-hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"blonde-woman-doubtfully-styling-hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"mature-woman-with-silver-grey-hair-buying-shampoo_jpg-600x390","caption":"mature-woman-with-silver-grey-hair-buying-shampoo_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"sulfate-free-shampoo-debate","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"2e19c912-7f95-4c87-baac-480b0906e7ba","published_on":"2017-02-24T21:45:56.550Z","last_published_on":"2017-02-27T15:30:05.707Z","guid":"2e19c912-7f95-4c87-baac-480b0906e7ba","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/sulfate-free-shampoo-debate"},{"title":"Is it a Bob, Lob, or Shag? A Guide to Haircuts for Women","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">From the </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">towering hair sculptures</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> festooned with live birds in 1700s Europe to the bobs that symbolized rebellion and independence in 1920s America, hair has always been an extension of a woman&rsquo;s personality. It quickly expresses to the world who she is&mdash;or who she wants to be&mdash;whether that&rsquo;s a boho beauty with long mermaid locks or an edgy rocker with a piecey </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">pixie haircut</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. </span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">But it&rsquo;s easy to fall into a hair rut, to stick to the same style you&rsquo;ve worn for years despite the fact that you have grown as a person. That&rsquo;s why we created a guide to modern haircuts for women. It&rsquo;s a great jumping-off point if you&rsquo;re looking to change things up and need some ideas to bring to your&nbsp;<a href=\"\">stylist</a>.&nbsp;</span></p>\n<h1><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Types of Haircuts for Women&nbsp;</span></h1>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Pixie<br /></span></h2>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">The elfin pixie, one of the most iconic </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">short haircuts for women</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, keeps hair on the back and sides trimmed to a couple inches and leaves the hair on top slightly longer. Styles vary, but the longest pixie generally doesn&rsquo;t extend much past the earlobes.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Halle Berry, Lupita Nyong'o</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want a daring change and don&rsquo;t mind attention (there&rsquo;s no hair to hide behind)</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: </span></em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">want a wash-and-go cut (it takes some effort in the morning) or don&rsquo;t want to go to the salon every 4&ndash;6 weeks for a trim</span></li>\n</ul>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Bob</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Bobs typically refer to hair that falls straight around the head, though some graduate from shorter length in the back to longer in the front. Bobs usually hit somewhere between the jawline and an inch above the collarbone. They may be blunt or full of layers.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Clara Bow, Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lawrence, Hillary Clinton</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to show off your bone structure and want a little bit of length that still feels light and effortless</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: don&rsquo;t want to go to the salon often for trims and love pulling your hair back into different styles</span></li>\n</ul>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Lob</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">The lob has been one of the trendiest </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">haircuts for women</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> for years now because it works on pretty much everybody as it&rsquo;s neither too long, nor too short. It is considered a </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">shoulder-length hairstyle</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> in its longest form, though it often lies right at the collarbone.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: nearly every celebrity in recent years, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Kerry Washington</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to go longer between visits to the salon and want some length so you can pull your hair into a ponytail or topknot</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: have extremely thick hair or hair so fine it&rsquo;s almost see-through </span></li>\n</ul>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Lobs are long enough for braids. Check out our </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">braiding videos</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> to learn how to create three plaits.</span></em></p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Shag</span></h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></em></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Shags are characterized by their copious amounts of choppy layers. Shags come in all lengths, though most modern iterations are mid-length with heavy eye-grazing bangs and messy texture.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Stevie Nicks, Farrah Fawcett, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want a wash-and-go cut (depends on your texture) and cool-girl disheveled waves</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: have stick-straight hair and don&rsquo;t feel like curling it (it can look at little dated)</span></li>\n</ul>\n<h2>Undercut</h2>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">This traditionally masculine style gets a feminine update by pairing a buzzed nape of the neck or temple area with longer hair. The buzzed area might or might not have a design shaved into it. To ease into the style, try an undercut on the nape of the neck, where it will likely be seen only when the hair is pulled up into a ponytail or topknot.&nbsp;</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Tilda Swinton, Jada Pinkett Smith </span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to be a little more edgy or want to be a little more edgy while still being presentable for a traditional workplace </span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: fear a tricky grow-out phase</span></li>\n</ul>\n</ul>\n<h2>Asymmetric Cut</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">As the name implies, an asymmetric cut is uneven, with the hair on one side of the head longer than the other. The more subtle examples are slightly higher on one side than the other, whereas the more noticeable cuts mix really short hair with really long hair. </span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Marion Cotillard, Rosamund Pike</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to make a statement with your hair </span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: fear a tricky grow-out phase and don&rsquo;t want to go back to the salon for frequent cuts to maintain the bold shape</span></li>\n</ul>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Need some helping styling an asymmetric cut, undercut, or lob? Here&rsquo;s how to create </span></em><a href=\"\"><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">everyday and party hairstyles</span></em></a><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> on these cuts.</span></em></p>\n<h2>Mermaid Hair</h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></em></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Yes, this is a hairstyle more than a haircut, but long haircuts don&rsquo;t have specific names (we should probably sign a petition asking Anna Wintour to come up with something). However, really long hair does have this nickname, which refers to manes that cascade past a bra band. The best </span></em><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">haircuts for long hair</span></em><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> like this add long layers to remove bulkiness and add movement. </span></em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><br /></span></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Cher, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: love attention-grabbing hair and romance</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: overheat easily and don&rsquo;t want to spend all your free time washing and drying your locks</span></li>\n</ul>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Whatever type of cut you&rsquo;re looking for, stylists recommend that you bring in a picture of the exact haircut you want. See what else </span></em><a href=\"\"><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">hairstylists want you to know</span></em></a><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">.