Natural Medicine in Central Point

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  • Brian J. Smith, DC
    Certified in a variety of holistic therapies, Brian J. Smith, DC, arranges 60- and 90-minute sessions with clients in order to help them home in on the roots of their health issues. What treatments he employs depend on the individual and his or her needs. Smith is a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist trained in a wide variety of bodywork modalities such as craniosacral therapy and structural bodywork.
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    945 Rebecca Dr
    Phoenix, OR US
  • Daily Media
    Online community, commerce, and courses to inspire and improve your quality of life. DailyOM was founded by Scott Blum and Madisyn Taylor in 2004.
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    237 B Street
    Ashland, OR US
  • Hanhart Advanced Medical Massage
    For licensed massage therapist Victoria Hanhart of Hanhart Advanced Medical Massage, massages are more than just a luxurious way to relax. They can also help manage pain from injuries or medical issues, such as cancer. Although she specializes in more than eight modalities, Victoria doesn't stick to a template. Instead, she borrows elements from each of them, tailoring sessions to address clients' specific needs.
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    1213 NE 6th St.
    Grants Pass, OR US
  • Thaddeus Gala
    We offer lasting natural health care for conditions ranging from headaches and back pain to car accidents and work injuries. Services include chiropractic, primary care, massage and mental health.
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    1296 S Shasta Ave
    Eagle Point, OR US
  • Rogue Health
    A licensed myotherapist, licensed craniosacral therapist, and certified nutritional therapist, Therese Holliday is a holistic renaissance woman. The multitalented wellness expert?s services draw on all three disciplines to pull off a host of veritable palliative miracles, such as providing respite from allergies or improving posture, previously only available by paying a stunt double to play your torso. Her bodywork, medical myotherapy, and energy work aim to extract chronic pain from underlying muscle structures. Drawing on her plant-based nutrition certification through Cornell University, she helps clients right their diets to stave off illness in the long term.
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    737 Golf View Dr.
    Medford, OR US
  • Organic Elements Spa
    The licensed massage therapists and estheticians at Organic Elements Spa pamper clients with an array of services that includes custom facials, microdermabrasion, massages, and hair removal. The spa's estheticians are trained in the biochemical aspects of the products they use, capable of tailoring treatments to each individual's needs at a nuanced level.
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    832 E Main St.
    Medford, OR US