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  • Phantom Fireworks
    Phantom Fireworks first burst onto the scene more than three decades ago. Today, the company lights up backyards of America from coast-to-coast with more than 1,200 permanent and temporary locations. Much like its products, Phantom?s employees frequently take to the skies. They travel around the globe in search of the industry's latest ground and aerial displays before returning home with rockets, missiles, fountains, and aerial repeaters. From there, an extensive in-house testing program takes over, checking each item's safety before it?s sold to the public. That testing program is just one of Phantom?s pillars of safety. The company also holds memberships with multiple pyrotechnics organizations, and it offers customers additional information about fireworks laws and history through its Fireworks University.
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    999 Main Rd.
    Holden, ME US
    Since 1989 we have employed local residents to custom make and personalize wedding favors. And for NO EXTRA CHARGE our team will print the couples first names and wedding date on the front of kit & up to 21 words on the back if a message is requested for your guests. We will print in ink to match your wedding colors.
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    P.O. Box 743
    Bucksport, ME US
  • New England Outdoor Center
    The northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail lies at the foot of Mount Katahdin. Beneath the mountain's silhouette, moose graze along the shorelines, and eagles roam the skies above Baxter State Park's chromatic woods. Nearby, outdoorsmen and environmental enthusiast Matt Polstein has unveiled the area's natural beauty and abundant adventure opportunities for more than 20 years through New England Outdoor Center. During the early summer through fall, Polstein?s team leads whitewater-rafting adventures on the Penobscot River. The raucous waterway possesses a stretch that drops 70 feet per mile through a narrow, granite-walled canyon into Class V rapids with monikers such as Exterminator and Cribworks. Further excursions include trips on the Dead River and Kennebec River, as well as Family Float trips appropriate for kids as young as age 4. Come winter, Polstein rents snowmobiles so guests can zoom across the area's powdery expanses, perhaps to catch a view of the Northern Lights. In addition to the plentiful year-round activities, New England Outdoor Center encompasses dining and lodging facilities, including cabins, green-built guesthouses, and campgrounds.
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    1221 Medway Rd
    Millinocket, ME US
  • Bar Harbor Ghost Tour
    As darkness overtakes Bar Harbor, a group of travelers huddle outside the Ledgelawn mansion. Inside, their guide informs them, several centuries worth of spirits patrol the halls, unable to reach the next life due to unresolved earthly business or tragedy. The tour guests shiver, recalling the other stories they've heard that night. One was about a woman whose search for her husband has continued beyond her death. Another described the hauntings of children trapped between worlds. Each legend has a distinct voice, crafted from a mix of folklore, documented history, and post-it notes found floating in front of abandoned fridges. To add authenticity to their storytelling, the guides don costumes for the one-mile trip, which reaches its eerie conclusion in the center of town.
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    Agamont Park
    Bar Harbor, ME US
  • Hawg Wild Lure Co.
    Hawg Wild Lure Co.’s employees stay involved in the world of fishing by competing in tournaments or guiding other fishermen and fisherwomen. As a result, the team stays knowledgeable about topics such as specific species’ visual ability or capacity to lip synch to Jimmy Buffet songs. They preside over shelves of soft, plastic fishing lures in a rainbow of colors with whimsical names such as watermelon pearl. Yielding catches of pike, pickerel, musky, and largemouth and smallmouth bass, the baits are designed to work in nearly any water condition. Salt is infused throughout the plastic of some units, and Shakey Head Finesse worms entice bites with a fish-attracting scent.
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    482 Main Road South
    Hampden, ME US
  • Eat More Cheese
    At Eat More Cheese, cheese reigns king over a diverse selection of specialty foods, including salami, dried fruits, jams, and chocolates. The shop corrals its cheese from across the U.S. and abroad, taking pride in a process that ensures each of its products is properly cared for and in peak condition upon hitting the shelves. Inside the shop, the Eat More Cheese staff fosters a welcoming environment, and encourages customers to sample as much cheese or ask as many questions as they please before making a purchase.
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    33 C Main St.
    Belfast, ME US