</span></em></p>\n<p><a title=\"Spring Beauty Collection\" href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></p>","created_on":"2017-02-24T16:12:34.827Z","last_modified_on":"2017-03-15T14:56:39.318Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Colleen Loggins","author":"cc0d0851-17d1-4916-a694-26ab87c79927","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Haircuts for Women and the One That’s Right for You","meta_description":"Our guide to haircuts for women breaks down the difference between 7 popular cuts, from lobs to shags. And it just may help you find your next style.","fb_og_title":"Is it a Bob, Lob, or Shag? Our Guide to Haircuts for Women Explains","fb_og_description":"Help a stylist out—knowing what to call a haircut means you’re more likely to get what you want the next time you visit the salon. ","vhp_desc":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Looking to get out of your hair rut? Our guide to the 7 trendiest </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">haircuts for women</span><span styl...","tags":["haircuts","haircuts for women"],"category":"c62bc48d-e26a-401a-9efc-7a418f903b74","secondary_categories":["c62bc48d-e26a-401a-9efc-7a418f903b74","294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","4353b74c-48dd-4ac8-a8e5-22b2dd5b0b72","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"brunette-woman-getting-salon-haircut-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-getting-salon-haircut-1_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"dark-skinned-woman-with-short-curly-pixie-cut_jpg-600x390","caption":"dark-skinned-woman-with-short-curly-pixie-cut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"mature-woman-with-stylish-bob-haircut_jpg-600x390","caption":"mature-woman-with-stylish-bob-haircut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"young-brunette-woman-with-long-bob-lob-and-fringe-bangs_jpg-600x390","caption":"young-brunette-woman-with-long-bob-lob-and-fringe-bangs_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"young-light-brunette-woman-with-layered-shag-haircut_jpg-600x390","caption":"young-light-brunette-woman-with-layered-shag-haircut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"brunette-woman-with-buzzed-undercut_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-with-buzzed-undercut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"asian-woman-with-long-wavy-brunette-mermaid-hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"asian-woman-with-long-wavy-brunette-mermaid-hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"GUIDE_SHOP_BANNER_HAIRCUTS_jpg-600x66","caption":"GUIDE_SHOP_BANNER_HAIRCUTS_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw__1__jpg-600x66","caption":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw__1__jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"7-common-haircuts-for-women","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"81dfaadb-6f9f-4fae-b6a3-19bdf798a832","published_on":"2017-02-24T19:27:44.411Z","last_published_on":"2017-03-15T14:56:39.151Z","guid":"81dfaadb-6f9f-4fae-b6a3-19bdf798a832","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/7-common-haircuts-for-women"},{"title":"A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" alt=\"A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable | Hero\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Frizzy hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> is plague on many of our scalps, a curse awakened by humidity and low-quality hairbrushes. Unruly strands have ruined countless &rsquo;dos and made women around the globe late for untold get-togethers because they were busy trying to tame the untameable. So what happens when you can&rsquo;t take it anymore?</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Well, you can manage the problem with our suggestions for at-home </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">frizz-control</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> techniques. Then, when you&rsquo;re ready for heavy-duty intervention, you can go to the </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">hair salon</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> and ask a stylist </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">how to get rid of frizzy hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, perhaps once and for all.</span></p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">What causes f</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">rizzy hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">?</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">In order to defeat an enemy, you have to first know them. Picture a single hair shaft made up of multiple layers of thousands of cells. Now envision the outermost layer, the cuticle, as a shingled roof. When the roof is well cared for, the shingles lie flat. When the roof isn&rsquo;t well cared for, the shingles lift in disarray. </span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">This occurs mainly when you don&rsquo;t give your hair enough moisture. The hair seeks out moisture in the air, and the cuticle&rsquo;s shingles lift so the moisture can penetrate into the hair shaft. This also causes the hair shaft to swell. The lifted shingles and swollen shaft create frizz, and explain why a humid day causes more frizz than a dry day. Imbuing hair with moisture helps keep the shingles flat and the cuticle smooth. </span></p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">How to tame frizzy hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> at home</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" alt=\"A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable | Conditioning\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<h3><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Alter the way you wash and dry your hair</span></em></h3>\n<p><a href=\"\"><strong>Shampoo less</strong></a><strong>.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Lather up in warm water just 2&ndash;3 times a week to prevent dryness and fuzzy manes. (If your hair is oily, rinse your scalp thoroughly in between washes and apply dry shampoo when necessary.) The </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">best </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">shampoos</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> for frizzy hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> are free of alcohol and sulfates, which are drying, and high in glycerin, which helps hair retain moisture. Continue to condition with every shower, ideally with a product packed with natural oils and proteins such as keratin.</span></p>\n<p><strong>Apply product liberally.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">After gently wringing or scrunching excess water out of your just-washed hair, work the </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">anti-frizz serum</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> of your choice through it. Then, also by hand, apply whatever </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">styling products</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> you use, such as mousse. (Those with curly or coarse hair may want to use leave-in conditioner for an extra shot of moisture.) If your locks are dry but in need of some flyaway control, experts suggest smoothing them down with a touch of conditioner or hair spray applied with a spoolie or fine-tooth comb.</span></p>\n<p><strong>Lay off the towels.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Traditional terry-cloth towels pull too much water out of hair, and rubbing damp hair can unsettle the cuticles. Instead, air-dry your hair or opt for a </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">microfiber towel</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, which quickly converts a mane from dripping-wet to damp. Many curly-haired women swear by the plopping method, in which they wrap damp, product-infused hair in a clean cotton T-shirt for defined, frizz-free spirals. (Some also advocate sleeping on a satin pillowcase or in a silk scarf to help keep hair cuticles smoothed down.)</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" alt=\"A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable | Drying\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<h3><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Take care with </span></em><a href=\"\"><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">styling tools</span></em></a></h3>\n<p><strong>Comb, don&rsquo;t brush.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Because over-brushing can disturb the cuticles, prioritize detangling over anything else. Sort out damp hair with a wide-tooth comb; tame flyaways and other issues in dry hair by combing through it with wet fingers. </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Brushes</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> should be relegated to two duties. The first involves occasionally redistributing oils from the scalp throughout the hair, something ideally done with a boar-bristle brush. In the second, round brushes may be used in conjunction with a blow dryer to style hair so that it looks smooth and silky.</span></p>\n<p><strong>Use a diffuser.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">An extreme, direct heat source is no good. To help avoid damage, affix a diffuser to your hair dryer to limit the hot air&rsquo;s forcefulness and concentration. Some hairstylists advocate taking a 90% air-dry, 10% blow-dry approach, focusing the heat on the roots rather than drying out the ends. No matter what you do, prep your locks with a protective product, such as leave-in conditioner.</span></p>\n<p><strong>Lower the heat.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Limit your use of straighteners and curling wands, and lower their temperature when you do use them. High heat settings can cook your hair, swelling the strands as they struggle to get moisture in. Although you might think you&rsquo;re smoothing your hair with that extra-hot flat iron, you&rsquo;re really inviting frizz to make itself at home.