Boxing & Kickboxing in Flowing Wells

Two Private Boxing Lessons or One Month of Unlimited Classes for One or Two at Stone Hard Boxing (Up to 67% Off)

Stone Hard Boxing

Arrowhead Meadows Association

$100 $49

Students master boxing techniques while getting toned, gaining muscle, and losing weight in lessons taught by accomplished fighters

5 or 10 Kickboxing or Cage-Fitness Classes at Lee’s ATA Martial Arts (Up to 69% Off)

Lee’s ATA Martial Arts

Multiple Locations

$57 $19

In two distinct classes, students combine punches and kicks to devastating effect or train for non-contact MMA bouts in 5-minute rounds

5 or 10 Kickboxing Classes or 1 Month of Unlimited Kickboxing Classes (Up to 59% Off)

Red Mountain Kickboxing


$60 $29

Experienced instructors teach students an elite kickboxing curriculum at a school exclusively licensed by Roufusport Kickboxing Association

10 or 15 Boxing Fitness Classes at Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women (Up to 81% Off)

Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women


$128 $24

Ladies alternate from heavy bags and medicine balls to reflex drills and battle ropes as they burn calories in 16-round circuit workouts

10 or 20 Cardio-Kickboxing Classes at Goshin Karate & Judo Academy (Up to 86% Off)

Goshin Karate & Judo Academy

Paradise Valley

$125 $19

During high-energy classes, students burn up to 800 calories per hour while learning self-defense moves such as rapid-fire punches and kicks

5 or 10 Drop-In Martial-Arts and Boxing Classes Classes at UFC Gym Scottsdale (Up to 86% Off)

UFC Gym Scottsdale

South Scottsdale

$100 $19

Drop-in beginner or advanced classes in areas such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Brazilian jiu jistu and Muay Thai; all ages & fitness levels

$19 for Two Weeks of Unlimited Boxing and Kickboxing Classes at Title Boxing Club ($49.50 Value)

Title Boxing Club


$49.50 $19

Experienced trainers teach boxing and kickboxing skills that sculpt muscle and burn up to 1,000 calories during total-body workouts

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The inspiring trainers at each MetaBody location lead troops of workouteers in results-oriented workouts several times weekly. Sweat sessions utilize a variety of exercises and disciplines to produce full-body results in a supportive environment, ideal for beginners and hard-core core-hardeners alike. During any class, motivational instructors will use the instinctual distrust of routine to their advantage. Begin a day of litigating with a refreshing early-morning boot-camp session, or wind down by burning evidence and pounds with a late-evening yoga class. Muscles are kept guessing with new and challenging moves during each session, so participants never fall into a boring, ineffective routine, such as regular teeth brushing. In addition to the fitness classes, students receive a success guide to help prepare for imminent pound loss, a nutrition guide, and a $100 gift certificate for individual coaching. Because the pass sets a 10-class cap at any given location, roving fitness mavens can further shake up their workout regimens by vetting a series of classes or instructors that work best for them.

N Swan Rd. & E River Rd.

The rich history of kenpo karate stretches as far back as the second century AD, when the number two was invented and renowned surgeon Hua T?o devised defensive exercises based on animal poses. The Asian sport continued to evolve over the intervening years, and in the 20th century, Ed Parker imported kenpo to the states and became not only the senior grandmaster of American kenpo, but also the ?father of American Kenpo.? Today, Ed Parker Jr. carries on his father?s legacy as a member of the Master Council that presides over American Institute of Kenpo, along with other kenpo greats such as ninth-degree black belt Sigung Stephen LaBounty. The team of experts offers a guiding presence at the institute?Ed drops in for yearly camps and senior black-belt testing?and ensures the internationally certified instructors teach kenpo karate with the utmost attention to the principles of the sport.

Though kenpo is derived from ancient techniques, it encompasses contemporary self-defense and fitness methods. In the first lesson, students power through all the basics?the five ranges of combat and how to move swiftly?and form a sturdy foundation for increased strength, coordination, and flexibility. The center offers a wide range of programs for all ages and ability levels so that new pupils can master kenpo quickly and ascend through the belt-oriented ranks toward black.

7320 N La Cholla Blvd

Across three Tucson locations, Boxing Inc.'s instructors develop their classes based on the training regimens of real-life fighters, encouraging guests to bob and weave at their own pace. Students skip rope, pummel hanging bags, heave medicine balls, and push through cardio workouts to condition their muscles as they hone techniques in their choice of combat style. Muay thai kickboxing techniques demand strikes from all four limbs, and grappling classes teach takedowns from styles including judo, wrestling, and Brazilian jujitsu. For a cumulative battle strategy, MMA courses blend maneuvers from each school, inciting suspenseful spars between pupils not seen since the six-hour bare-knuckle boxing match between James Kelly and Jonathan Smith on December 3, 1855.

6121 E Broadway Blvd

Professional fighters such as Eddie “Crazy Face” Arizmendi and Chad “Grave Digger” Griggs call Apex Mixed Martial Arts home, but owners Joey “Boom Boom” and Nicole Rivera treat each client like a champion. Inside the cages and on the grappling mats, instructors lead a variety of martial-arts programs such as striking, adult and kids' MMA, grappling, capoeira, and professional practice. Native Brazilian Melissa Morgensen leads energetic Brazilian samba classes, and Apex also hosts other special events such as kids' camps.

701 E Ft

Teaching boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and practical self-defense, Boxing Inc. transforms defenseless dudes and dames into rough-and-ready warriors. Starting with a personal-training session with one of the gym's experienced instructors, apprentice pugilists learn how to get the most out of their workout and discover the bob-and-weave basics. Once participants can throw a punch without endangering themselves, they’re free to drop in on three of the 40+ one-hour classes held six days a week. Students train like real fighters, sans the punishing blows, in three-minute rounds broken up by 60 glorious seconds of deep breaths in between. Each session can burn up to 1,000 calories, toning bodies from head to toe and prepping punchers to best attackers or fend off the hordes of wannabe wooers during swimsuit season. For those who’ve searched their pet kangaroo's toy chest and come up empty-handed, Boxing Inc. supplies the necessary gloves and hand wraps.

2524 North Campbell Avenue

A health-and-fitness club specializing in self-defense and martial arts, X1 mentors budding grapplers in the ways of personal protection with an emphasis on physical fitness. Kids' classes in self-defense and MMA hip-throw mat rats ages 5–14 into a safe, friendly environment where they can exercise, sharpen motor skills, and practice finishing moves on mannequins and scarecrows. Through the guidance of professional trainers, youngsters learn techniques from multiple disciplines, including kickboxing, muay thai, and wrestling, while experiencing cardio-training programs adopted by top MMA fighters. Kids can dropkick into any of the classes, which run from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The gym supplies all necessary equipment, such as pads and a stadium full of cheering stuffed animals, and this Groupon covers the $40 initiation fee.

3902 East Grant Road