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At Arts Council Northeast's Summer Arts College, kids ages 6–15 embrace their inner artisans during classes on the visual arts, set design, and performance. Students arrive at Crown of Life Lutheran School each morning for five full-day (9 a.m.–3:30 p.m.) aesthetics-building sessions. In From Trash to Treasure, students repurpose useless items into a green masterpiece, as discarded movie stubs, plastics, and Cable Ace Awards find new life on the canvas. Drawing on the sketches and ideas of the children, mosaic classes combine their previous works into a wondrously motley mélange. Drama classes unlock the excitement of staging live theater, as kids explore acting through improvisation, monologues, and short scenes while learning the finer details of songwriting and playwriting. Between blocking movements and testing newly built trapdoors, drama-loving kids craft sets before performing a play they've written for friends and family on the last day of camp.

6605 Pleasant Run Road