</span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Hungry for more info? View our </span></em><a href=\"\"><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">breakdown of the </span></em><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">best products for frizzy hair</span></em><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, as well as other hair types</span></em></a><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">.</span></em></p>\n<h2>What to ask for at the hair salon</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" alt=\"A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable | Salon Solutions\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Intensive conditioning treatments</span></em></h3>\n<p><strong>Deep condition.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">You could do a DIY hair mask at home to repair damaged, frizzy hair with coconut oil or olive oil. Almost every salon, however, offers deep-conditioning treatments using professional-quality products, which combine powerful natural oils with other active ingredients. (You&rsquo;re also probably going to let the conditioner set properly when you&rsquo;re being monitored by someone else.) The treatment helps seal the cuticle against puff-ifying outside moisture, and the benefits are meant to last.</span></p>\n<p><strong>Pour on some oil.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Hot-oil treatments are not as widely available as deep-conditioning ones, but they&rsquo;re especially popular with women who have natural hair, which tends to be extremely dry. After clarifying and drying the hair, the stylist applies either room-temperature or warmed natural oils, making sure the sections are evenly saturated. They then place a plastic cap over the hair and heat it up with a warming cap or a hair dryer. Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, and olive oil are popular choices.</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></span></p>\n<h3><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Hair-smoothing services</span></em></h3>\n<p><strong>Get a semipermanent effect.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Keratin-based formulas such as <a href=\"\">Brazilian Blowout</a> or Keratin Complex can help smooth the hair for months at a time with proper after-care. The protein coats each strand, sealing gaps and producing a smooth cuticle layer. The stylist sets the solution with heat from a flat iron. Because the </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">straightening treatments</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> involve chemicals and heat, though, they require nominally healthy hair. If your hair is eternally frizzy, you may have to rehabilitate it or cut it off first. A stylist can tell you what&rsquo;s what.</span></p>\n<p><strong>Make a more permanent change.<br /></strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">The effects of thermal reconditioning, also known as <a href=\"\">Japanese straightening</a>, generally last until your hair grows out or you cut it off. The process is similar to a keratin-smoothing treatment, except with an additional step and a formula that&rsquo;s perhaps more chemically potent. The hallmarks of thermal reconditioning are smooth, de-texturized locks with a noticeable shine. Both semipermanent and permanent services, however, must be maintained with the same at-home care methods detailed above.</span></p>","created_on":"2017-02-01T19:49:50.850Z","last_modified_on":"2017-02-06T16:47:50.175Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Kate Raftery","author":"2ea43cb3-f58b-423f-8977-a1e9185f5043","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable","meta_description":"We've compiled 10 methods for taming frizzy hair, from easy at-home tasks to more drastic measures that may require a professional stylist’s know-how.","fb_og_title":"10 Ways to Keep Frizzy Hair at Bay, from the Drastic to the Simple","fb_og_description":"If your fear of rain has friends calling you the Wicked Witch of the West, your frizzy hair is holding you hostage. Break free with our guide to controlling your mane.","vhp_desc":"<p>We've compiled 10 methods for taming frizzy hair, from easy at-home tasks to more drastic measures that may require a professional stylist&rsquo;s know-how.</p>","tags":["hair_salon","japanese_hair_straightening","hairstyles","hair_smoothing","hair_products","frizzy_hair","style_and_beauty"],"category":"d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","secondary_categories":["d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","1bf3584c-fa4e-466d-8e3e-d9801d1a5136"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"woman-unhappy-with-dry-damaged-frizzy-hair-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman-unhappy-with-dry-damaged-frizzy-hair-1_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"brunette-woman-applying-leave-in-product-to-damp-hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-applying-leave-in-product-to-damp-hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"curly-haired-woman-blow-drying-hair-with-diffuser-attachment_jpg-600x390","caption":"curly-haired-woman-blow-drying-hair-with-diffuser-attachment_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"salon-hair-stylist-assessing-long-hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"salon-hair-stylist-assessing-long-hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"shop_banner__4__jpg-600x66","caption":"shop_banner__4__jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"frizzy-hair-guide","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"9791a6ef-5640-4564-bf57-1aa12820b0bd","published_on":"2017-02-02T18:27:30.317Z","last_published_on":"2017-02-06T16:47:49.797Z","guid":"9791a6ef-5640-4564-bf57-1aa12820b0bd","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/frizzy-hair-guide"},{"title":"Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" alt=\"Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered | Hero\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">&ldquo;The grass is always greener on the other side&rdquo; is </span><span style=\"text-decoration: line-through;\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">probably</span></span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> definitely a reference to women&rsquo;s hair. Women with straight locks always seem to want voluminous curls, and those of us with texture wish for sleek, straight strands. And as someone whose natural hair state is ultra-frizzy and unruly, I know firsthand about wanting what we don&rsquo;t have. That yen for silky, smooth locks led me to </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Japanese hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, a type of </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">permanent hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">&nbsp;and </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">a way to enjoy permanently straight hair</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> no matter how many times you wash it. Is this finally the solution to all my hair woes? Possibly, but first I want to make sure I know exactly what it entailed. Here&rsquo;s what I found: </span></p>\n<h2>First things first, what <em>is</em> Japanese hair straightening?</h2>\n<p>Also known as &ldquo;thermal reconditioning,&rdquo; this permanent method of straightening hair traces its origins back to the &rsquo;90s in Japan, thus the region-specific name. The meticulous process transforms curly, wavy, and unruly hair into luscious, silky locks.</p>\n<h2>You&rsquo;ve got my attention, so how does it work?</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Although it may seem like magic, </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Japanese hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> is actually a precise science. The process physically changes the internal structure of hair by breaking down the protein bonds that give hair its unique shape and texture. Once the solution is applied to the hair, a professional-grade flat iron set to an exact temperature locks in its effects, leaving you with permanently straightened hair.</span></p>\n<h2>But how can I be sure Japanese hair straightening will work for me?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Before booking your appointment, a professional stylist will walk you through a detailed consultation to determine if this </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">permanent hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> service is the best option for you. During this discussion, it is crucial to tell your stylist about any and all treatments you&rsquo;ve had done to your hair in the past two years to prevent any adverse chemical reactions. If you&rsquo;re still not convinced, the stylist can do a strand test to see how your hair will respond to the treatment. </span></p>\n<h2>What exactly is the styling process like?</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Though it can vary in time depending on the the thickness and the length of the hair, the whole process is done in nine very precise steps that require many different chemicals, techniques, and tools. </span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 1</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Fresh shampoo to make sure hair is clean and ready to go.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 2</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: A pre-treatment solution is applied to small chunks of hair at a time to protect and prepare hair for the straightening solution.