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10 Brilliant Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

At some time or another, we’ve all faced the dilemma: what to get someone who has everything? You know who we’re talking about — they’ve got the newest gadgets, the coolest apparel, and everything in between. Lucky for you, we have answers. Our list of gifts for someone who has everything is designed to breakthrough with one-of-a-kind experiences (and a nifty product as well), so you’re virtually guaranteed to find something they’ll love.

Massage therapist runs her hands up her client's spine



A massage is a perfect gift for just about anybody! If you’re not sure what type to give, choose a Swedish massage, since it’s great for those who are new to massage therapy and it focuses on general relaxation and stress relief.

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Point of view shot of a driver turning on a race track


Racing Experience

One of our most off-the-wall gifts for someone who has everything? An exhilarating drive around a racetrack! This option allows them to get behind the wheel of a real race car (or in some cases, an exotic sports car) and do laps with a real professional driver. If you’ve ever dreamed of gifting someone a fancy car but don’t want to spend that much, this is the next best thing.

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Woman in a crowd enjoying a concert and singing along.


Concert Tickets

This one is kind of a no-brainer, because who wouldn’t love an opportunity to see their favorite band or musician live?! If you don’t know their taste in music, you can always consider getting them tickets to the ballet or a comedy show instead.

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Instructor in a cooking directs students on cutting vegetables


Cooking Class

Cooking classes aren’t just for novice cooks — they’re also a great opportunity to improve knife skills, master a specific style of cooking (Italian, Indian, etc.), or just fine-tune your sushi-rolling technique. Who wouldn’t love this?

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A calendar hanging on a wall showing the month of February.


Custom Calendar

A custom-designed calendar is probably something they don’t already have, and anyone would be touched by the time and thought that goes into creating this one-of-a-kind gift. Make it themed, or just pick some of your favorite photos of them. No matter what you do, they’ll love how you made it specifically for them!

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Woman relaxes in a pool under an interior waterfall in a spa.


Spa Day

If that massage sounded like something they’d like, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll love an entire spa day too, which can include several relaxing and indulgent services such as facials, body scrubs and mani-pedis. Even better, a lot of spa packages offer little extras like champagne or sweet treats!

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Person unboxes a box full of ingredients for a meal kit


Meal Prep Kits

One thing no one has enough of is time, which is why prepared meal kits are a great gift idea. High quality ingredients and chef-curated recipes are delivered straight to their door so they can create delicious meals in no time.

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Expectant couple pose during a photo shoot


Family Portraits

A professional family photoshoot is a wonderful keepsake that makes for a very thoughtful gift. With smartphones and the like, many families might not think to spend money on professional photos anymore — but the quality, professionalism and memories are so worth it!

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Glasses of wine in different colors sitting on a table.


Wine Tasting

There’s nothing better than sitting back, relaxing with friends, and drinking wine — especially while an experienced wine consultant leads you through the whole thing. Guided tastings typically take you through multiple varietals, and can also introduce you to excellent pairings.

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Voice assistant on coffee table with person in background leaning forward


Google Nest

Google Nest smart devices are amazing conveniences to have in a home. With interactive streaming and built-in Google Assist with voice controls, you can receive alerts and reminders, view your calendar, and control multiple devices from a single dashboard. The Google Home Hub also lets you listen to music and watch YouTube.

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