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More than 25 North Texas boat dealers will motor their 2013 model pontoons, cruisers, and speed boats into parking Lot A at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Friday, February 1, for the 10-day DFW International Boat Show. Aquatic outfits such as North Texas Marine, Waterski America, and Cabela’s will showcase their seafaring vessels alongside other supplies from nearly 200 vendors, all under a giant 260,000-square-foot tent. While attendees admire the gleaming hulls and hum engine sounds to complete daydreams of driving through waves, a parade of special guests will drop by the show to sign autographs and meet with fans. Former Rangers outfielder Rusty Greer will be in attendance during the ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 1, and the team's mascot, Rangers Captain, and the Six Shooters will make joint appearances on several days throughout the show.
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