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 3</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: An activator solution is applied evenly all over the hair and given time to process; the amount of time the solution is left in your hair depends on your hair&rsquo;s texture. This step can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to work.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 4</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: The activator is rinsed out and a conditioner and heat protectant are distributed throughout the hair.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 5</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Your hair is partially blow-dried and then flat-ironed at an exact temperature to lock in the straightening solution&rsquo;s effects.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 6</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: After the hair is fully straightened, a neutralizer is used to stabilize the pH balance of the hair. It will be rinsed out after about five minutes.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 7</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: A treatment conditioner that corresponds with your specific hair type is applied. </span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 8</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Hair is blow-dried again, this time in the direction of the cuticles to lock in your hair&rsquo;s new shape and shine.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 9</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: One last run-through with a straightening iron to ensure hair is completely straight.</span></p>\n<h2><a title=\"Hair Straightening\" href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></h2>\n<h2>Is there any upkeep once I leave the salon?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Once you leave the salon, you&rsquo;re only halfway done. After-care is just as important as the actual treatment because there can still be remnants of chemical residue within the hair shaft. While your hair is settling into its new shape, it is important to keep it away from water and moisture and kinks for at least three days. That means no buns, ponytails, hats, or even tucking your hair behind your ears, or else it&rsquo;ll cause a bend in your hair that won&rsquo;t go away.</span></p>\n<h2>Does Japanese hair straightening <em>really</em> last forever?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">It&rsquo;s permanent. This process literally changes the structure of hair from the inside out, which means that treated hair won&rsquo;t frizz or curl up and will remain straight as long as it&rsquo;s on your head. Also beware that you&rsquo;ll most likely be rocking that sleek, straight &rsquo;do exclusively because curling irons and hot rollers won&rsquo;t be very effective in creating waves, volume, or curls.</span></p>\n<h2>As a first-timer, any tips I should know before getting it done?</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Because of the intensity of the treatment, it&rsquo;s extremely important to do your research on the stylist. If done incorrectly, </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Japanese hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> can wreak havoc on your hair, causing major damage and even hair loss. I asked a friend who&rsquo;s been getting the treatment done for almost 10 years now and according to her, the only downside is &ldquo;the awkward grow-out period where you have to wait to get your roots treated.&rdquo;</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Other than that, she couldn&rsquo;t stop raving about her treatment, saying &ldquo;it literally has changed my life, I went from spending two hours on my hair after each wash to a quick and easy wash-and-go routine. My hair dries quicker and it&rsquo;s virtually frizz-free without needing any styling products. I can&rsquo;t say enough good things about how it&rsquo;s transformed my hair and all the time it has saved me.&rdquo;</span></p>","created_on":"2017-02-01T19:49:50.850Z","last_modified_on":"2017-02-03T15:09:21.599Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Anam Ather","author":"cba3f221-830d-4063-b5b8-bbde6cb0d7df","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered","meta_description":"With Japanese hair straightening say goodbye to those kinks and curls. Permanently.","fb_og_title":"Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Japanese Hair-Straightening Treatment ","fb_og_description":"Toss your flat-iron and blow dryer out, it’s time to break up with those kinks and curls once and for all.","vhp_desc":"<p>With Japanese hair straightening, say goodbye to those kinks and curls. Permanently.</p>","tags":["japanese_hair_straightening","hair_smoothing","hair_salon","frizzy_hair","style_and_beauty"],"category":"d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","secondary_categories":["d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"woman_playing_with_her_shiny_straightened_hair-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_playing_with_her_shiny_straightened_hair-1_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"shop_banner_jpg-600x66","caption":"shop_banner_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman_having_her_hair_styled_at_a_salon_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_having_her_hair_styled_at_a_salon_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"young_woman_with_straight_hair_smiling_jpg-600x390","caption":"young_woman_with_straight_hair_smiling_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"japanese-hair-straightening-questions-answered","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"8426b51a-b65a-498d-b5d1-59160b196938","published_on":"2017-02-01T20:06:59.403Z","last_published_on":"2017-02-03T15:09:21.238Z","guid":"8426b51a-b65a-498d-b5d1-59160b196938","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/japanese-hair-straightening-questions-answered"},{"title":"The Best Fall Trends in Fashion, Hair, Nails, and Beauty","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">With the air growing crisper and leaves changing colors, it can only mean one thing: autumn is finally here. For those of us who&rsquo;ve tired of <a href=\"\">summer dresses</a> and <a href=\"\">music-festival outfits</a>, the excitement is building for </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">fall trends</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> in fashion and beauty. And since Mother Nature is switching it up, it&rsquo;s only right that we follow suit by experimenting with new color combinations, textures, and beauty techniques.</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">And though our own transition doesn&rsquo;t have to be as complex as a biochemical process, there are plenty of strides to make and foibles to befall. That&rsquo;s why you should check out our tips for welcoming in the new season with a trendy, fashionable bang.</span></p>\n<h2>Stay focused on textures for fall <a href=\"\">fashion</a></h2>\n<p><img alt=\"fall trends heavy knit sweater leather pencil skirt jpg\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Chunky knits, faux furs, and rich colors should be your go-to. Revel in the ability to play with bold, contrasting textures and patterns this autumn. Pair an oversized, heavy-knit sweater with a sleek leather pencil skirt to create a balanced silhouette with major visual interest. Complete the look with sneakers for a chic yet effortlessly cool vibe that is the perfect daytime ensemble.</span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Read our editor Anam's complete fall fashion guide, including <a href=\"\">how to layer clothes </a>for&nbsp;an effortless-looking autumn ensemble.</span></em></p>\n<h2>Go bold and stack those <a href=\"\">accessories</a></h2>\n<p><img alt=\"fall trends stacked beaded bracelets jpg\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Layering up during the season doesn&rsquo;t have to stop at your clothing. Add finishing touches with some arm candy that pulls inspiration from the color palette of the outfit without being overly matchy-matchy. Stacking multiple beaded bracelets in complementing colors works well with the overall vibe of the look, but it still makes a chic statement of its own.</span></p>\n<h2>Use rich natural hues as inspiration for fall <a href=\"\">makeup</a></h2>\n<p><img alt=\"fall trends makeup burgundy lipstick copper eye shadow jpg\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Nothing says autumn quite like a bold, vampy </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">burgundy lipstick</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. This fall, though, try switching it up by taking notes from nature&rsquo;s color palette. Get inspired by the changing colors of the leaves and pair a matte mauve lipstick with a metallic copper-toned eye shadow for a striking makeup look.</span></p>\n<p><em><a href=\"\">Zero in on a single piece of statement makeup with our quiz.</a></em></p>\n<h2><a href=\"\">Nail colors</a> need only fade from their summer brilliance</h2>\n<p><img alt=\"fall trends taupe and purple nail polishes jpg\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Not quite ready to say goodbye to summery pastel nail colors? Transition nails into early fall by choosing more neutral hues. Colors can range from creamy blush shades and cool-toned grays to opaque taupes and pale purples.</span></p>\n<p><em><a href=\"\">Find&nbsp;your autumnal nail vibe with our quiz.