Massage in Lake Charles

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Paul Smith is a licensed massage therapist who welcomes clients to Pro Touch Massage for a relaxing or therapeutic bodywork treatment. Traditional modalities such as Swedish, deep-tissue, and sports massage encourage stress-relief and alleviate pain and tension, and prenatal massages reward mothers-to-be for the burdens of building geodesic-dome-cribs. In addition to these treatments, Paul also conducts more exotic forms of bodywork such as reflexology, lomi lomi massage, and Thai massage.
7102 Phelan Boulevard
One part gym, one part med-spa, one part nutritional center, and all-around wellness center, Body Sculptors takes a comprehensive approach to transforming their clients into their best possible selves. Where many weight loss centers sell pre-packaged diets and women's gyms offer exercise opportunities without supplementary medical supervision, Body Sculptors combines the best of both worlds and seasons the whole thing with spa and beauty therapy. Medspa treatments include a soundwave-based cellulite-shrinking procedure called Dermosonic designed to improve blood circulation and a non-invasive body contouring i-Lipo laser treatment. In the gym, women can enjoy the benefits of cardio machines, free weights, and a stable of Pilates tables. After working out, clients can recharge at the Smoothie Bar, which boasts a flourishing garden of healthy, fruity flavors.
811 Albertson Parkway
Spa Belleza's seasoned aestheticians treat blemishes and dissolve the signs of aging with the customized ministrations of the Bioelements spa facial. Skin sessions begin with a detailed analysis, during which face wizards note a face's tendencies toward dryness, acne, and ventriloquism. Skin staffers then reboot complexions with a deep cleansing before coating visages in a customized mask that aims to oust acne colonies, rehydrate dry skin, or iron out pesky wrinkles. After an exfoliating scrub peels back rough outer layers, an extraction treatment cleans out pores to create a complexion clearer than a nudist ghost. The soothing treatment takes place in a spa nestled amongst the scenic foliage of the nearby historic Garden District.
3004 Jackson St