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Over the course of three days, yogis and laypersons alike gather at Jackson WellSprings in the peaceful pursuit of community and individual prana, or life force. Surrounded by the 30-acre campus—a botanical garden situated around a natural hot spring and founded in 1862 as a refuge for healing—guests soak up a host of healing activities. At two stages, musicians lead communal singing, or kirtan, during sets that range from call-and-response chants to energetic electronica to a performance by Jai Uttal, a Grammy-nominated guitarist.

Throughout the day, attendees can clean out their chakras during myriad yoga sessions led by top-shelf yogis or dive headlong into meditation at the live sweat lodge, constructed of still-photosynthesizing willows. Nestled in a cozy corner of the WellSprings, the Goddess Temple shelters festival-goers as the resident priestess uses the ceremonial immersion pool to purge them of negative energy in much the same way regular bathtubs capture and drown our evil reflections.

2253 Highway 99 North