</a></em></p>\n<h2>Transition your <a href=\"\">hair</a> from salt-sprayed waves to wind-tousled tresses</h2>\n<p><img alt=\"fall trends loose hair curls jpg\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Beachy waves are to summer what loose, voluminous curls are to autumn. Achieve the style by using a large-barrel curling iron on various sized sections of hair and then spritzing with a firm-hold hairspray. Once set, let your tresses down and allow the crisp air to gently tousle your hair to perfection.</span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Photos by Michelle Klosinski, Groupon</span></em></p>","created_on":"2016-09-28T19:40:27.113Z","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:18:58.267Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Anam Ather","author":"cba3f221-830d-4063-b5b8-bbde6cb0d7df","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"The Best Fall Trends in Fashion, Hair, Nails, and Beauty","meta_description":"This single look shows off the fall trends we’re loving for 2016 and beyond.","fb_og_title":"The Best Fall Trends in Fashion, Hair, Nails, and Beauty","fb_og_description":"This single look shows off the fall trends we’re loving for 2016 and beyond.","vhp_desc":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">This single look shows off the </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">fall trends</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> we&rsquo;re loving ...","tags":["style_and_beauty","fashion","style_and_beauty","trends","fall"],"category":"294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","secondary_categories":["294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","18458bd6-4db5-480a-a781-86174ada7f84","9e8148e8-c25d-4ae3-9e2e-3495e835f88d","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"fall-trends-heavy-knit-sweater-leather-pencil-skirt_jpg-600x400","caption":"fall-trends-heavy-knit-sweater-leather-pencil-skirt_jpg-600x400","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"fall-trends-stacked-beaded-bracelets_jpg-600x400","caption":"fall-trends-stacked-beaded-bracelets_jpg-600x400","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"fall-trends-makeup-burgundy-lipstick-copper-eye-shadow_jpg-600x400","caption":"fall-trends-makeup-burgundy-lipstick-copper-eye-shadow_jpg-600x400","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"fall-trends-taupe-and-purple-nail-polishes_jpg-600x400","caption":"fall-trends-taupe-and-purple-nail-polishes_jpg-600x400","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"fall-trends-loose-hair-curls_jpg-600x400","caption":"fall-trends-loose-hair-curls_jpg-600x400","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"what-are-this-years-fall-trends","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"c8d83b07-27f0-4f17-a1c3-95adfb55595e","published_on":"2016-09-28T20:46:58.893Z","last_published_on":"2016-09-29T03:25:11.181Z","guid":"c8d83b07-27f0-4f17-a1c3-95adfb55595e","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/what-are-this-years-fall-trends"},{"article_type":"NATIONAL","author":"df385855-6978-440d-b5a2-7d14dc0f0515","author_name":"Groupon Editors","author_page":false,"category":"0af090df-faac-4e32-a388-5d49bb33a797","content":"<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"Woman getting highlights\" width=\"600\" height=\"389\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">At most </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">salons</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, a skilled stylist doesn't need a pair of scissors to transform a hairdo&mdash;expertly applied color is a makeover in itself, whether you&rsquo;re getting sweeping </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">balayage</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> highlights or a striking </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">ombre</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> fade</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. Read on to learn more about these color treatments and whether they&rsquo;re right for you.</span></p>\n<h2>Balayage</h2>\n<p>Balayage involves a stylist hand-painting the highlights so that they look even more natural, with depth and dimension that resemble the effects of the sun. Balayage means \"sweeping\" in French, and is a reference to both the sweeping motions of the painting process and the small brooms used by Parisian stylists.</p>\n<p><img class=\"artimg\" src=\"\" alt=\"balayage highlights\" width=\"600\" height=\"460\" /></p>\n<p><em>Photo courtesy of Ashley Rembulat.</em></p>\n<p>Stylists take small sections of hair, place each one onto a backing board, and paint color or bleach onto the hair freehand with a brush. Then, cotton, paper, or plastic wraps are folded gently around the colored sections to separate them as they dry.</p>\n<p>When painting, stylists start at the middle of the strand and sweep out toward the root or tip. As a result, there is no severe line of color at the root and the grow-out is more natural looking, which translates into longer-lasting results. In fact, stylists usually recommend a touchup for balayage highlights every two to four months, as opposed to every six weeks for foil highlights.</p>\n<p>Although the technique has been around in France since the 1970s, celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen, Drew Barrymore, and Jessica Biel were among the first famous modern heads to popularize the look of balayage highlights. Often used on flowing hairstyles with loose curls or beachy waves, balayage highlights can be low-maintenance and natural or more extreme&mdash;but stylists say they tend to look most organic on hair longer than shoulder-length.</p>\n<p>The technique can add dimension to all hair colors. It's even ideal for unwanted gray: stylists can target gray strands more precisely, avoiding single-process color and its attendant stress on the scalp and on non-gray hairs.</p>\n<h2>Ombre</h2>\n<p><img class=\"alignleft\" src=\"\" alt=\"ombre highlights\" width=\"300\" height=\"450\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Taken from the French for &ldquo;shadow&rdquo; or &ldquo;shade,&rdquo; ombre hair color features gradient shadings that imbue hair with an edgy aesthetic. Unlike the natural aesthetic of </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Bayalage, ombre</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> highlights transition more dramatically from the dark roots to the lighter tips.</span></p>\n<p>Though the ombre style is suited to complexions of all shades, only careful consultation with a professional stylist can determine which colors will flatter your look or career as a chameleon herder. For example, those with darker skin can shoot for deep reds and coppers, while fairer tones can experiment with blondes and caramel colors. Daredevils of all skin types can turn to unnatural hues such as pink and blue for an even more dramatic effect.</p>\n<p>After selecting your desired colors, the stylist will paint the darker shade onto the roots, and gradually transition to lighter hues towards the tips. Be forewarned that although the ombre look is similar to that of grown-out highlights, previously color-treated hair will often need at least some color correction to achieve the desired effect. Similarly, complex color combinations can require more frequent touch-ups to maintain this seemingly low-maintenance look. Color-treated shampoos and conditioners can help you get the most mileage out of ombre tresses, as can regular coats of gloss.</p>\n<h2>Full or Partial Highlights</h2>\n<p>The precise application of highlights&mdash;which isolate select strands of hair and treat them with a color, lightener, or toner&mdash;can become the basis for a brand new look without a single snip or shear.</p>\n<p>Applied evenly throughout the entire head, full highlights create a natural look that mimics the way hair changes color over time in the sun, adding a sense of dimension and texture to the existing hair.</p>\n<p>Partial highlights, which are typically cheaper and take less time to apply, serve an altogether different purpose: drawing attention to specific features, such as bangs or newly sharpened antlers, by accenting only the locks on the surface. As a result, partial highlights are somewhat less flexible, and can lose their effect when you put your hair up or tease it out.</p>\n<p>Both full and partial highlights typically rely on caps or foil for their application.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" alt=\"Return to the lookbook\" width=\"600\" height=\"100\" /></a>&nbsp;</h2>\n<h2>Check out other experiments in hair color:</h2>\n<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img alt=\"gray hair\" class=\"alignleft\" style=\"float: left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; display: block; z-index: 100;\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"200\" height=\"130\" /></a></p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Young Women Are Going Gray on Purpose and They Feel Fine</a></h2>\n<p>Barbara and Barbara owner Kara Wabbell shows us how it&rsquo;s done.</p>\n<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img alt=\"pink hair\" class=\"alignleft\" style=\"float: left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; display: block; z-index: 100;\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"200\" height=\"130\" /></a></p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">I Was Terrified to Try Pink Hair</a></h2>\n<p>So I consulted a bartender, my mother, and a bus.