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  • Monkey C Monkey Do
    The soon-to-be bride and groom led their respective families to their wedding rehearsal?or so they claimed. Shortly after the caravan of cars pulled up at the base of the high-ropes course, confusion turned to surprise when the couple strapped their two families into harnesses and paired each member off with a stranger on the other side. After a frantic run through the course?s initial obstacles, the guests emerged from their shells and began to help each other tackle the challenges. This type of camaraderie is what the all-ages staff at Monkey C Monkey Do seek to instill in all their guests, whether they're intrepid pairs or large groups on corporate outings or family reunions. Danielle and Bill King with their parents began their high-ropes course and zipline park with a desire to bring together people of various ages and abilities for outdoor activity. The high-ropes course challenges visitors with more than 50 obstacles strewn across five levels, the highest suspended more than 50 feet above the ground and the lowest suspended above a pit of lava in the earth?s core. Ziplines send climbers soaring through canopies and toward a giant swing, where they conquer their fear of heights by freefalling from an elevated platform.
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    698 Bath Rd.
    Wiscasset, ME US
  • New England Medical Fitness
    Weight loss and well-being are the name of the game at New England Medical Fitness. This center offers personal fitness training, group exercise classes, and weight-loss programs based on the sound principles of whole foods. Colon hydrotherapy bolsters slimming and detoxification efforts and can improve bowel function when combined with healthy eating and physical activity,
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    49 Topsham Fair Mall
    Topsham, ME US
  • Sun Tan City Portland ME
    Sun Tan City’s trained tanning consultants help clients get bronzed via UV-free tanning booths and ergonomic tanning beds. Guests can schedule a single visit to touch up an existing tan, purchase a multivisit package to get a discounted rate, or become a member to take advantage of the salon’s 100% guarantee.
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    251 Kennedy Memorial Dr
    Waterville, ME US
  • Lean Logic
    Modern technology melds with old-fashioned medical know-how at Lean Logic, where medical technicians use new computer, laser, and lab systems to chart and aid in body beautification. Body hair, typically banished via tweezers, razors, waxing, or proclamation by a medieval king, fades from sight under the rays of Cynosure's Elite aesthetic workstation. The award-winning laser can treat all skin types, fade facial and leg spider veins, and ease sunspot prominence. Through hormone-replacement therapy, the staff infuses hormone-deprived bodies with bio-identical testosterone or estrogen to boost energy and vitality. They also chart clients' existing or potential personal-health issues by tapping a number of affiliated laboratories with equipment such as ultrasound diagnostic systems, dual-energy-x-ray-absorptiometry machines, and genomic analyzers.
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    174 S Freeport Rd., Ste. 1A
    Freeport, ME US
  • Massage on Maine
    The professional stress fighters at Massage on Maine deal a one-two punch to tension, incarcerating worrisome thoughts and jangly nerves with a bevy of relaxing and beautifying treatments. During the 30-minute massage, skilled fingers perform piano concertos on tension-taxed back trapezii using a combination of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques. Treatments adapt to fit each client's needs, with hot stones filling in wherever aches and pains lie, whether between the shoulder blades or inside the subconscious.
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    56 Maine Street
    Brunswick, ME US
  • Freeport Medical Center
    At Freeport Medical Center, Dr. Brian Knighton and Sheila Boese put patients at ease with their evident compassion and sense of duty, traits they both cultivated during their military careers. Dr. Knighton served as an emergency-room physician for an overseas Navy hospital, and Boese was an enlisted medic for nine years before becoming a physician’s assistant for the Maine Army National Guard. Today, they run their walk-in clinic with a holistic approach to each patient, addressing general wellness and disease prevention alongside reported symptoms. The duo treats children and adults alike with services that encompass physicals, minor surgeries, and laceration repair. Boese's background in women's health enables her to assist with family planning and guide patients through menopause. As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Knighton channels his expertise on the musculoskeletal system to perform manipulative therapies, though he also addresses skin concerns by injecting Botox or removing moles shaped like the logos of losing baseball teams.
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    42 Mallet Drive
    Freeport, ME US