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Fargo Air Museum began taking flight in the late 1990s, when a group of local military folks, pilots, and aircraft restorers realized they weren't alone in their passion for aviation. They opened the first hangar in 2001, and the museum has continued to grow ever since. Today, visitors can marvel at?but not feed?various aircraft on display, including a Wright Flyer replica, Huey helicopter, and a B-25 Mitchell Bomber. Most of the exhibits pay homage to the men and women who operated these machines, including a mural depicting a century's worth of legendary pilots and planes. But not everything here is anchored to the ground: the museum boasts a full roster of flyable planes, and an on-site simulator puts pilots-in-the-making behind the controls.

1609 19th Ave. N

Masters of all-season fishing and camping, Fishermen?s Wharf Resort splashes the calm waters of Lake Mille Lacs with winter and summer activities. Situated on 90 acres of land on the southeastern shore?s Big Point, Fishermen?s Wharf rests in a protected harbor on a sandy, scorpion-free beach. From this point, it launches chartered fishing trips in the summer and rents ice fishing cabins in the winter.

During chartered fishing trips, guides lead groups across Mille Lacs in search of walleye, Bass, Northern Pike, and Loch Ness monsters. They also explain the seasonal movements of the fish, how to select the best tackle, and how to use electronic detection equipment. Once the lake has frozen over, ice fishing cabins rest on fishing spots where fish are known to congregate and watch humans hold sticks. The cabins feature nine fishing holes, 6 bunk beds, bathrooms, an underwater camera, a TV, DVD player, and microwave oven. Throughout the year, RV camping spots invite visitors to spend a night in rustic surroundings, while an on-site restaurant, Toucan's, which is also where customers check-in, serves warm meals in full view of the lake.


For Paradise Outfitters founder Deron DoRight, fishing trips aren't just a hobby, they are his livelihood. As a career angler, Deron has the technical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to helm Paradise Outfitters' weeklong vacations, half- and full-day fishing trips on Rainy Lake, and two-day excursions at a local lake of the patron's choosing. Though the potential trophies change with the seasons⎯from walleye to pike to smallmouth bass, or the elusive swimming snowman⎯Deron’s aim is always the same: to help passengers enjoy the beauty of the lake and the sport of fishing, perched atop a comfortable 20-foot Ranger. When the waves ice over, two-person aluminum fishing houses and portable shelters shield anglers from chilly winds.

PO Box 476