</p>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>","created_on":"2014-12-23T23:36:45.419Z","deal_keywords":["balayage"],"fb_og_description":"Learn about these four popular color treatments before upgrading your ‘do. ","fb_og_title":"Balayage or Ombre? Partial Highlights or Full Highlights?","imported":false,"last_modified_by":"5339801c197fe9653600000d","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:18:50.836Z","locale":"en_US","location":null,"meta_description":"Compare Balayage and ombre highlights and learn what the difference is between partial highlights and full. ","mobile_title":"","permalink":"partial-highlights-full-highlights-balayage-or-ombre","photos":[{"img_key":"","img_url":"","caption":"","altText":"Woman getting highlights","hero":true},{"hero":false,"altText":"ombre highlights","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"altText":"","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"img_key":"","img_url":"","caption":"","altText":"gray hair","hero":false},{"img_key":"","img_url":"","caption":"","altText":"pink hair","hero":false},{"hero":false,"altText":"balayage highlights","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"altText":"600x100_GUIDE_HBW_editorial_Holiday_Lookbook_beauty_2016_JW_jpg-600x100","caption":"600x100_GUIDE_HBW_editorial_Holiday_Lookbook_beauty_2016_JW_jpg-600x100","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"places":[],"published":"PUBLISHED","published_on":"2016-08-09T16:21:03.314Z","published_permalinks":["partial-highlights-full-highlights-balayage-or-ombre"],"secondary_categories":["294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","0af090df-faac-4e32-a388-5d49bb33a797"],"seo_title":"Balayage or Ombre? Partial Highlights or Full Highlights?","tags":["style_and_beauty","hair","hairstyles","highlights","balayage","ombre","primer"],"title":"Balayage or Ombre? Partial Highlights or Full Highlights?","vhp_desc":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Compare </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Balayage</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> and </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">om...","name":"","schemaOrgAttr":{},"id":"b593f2fd-e1f1-467e-adc1-457d313c4d20","validationError":[],"last_published_on":"2016-11-03T18:49:36.299Z","guid":"b593f2fd-e1f1-467e-adc1-457d313c4d20","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/partial-highlights-full-highlights-balayage-or-ombre"}],"featuredArticles":[{"title":"5 Outdoor Activities for Kids that Are Fun and (Surprisingly) Educational ","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p>\n<script src=\"//\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>\n</p>\n<p>Remember how excited you used to get in school when your teacher would take the class on an outdoor field trip? Here's the secret they never told you: these fun outings outside of class <em style=\"background-color: initial;\">also taught you something</em>. Shocking.</p>\n<p>But you don't need to be a teacher to plan a basic field trip&mdash;in fact, many of the most popular outdoor <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">activities for kids</a> have an educational component that you can harness with a little imagination. Below, we highlighted five fun and educational activities that you and your kids will love. And who knows&mdash;you might learn something, too.</p>\n<h2>1. Visit an Amusement Park</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><a href=\"\">Amusement parks</a> put physics in motion (Newton and Galileo would have a ball on a roller coaster.). Our pro tip for tapping into the scientific side of the rides? Visit guest services. Many parks have their own workbooks filled with math and physics activities for kids (Who knew!).</p>\n<h3>Fun Activities for Kids</h3>\n<ul>\n<li>Rank the park's rides from tallest to shortest.</li>\n<li>Ride bumper cars to demonstrate that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.</li>\n<li>Figure out which parts of a roller coaster represent potential energy and kinetic energy.</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>2. Go to the Zoo</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><a href=\"\">Zoos</a> fit the entire world into a single location, educating visitors young and old about the diversity of life on our planet. Plus, it's <em>really, really </em>cool to watch the zookeepers feed the lions.</p>\n<h3>Fun Activities for Kids</h3>\n<ul>\n<li>Ask a zookeeper or trainer what they love most about their job.</li>\n<li>Sort the animals you see by continent. Which one has the most of your favorites?</li>\n<li>Eat ice cream. You're a kid, after all.</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>3. Fly Through the Air on a Zipline</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p>It might not be one of the most common spring activities for kids, but it's certainly one that will make a lasting impression on your brood. In addition to teaching them about simple machines&mdash;namely, pulley systems&mdash;ziplines literally connect them with the forest.</p>\n<h3>Fun Activities for Kids</h3>\n<ul>\n<li>Time for a history lesson. Before you go, look up the origins of ziplining. This form of transportation has been around for centuries.</li>\n<li>Ask your guide about the animals that make the canopy their home. Bonus points if you can spot one of these critters during your trip.</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>4. Explore Your Town</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p>Spring is all about getting outside and enjoying the weather, right? This field trip lets you pack several fun and educational outdoor activities into a single day. So leave the car at home (or if you're too far from Main Street, park it in a public lot downtown) and explore your city on foot.</p>\n<h3>Fun Activities for Kids</h3>\n<ul>\n<li>Print out some bird-watching guides and identify different species at the local park.</li>\n<li>Cooking lesson: parents help kids plan and make a picnic lunch, then everyone goes to the park.</li>\n<li>Visit the local fire station, police station, or blacksmith (parents, many of these places will let you schedule a visit).</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>5. Play Mini Golf</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p>Already one of the most universally beloved outdoor activities for kids, <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">mini golf</a> also serves up physics lessons and a healthy dose of geometry. Instead of letting kids just putt for the hole, show them how they can use angles to their advantage by bouncing the ball off different objects and hazards.</p>\n<h3>Fun Activities for Kids</h3>\n<ul>\n<li>Practice math skills by keeping score.</li>\n<li>Pay attention to the way the turf slopes and the effect it has on the ball's velocity.</li>\n<li>Post-game/at-home activity: Grab some colored chalk and turn your driveway into a custom mini-golf course.</li>\n</ul>\n<p><a href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></p>","created_on":"2017-04-04T14:47:25.922Z","last_modified_on":"2017-04-04T20:40:13.855Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Groupon Editors","author":"df385855-6978-440d-b5a2-7d14dc0f0515","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"5 Fun and Educational Outdoor Activities for Kids ","meta_description":"These fun outdoor activities for kids double as mini field trips, no permission slip required. ","fb_og_title":"Yes, an Amusement-Park Trip Can Be Educational ","fb_og_description":"Our list of outdoor kids' activities proves you don't have to be stuck at a desk to learn something.","vhp_desc":"<p>From roller-coaster physics to zipline safaris, our list of outdoor activities proves you don't have to be stuck at a desk to learn something.</p>","tags":["things to do","ttd","kids activities","outdoor activities"],"category":null,"secondary_categories":["cc56769c-30b4-43dc-aae3-69d1e387ecab","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","3eb8dbef-ab78-4cd7-ba7e-fdb8a515383d"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"going-on-an-amusement-park-ride_jpg-600x390","caption":"going-on-an-amusement-park-ride_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"visiting-the-zoo_jpg-600x390","caption":"visiting-the-zoo_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"zipline_jpg-600x390","caption":"zipline_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"mini-golfing_jpg-600x390","caption":"mini-golfing_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"explore-kids-activities_jpg-600x66","caption":"explore-kids-activities_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"fun-and-educational-outdoor-activities-for-kids","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"327c51e4-17a1-4e02-a7cb-1a4cee823014","published_on":"2017-04-04T20:39:05.049Z","last_published_on":"2017-04-04T20:40:12.522Z","guid":"327c51e4-17a1-4e02-a7cb-1a4cee823014","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/fun-and-educational-outdoor-activities-for-kids"},{"title":"How Much Should You Tip Your Hairstylist? And Other Hair Salon Etiquette ","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p>\n<script src=\"//\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>\n</p>\n<p dir=\"ltr\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p dir=\"ltr\">How much should you tip your hairstylist? As an unofficial therapist, your hairstylist probably knows a lot about your life. They may even know things you wouldn't tell your closest friends, precisely because they are not part of your friend group and have no stake in the drama. And yet, you've probably never asked them this question. You've also likely never asked them how they feel about you answering a phone call during your appointment or if they're OK with you showing up with unwashed hair loaded up with dry shampoo.