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Prince Edward Tours helps get travelers where they need to go via boat, coach bus, trolley, or luxury SUV. Customers can charter one of their eco-friendly coaches for a professional or group outing, or they can choose one of their pre-planned tours, such as the daily-sightseeing or city-highlights tour. For those interested in getting off the road, Prince Edward Tours also offers a variety of boat tours, which can get patrons up close and personal with marine wildlife during the Seals and Shellfish cruise or provide them with stunning views and a full stomach during the lobster-dinner cruise.
1 Weymouth St.
Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures founder Morgan McDonald is a passionate rafter with a decade of experience navigating the Shubenacadie River, whose shores are made of clay and dotted with trees. The high and low tides here mean that there are varying degrees of wave intensity, and the company's experienced guides can tailor the experience to suit each group’s comfort level. Before the trip, guides will help passengers suit up in PFDs and store their valuables in waterproof bags. The crewmember can snap pictures of the trip along the way; they’ll then email the photos to you later or stuff them into a bottle and float them to postal workers wearing waterskis.
9865 Route 236
Out in the disconcertingly quiet countryside, Nights of Gore's cornfields beckon visitors to explore winding pathways and dare them to escape with both their sanity and limbs intact. All manner of horrifying creatures prowl the stalks in search of victims, from possessed children to unfathomable creepy crawlies to unemployed former talk-show hosts. Inside the kids’ haunted maze, less frightening creatures wander around and startle young ones without attempting to turn their hair white. The morning sun banishes the terrors of the field, giving visitors a chance to explore the farm's mazes, fields, and cattle areas without fear of being frightened or having a zombie ask them for makeup advice.
2242 Highway 202