</p>\n<p dir=\"ltr\">To prevent any awkwardness between you and the one person who knows how you <em>really</em> felt about Julie's rustic black-tie wedding, we called up Chicago's <a style=\"background-color: initial;\" href=\"\">Red 7 Salon</a> and asked co-owner Jason Hall to explain basic <a href=\"\">hair salon</a> etiquette to us.</p>\n<h2>First things first, how much should you tip your hairstylist?</h2>\n<p dir=\"ltr\">If you live in America, you probably have some understanding of tipping culture and realize that while it's not mandatory, most people tip 20% for good service. For a special event, Jason believes the tip \"should be closer to 25%&ndash;30%,\" generally because the stylist is doing more work to make sure you look good. A tip for great service also should fall between 20% and 30%. Things get a little tricky when the service is subpar. Jason says, \"If you feel like it's less than passable, do 5%&ndash;10%.\" However, most stylists will do whatever they can to make sure you're happy with the result, so if they manage to fix the problem, it's not a bad idea to leave at least 15%, especially if you plan on returning in the future.</p>\n<h2>How much should you tip your hairstylist if they own the salon? Wait, do you tip the owner of a hair salon?</h2>\n<p>There used to be a somewhat widespread belief that you shouldn't tip the owner, but that is \"kind of old-school,\" Jason says. Nowadays, most people tip them the same amount they would tip a nonowner-stylist.</p>\n<h2>Should you tip the salon assistant separately?</h2>\n<p>A salon assistant might shampoo your hair, help your colorist, or perform other treatment-related tasks, so it makes sense to tip them. However, many people don't because they assume that their stylist \"tips out,\" i.e., gives a portion of their tips to assistants. That's not necessarily the case, which is why Jason recommends asking your stylist if they do tip out, then increasing your gratuity from 20% to 22% or 23% if they say yes. If they say no, be sure to throw a couple bucks the assistant's way. Jason says that while tipping them around $2 is polite, you can always tip more if they're exceptionally attentive.</p>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h2>Is it rude to answer a phone call? What about texting?</h2>\n<p dir=\"ltr\">Unless the call absolutely can't wait, don't pick up or make a phone call at the salon. It's hard for the stylist to cut or color your hair when they have to avoid your phone or earbuds. Jason has personally seen some clients conduct business calls during their shampoo, but he thinks \"it's disrespectful\" to the stylist, who has to try to keep the water and suds away from the phone. And while some texting is fine, don't sit there scrolling through Instagram the whole time. Your body has to be in the right position for a good haircut, which means sitting up straight and facing forward, not crouched over a screen, or a magazine for that matter.</p>\n<h2>Do I have to make small talk?</h2>\n<p>It may seem like small talk is the only option when you can't text or read, but there's no pressure to chat if you'd rather just zone out. Still, small talk isn't just meant for passing the time&mdash;it also helps the stylist to get to know you. \"Over time, it will help to dictate [the client's] look,\" Jason says. For example, if a client mentions time-consuming job responsibilities, the stylist may double-check to make sure they still want a high-maintenance 'do. Just don't try to shout over the blow dryer.</p>\n<h2>Is it OK to go in with dirty hair?</h2>\n<p dir=\"ltr\">Jason calls unwashed hair \"lived in\", rather than dirty. In most cases, he says, stylists prefer that you don't wash your hair the morning of your appointment. Freshly washed hair won't hold color foils as well as lived-in locks. If you're getting an updo, it's a little different. Some stylists prefer unwashed hair because the natural oils can give the hair some texture and grip. Others prefer clean hair because they can use <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">styling products</a> to add texture. Err on the side of mostly clean and follow Jason's suggestion: shampoo the night before an appointment to have at least a little bit of grip to your hair that can be enhanced with texturizer or dry shampoo if necessary.</p>\n<p dir=\"ltr\"><em>Drop a quarter into your own tip jar if you can <a style=\"background-color: initial;\" href=\"\">french-braid your hair in 90 seconds</a>.</em></p>\n<h2>What do you do if you're running late?</h2>\n<p>Contact the salon. If you're going to be more than 15 minutes late, call and see if they still have time to take you. A lot of salons will book back-to-back clients for a popular stylist, and if you're more than 15 minutes late, you start cutting into another person's time. A lot of stylists will still try to accommodate their regulars, but it's up to them to decide how to do that at that point.</p>\n<h2>Is there anything else my stylist wants me to know?</h2>\n<p dir=\"ltr\">Instead of describing what you want, show the stylist a visual aid. \"A picture is great because it gives a shortcut to breaking down what the client is looking for,\" Jason says. Sometimes, though, clients can get caught up in a fad and don't consider how it will work for them. \"Remember when Charlize Theron had the really short blond pixie? We had clients who brought in pictures of that, but those clients did not look like her. She has very predominant cheekbones; she has very fine- to medium-texture [hair]. Maybe the client's face shape is more round and the hair texture is more thick.\" If you do bring in a picture, it's best to manage your expectations and view it as a flexible template, not a must-have goal.</p>\n<p dir=\"ltr\"><em>Need some ideas to bring to your stylist? Show them one of these <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">seven common haircuts for women</a> or talk to them about <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">going gray on purpose</a>.</em></p>\n<p dir=\"ltr\"><em><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /><br /> </em></p>","created_on":"2017-04-04T14:47:25.922Z","last_modified_on":"2017-04-04T19:29:52.014Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Groupon Editors","author":"df385855-6978-440d-b5a2-7d14dc0f0515","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"How Much Should You Tip Your Hairstylist? ","meta_description":"How much should you tip your hairstylist? We answer eight other common hair salon etiquette questions, including if it's rude to text or show up late. ","fb_og_title":"Put Down the Phone ","fb_og_description":"We asked a hairstylist to teach us basic hair salon etiquette, including if it's OK to take a phone call during a shampoo and what you should tip the assistant.","vhp_desc":"<p>How much should you tip your hairstylist? We answer this and eight other common hair salon etiquette questions, including if it's rude to show up late or with dirty hair.</...","tags":["style and beauty","hairstyling","tipping"],"category":null,"secondary_categories":["cc56769c-30b4-43dc-aae3-69d1e387ecab","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"600x66_merchandising_salonetiquette_033117_lw_jpg-600x66","caption":"600x66_merchandising_salonetiquette_033117_lw_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"00-hairstylist-styling-a-clients-hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"00-hairstylist-styling-a-clients-hair_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"01-woman-client-answering-phone-at-the-hair-salon_jpg-600x390","caption":"01-woman-client-answering-phone-at-the-hair-salon_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"how-much-should-you-tip-your-hairstylist","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"1a365e48-d898-4bfe-a6c0-4c4c37a64a61","published_on":"2017-04-04T19:29:50.798Z","last_published_on":"2017-04-04T19:29:50.798Z","guid":"1a365e48-d898-4bfe-a6c0-4c4c37a64a61","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/how-much-should-you-tip-your-hairstylist"},{"title":"Curly Hair Tips and Tricks ","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p>\n<script src=\"//\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>\n</p>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p>If there were a shape capable of striking fear into the hearts of women with curly hair, that shape would be a triangle. Perhaps their eyes glaze over pictures of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, or they hesitate just a little longer than everyone else when presented with a bag of Doritos. But it's understandable. After all, almost every woman with curly hair has left a <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">hair salon</a> near to tears, their hair cut into one uniform length by a stylist who wasn't aware that curls need strategically placed layers to create volume at the crown and prevent the dreaded triangle effect. And if a trained professional doesn't know how to handle curls, imagine how hard it is for non-experts.</p>\n<p>Whether you have coils yourself or simply are the straight-haired parent of a curly-headed kid, taking care of this hair type will always be a bit of an adventure. Read our curly hair tips to prevent your curly hair adventures from becoming misadventures.</p>\n<h2>Curl Type</h2>\n<p><em>Before you do anything, you first have to figure out what type of curls you're dealing with. The website Naturally Curly has created a curl-identifying system that's commonly used in the curly-hair community.</em> <em>(Straight hair gets the labels 1A, 1B, and 1C.)</em></p>\n<h3>Wavy Hair (2A, 2B, and 2C)</h3>\n<h3><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></h3>\n<ul>\n<li><strong>2A</strong>: Very loose-shaped bends</li>\n<li><strong>2B</strong>: Mostly straight at the roots with more defined waves that start around eye level</li>\n<li><strong>2C</strong>: Waves start at the roots and include a mixture of ringlets and waves</li>\n<li><strong>Challenges</strong>: Flatness and frizz at the crown and a lack of definition throughout</li>\n</ul>\n<h3>Curly Hair (3A, 3B, and 3C)</h3>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<ul>\n<li><strong>3A</strong>: Loose ringlets with the circumference of a fat piece of sidewalk chalk</li>\n<li><strong>3B</strong>: Tight ringlets with the circumference of a Sharpie</li>\n<li><strong>3C</strong>: Corkscrews with the circumference of a pencil</li>\n<li><strong>Challenges</strong>: Frizz all around and a lack of definition throughout; dryness, though 3C corkscrews tend to be drier than 3A and 3B curls</li>\n</ul>\n<h3>Coily Hair (4A, 4B, and 4C)</h3>\n<h3><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></h3>\n<ul>\n<li><strong>4A</strong>: Tight coils that form an <em>S</em> shape and have a more defined curl pattern; appears shorter than it is due to shrinkage</li>\n<li><strong>4B</strong>: Tight coils that form a <em>Z</em> shape and have sharp angles with a less defined curl pattern; appears shorter than it is due to shrinkage</li>\n<li><strong>4C</strong>: Looks almost the same as 4B, but the coils have tighter kinks with less definition, and they won't clump together without product; appears shorter than it is due to shrinkage</li>\n<li><strong>Challenges</strong>: Extreme dryness</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>What to Do in the Shower</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3>Use a <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">shampoo and conditioner</a> formulated for your hair type.</h3>\n<p>Many curly-haired women think that they need a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner loaded up with oils, but that's not necessarily the case. Those with <strong>fine</strong> <strong>waves</strong> <strong>or curls</strong> should avoid these heavy products, instead opting for volumizing shampoos and lightweight conditioners. Those with <strong>thick waves or curls</strong>, on the other hand, should gravitate toward creamy shampoos and conditioners to soak their strands with hydration. <strong>Textu</strong><strong>red c</strong><strong>oily kinks</strong> should use rich products, too, because despite the fact that they tend to be fine, they suffer from extreme dryness as the oil produced by the scalp has a hard time making its way down such tight coils.</p>\n<p>But all curly-haired women should <strong>avoid pro</strong><strong>ducts with</strong> <strong>alcohol</strong>, which can dry out hair. They also may want to <strong>avoid sulfates</strong>. Groupon beauty editor <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Anam</a>, who has a mixture of 2A and 2B waves, swears <a href=\"\">sulfate-free shampoo</a> has made her own locks less frizzy.</p>\n<h3>Don't overwash your hair.</h3>\n<p>It's best not to wash curly hair too often as overwashing can lead to dryness and frizz. To figure out how often you should shampoo your mane, remember this general rule: the looser the curl pattern, the more frequently you should wash. So <strong>loose</strong> <strong>waves should be</strong> <strong>washed 2&ndash;3 times a week</strong>, whereas <strong>tight coils only need to be washed every 2&ndash;3 weeks</strong>.</p>\n<h3>But do frequently condition it.</h3>\n<p>Groupon beauty editor <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Favin</a> washes her 3B ringlets about once every two weeks, but she conditions every day to keep her locks from feeling parched. Her tip? Rinse out most of the conditioner (leaving enough in so that your hair feels \"slimy\"), then wrap your hair in a microfiber towel and leave the towel on for five minutes. This helps her curls form and tamps down frizz. For other frizz-fighting tips, check out our <a style=\"background-color: initial;\" href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">frizzy hair guide</a>.</p>\n<blockquote><em><strong>Pro Tip:</strong> Your curls may benefit from forgoing shampoo entirely and instead using no-poo and cleansing conditioners, which very gently wash away grime while conditioning hair. If you have a 3A&ndash;4C curl pattern, apply traditional conditioner afterward to keep them properly moisturized.</em></blockquote>\n<h2>What to Do Out of the Shower</h2>\n<h3><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></h3>\n<h3>Grab <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">hair products</a> formulated for your hair type.</h3>\n<p><strong>Fine waves and curls</strong> <strong>need light</strong><strong>er products</strong>, such as lightweight mousse, whereas <strong>thicker waves and</strong> <strong>curls</strong> <strong>need thick hair gel, hydrating curl creams, and creamy custards</strong>.</p>\n<p>Favin has found an ideal routine for her 3B curls: first, she blends Moroccanoil Treatment with SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk and applies the mixture all over her hair for a dose of hydration. Next, she blends Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream and TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier, then runs the mixture through her hair in a \"sweeping motion,\" concentrating on the ends. She finishes by scrunching the ends toward her scalp and air dries for results that she thinks look the most natural.</p>\n<h3>Rethink using a brush.</h3>\n<p>Although many hairstylists warn against using a brush on curls because it can cause breakage, sometimes you just have to live your life. Favin says, \"When my hair is medium-dry, I brush it straight back ... finger-combing (the gentlest route) takes me forever. I'd rather brush and be on time for work.\" The <strong>Tangle Teaser Thick &amp; Curly</strong> is a great brush for curly hair as it is designed to detangle without tugging or pulling.</p>\n<h2>How to Create Crazy-Big Volume</h2>\n<p>The beauty world has really started to embrace wild, voluminous curls. To get them, celebrity stylist Hasblady Guzman, who owns <a href=\"\">Bokaos Pasadena, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa</a>, suggests mixing Aveda's Flaxseed Sculpting Gel with Aveda's Be Curly Curl Enhancer and applying the cocktail to your mid strands and ends. \"With your hair completely wet, detangle with a wide-tooth comb after you have applied a leave-in conditioner. Then <strong>attach a diffuser to your blow dryer, and flip your head over</strong> to where you are looking at your knees. Start squeezing your hair as if you are milking a cow&mdash;never, ever run your fingers through your hair. After two minutes, flip back, and now put the diffuser over the top of your hair,\" she says.</p>\n<p><em>Need more help selecting a shampoo, conditioner, or styling product? See the <a style=\"background-color: initial;\" href=\"\">best hair products for your hair type</a></em><em>.</em></p>\n<p><em><a title=\"Take a Break With a Straightening Treatment\" href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a><br /> </em></p>","created_on":"2017-03-28T20:18:39.381Z","last_modified_on":"2017-03-31T15:28:41.391Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Colleen Loggins","author":"cc0d0851-17d1-4916-a694-26ab87c79927","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Curly Hair Tips and Tricks","meta_description":"How to wash, condition, and style your curly hair based on your curl type, plus why using a brush on your spirals may not be such a bad idea ","fb_og_title":"Curly Hair Tips and Tricks","fb_og_description":"Yes, you can use a brush.","vhp_desc":"<p>How to wash, condition, and style your curly hair based on your curl type, plus why using a brush on your spirals may not be such a bad idea</p>","tags":["style_and_beauty"],"category":"d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","secondary_categories":["d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","1bf3584c-fa4e-466d-8e3e-d9801d1a5136"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"Curly_haired_brunette_looking_up_at_her_hair_with_a_smile_jpg-600x390","caption":"Curly_haired_brunette_looking_up_at_her_hair_with_a_smile_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman_with_2a_2b_wavy_hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_with_2a_2b_wavy_hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman_with_3b_3c_curly_hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_with_3b_3c_curly_hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman_with_4c_type_coily_hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_with_4c_type_coily_hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Curly_haired_woman_washing_and_conditioning_hair_in_shower_jpg-600x390","caption":"Curly_haired_woman_washing_and_conditioning_hair_in_shower_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman_with_wavy_hair_styling_hair_with_dryer_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_with_wavy_hair_styling_hair_with_dryer_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"SHOP-straightening_treatments_jpg-600x66","caption":"SHOP-straightening_treatments_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"curly-hair-tips-and-tricks","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"66246dc9-eed2-412d-82dd-e25288671a5c","published_on":"2017-03-31T15:28:36.605Z","last_published_on":"2017-03-31T15:28:36.605Z","guid":"66246dc9-eed2-412d-82dd-e25288671a5c","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/curly-hair-tips-and-tricks"}]}}}}}